the jizzjuice endeavor



the jizzjuice endeavor



thanks for providing such validating encouragement to those of us who have a preference for frottage. at the age of 59, i'm comfortably accustomed to accepting my own unique ideas about the distinction between erotic and neurotic behaviors. but i grin with satisfaction when i read that i might be part of a consensus after all.

from personal experience with hiv, i know the hazards of being compliant to a partner's anal urges and i recognize the importance of resisting the domination of a buttfucking tyrany. my private world has taught me to be sceptical about going along with anything but, on this issue, i wholeheartedly say, "count me in".

also i have an amusing but TRUE frottage story about being hired by a nude wrestling exhibition impressario to tussle with a serious wwf-looking partner, that has a surprise climax, if that might interest you. however, i'm afraid i have the potential of a wanna-be writer who has half-a-mind to write my memoirs . . . and does. but i would put my best effort into furthering the cause of making our favorite jizzjuice endeavor a familiar, more accepted practice.

i defiantly adhere to my unique ideals in my sexual pursuits and that naturally puts me on the fringe anywhere i live.

my mission is to appeal to a higher conciousness (somewhere between the anus and the testicles) and i get the impression that i've found a few guys like you who give me a tremendous boost on that path.

politics and manners aside, i can honestly state that i have a true cock-rubbing warrior spirit. i'm one of those creative, offbeat guys who is completely satisfied by nonentry sex. my supply of testosterone currently ebbs and flows, but my solo sessions always, at any stage or age, include some form of frottage fantasy. it gives me an incredible amount of comfort and validation to speak openly about it. i admire your efforts to encourage it more than i can say without getting mushy.

the most important contribution i could hope to make is to encourage your effectiveness in promoting frottage. it's a deeply held personal belief that it could benefit gay men more than anything the nih could offer.

bill's note:

cool guy

you can find his HOT story under Curt n Pavel right here in Warriors Speak.


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