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Warrior L

I Love to Rub


intro note from bill weintraub:

this is an email i received last night.

the author, whom i'll call "L," wishes to remain anonymous

because of this HeroicHomosex site, i've now received so many of these heartfelt accounts that i can't keep up with posting them all -- but i did ask L for permission to post, which as you'll see he granted.

here's his letter:

Your site has helped me find a greater understanding of myself and my sexuality.

I never felt totally comfortable identifying with being gay, but I knew that I loved being with men and feeling my body next to another man's.

I am not an overly sexual being, but I love to rub and feel my body against another man's.

For me it all started when I was young and experimenting with my cousin. We would climb on top of one another and just rub our bodies and hard dicks against each other for hours. It was all I understood and as an adult, it is really the only sex that I find satisfying.

Thanks for this site.

Thank you for helping me understand myself.

bill's note:

as those of you who have read the posts on this board and in Warriors Speak know, L's experience of starting young and then finding Frot to be a life-long source of joy is common among us

i wrote back to "L" as follows:

what i hope you'll be able to understand is that the sort of sex you find satisfying isn't odd or strange -- not in the least

rubbing dicks, the way you and your cousin did, is simply genital-genital sex -- no different, in essence, from what a man and a woman do when they have penile-vaginal sex -- that is, when they put their genitals together

it feels good because it's supposed to

for reasons that have to do with dominance and submission, gay men in our culture have chosen a very peculiar form of sex -- one which isn't genital-genital at all, and in which there is a great pleasure inequality between the partners

in the topsy-turvy gay world -- a world in which you don't feel comfortable, and in which i maintain no reasonable person would -- anal penetration is exalted and frottage denigrated

but that's irrational -- frottage is highly pleasurable for both partners, and carries very little risk of disease transmission

anal penetration is painful for the so-called bottom, and nowadays the top has to wear latex, which significantly reduces his pleasure -- and even so, the risk of disease hovers around the act

so what i hope you'll understand and, perhaps, in time, rebel against, is how unreasonable the undervaluation of frottage is

here's L's response:

Thank you for your well thought-out response to my email. Yes, you may post my message and I will continue to write and share experiences and stories to encourage other guys who feel and live like I. I am glad to have found you and your site.



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