I first experienced cockrub with my buddy Raymond walking home from school one day when we were 9 years old.

The addiction was fast and swift.

Raymond and I never talked about it, we just did it. My parents moved that summer and I never saw Raymond again. I often think of him and wonder what happened to him; how his life turned out. I often wonder if he also remembers our times in the alleyway.

Well, as it always does, time moved on, and I grew, my body changed and I became very fond of my cock and the cock of other guys. I learned how to jerkoff and that gave me a lot of relief. There were a few guys in school that I found attractive, but I was too shy and unsure of myself to approach any of them. I fell in love with a girl in high school, but she did me kind of dirty and so I got over it.

I still had an interest in guys, but had no one to talk to about it. In traveling back and forth to my grandmother's house from time to time during the summer, I noticed that at the busy train station during late evenings guys would be just standing around checking each other out. I finally figured out what was going on with that. I was 17 at the time. When I turned 18 I decided to go see my first adult film at a movie theatre. I had always wanted to go, but I was under age.

After leaving the theatre I was as horny as hell. My cock had been constantly hard for 2 hours, my balls ached and my underwear was soaked with pre-cum. What was a young man to do? I decided to go to the train station to see what was going on around there.

I stood around like the rest of the guys and checked everything out. The whole scene didn't appeal to me and so I decided to leave. Just as I was crossing the street to make my way home a guy pulled up in one of the most beautiful cars I had ever seen. He rolled down the window and offered to give me a ride. I declined. He insisted that he was not out to hurt me, but that he thought I seemed out of place at the train station and wanted to give me a ride home. I was not comfortable with getting in his car initially, but there was something comforting in his voice and he had a kind face.

He had a rugged handsome face with dark wavy hair. He was around 36 years old. I reluctantly got into his car. We drove away from the train station stopped at a nearby park. He explained to me again that the train station at night could be a dangerous place for a young man, and that I didn't seem to fit in with that environment. I thanked him for his concern. I found him extremely attractive. We left the park and he drove to his home and pulled into his driveway, which was very secluded.

We began to move closer to each other in the car. He reached over and touched my thigh. I did likewise to him. We unzipped our pants, pulled out our cocks and began to jerk each other off. This was my first sexual contact with another guy as an adult. It was pretty cool. We both came, shoved our cocks back into our pants and he drove me home. He asked if he could meet me again sometime the following week. I agreed and we did.

We met at the train station at the agreed upon time. He took me to his house. We had a couple of beers, talked about general things and watched tv. As the evening grew on you could cut the sexual atmosphere with a knife. Finally we grabbed each other and fell onto his bed. We began to undress each other immediately. Finally our hard cocks were released and as free as nature intended.

He had a beautiful 9 inch cock. It was hard and erect. He had a beautiful hairy body. My cock was hard and ready, all 8 inches. My dick is fat in circumference and his is medium. This was the first time that I had ever been fully naked with another guy in bed. It felt wonderful as we held each other tight and our bodies meshed together.

We rolled around together on the bed. Then something magical happened, our cock heads became mashed together as he was laying on top of me, face to face, chest to chest and cock to cock. He was heavier than myself and his weight had my cock pushed hard against my stomach. Our cocks were tightly mashed together so much so that I couldn't tell where his cock began and mine ended. They were as one. The heat from our bodies had both of us sweating profusely.

Both of our cocks were soaked with sweat and pre-cum. Our balls swung freely between our legs, slapping against each other as we moved and shifted our bodies from time to time. I could feel his cock throb and twitch almost in unison with mine as we began to rub them together. I could hardly believe that anything could feel so damn good.

My head was dizzy with passion and lust. I remember moving my head back and forth from side to side in ecstacy. Our cocks were burning with passion. They both were on fire as they slid over and under and around each other; smashing and banging against each other. Rubbing and rubbing against each other, giving each other the most intense pleasure. Pre-cum was pouring out of both of our piss holes as though someone had turned on a faucet.

I felt his tonge intertwine with mine. We sucked on each other's lip and tongue with pure wild animal lust. The heat that raged from the friction of our cocks constantly grinding and slamming against each other was driving both of us crazy. We were both out of control. Harder and harder we slammed our dicks together, rubbing the heads together over and over and over again. Our balls were knocking against each, adding another dimension to this wild passion.

Then it happened, our cock heads got twisted, intertwined and locked together between our stomachs and the weight of our bodies. His cockhead was laying square and center on my cockhead. We both froze as shockwaves went from cock to cock. He put his hand under my ass and pulled me up hard and tight. I grabbed his ass and pulled him down hard and tight. Time stood still for a moment. Our groans were deep, husky and primal, as were our universal, masculine expressions of "Oh shit" and "Fuck yeah" as hot cum flowed forcefully out of our dick slits. Our bodies shook and trembled as our cocks continued to spew out load after load of precious male sauce which sent waves of ecstacy through our bodies from head to toe.

We didn't want to let go of each other, we held each other tignt for a long time. It was a true male bonding experience as our hot jizz mingled together on our bodies.

We saw each other regularly for about 6 years. Although I'm married with children now, and many years have passed, I make it my business to take him out to dinner at least once a year. I'll always love him.

Yes, Cockrubbing warriors do rule. Keep up the good work men.





That was a great post Sutton, very hot.

You drew a picture of your encounter in my mind, it was totally masculine and detailed the JOY of frot.

Thanks a lot for sharing that experience!





Thanks David.

And thanks to Bill too.

You're the real good guys. No doubt about it. Talk about helping men! You're doing a damn good thing here. And I'm sure you hear that over and over again from grateful men.

Frot has been the forgotten sexual expression. But its time has come. You can see it everywhere, from wrestlemania, all nude male wrestling underground clubs, thugpassion, even str8 guys in social gatherings are hugging and kissing each other openly, being very touchy/feely with each other, slapping each other on the ass, etc., etc.

I've always felt that frot was a natural occurrence because so many boys have their first sexual experience with another guy. It usually takes the form of frot or mutual masturbation. But there is something innate within the male psyche that draws a line at anal. Nobody has to tell those young men not to go anal, they just naturally know. And it doesn't matter how hot and horny they get, the average young guy in his first real male to male sexual experience does not want to fuck his bud. There's got to be something to that.

And I agree with you that it is gay pressure that propels a lot of guys into anal. It's a damn shame.


Bill Weintraub



hey Sutton good guy

you're right that Frot is natural -- it's completely innocent and free, the way you were with Raymond when you were kids

and it is pressure which is propelling guys into anal

i just spent three days in debate with anthropologists who are in charge of condom campaigns in the States and in Africa

they are completely hostile to us -- they believe that pushing condoms (which means pushing anal) is the solution for everything and that there's no reason to say a word about frot

and they're blind to the pressure and coercion to have anal

but no kid grows up fantasizing about anal sex

it is true that now -- as you can see in the Pure Love and Passion post on this board -- gay identified kids are going on the net at a very early age and learning about anal and thinking they have to do it

but when i was a kid -- i didn't know about anal -- and it never occurred to me to do it -- i knew exactly what i wanted to do -- and that was wrestling and frot

no one had to teach me about it -- i knew it instinctively

and if i had known about anal it would have horrified me

because like you say "there's something innate with the male psyche that draws a line at anal"

no male in and of himself wants to be penetrated

he has to be acculturated, pushed, prodded, and forced into the gay analist subculture before he'll do it

so we have to become increasingly aggressive and effective in our outreach in saying to men -- there's no reason ever to do anal

straight-identified and bi guys will respond fastest to that message

but it will pick up steam in the gay community as well -- many gay men are weary of the disease, the condoms, the top / bottom bullshit , the effeminacy --

and when we show them another way -- masculine, faithful, HOT, equal, and free -- they'll go for it


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