..IDENTITY is a central concept of this read it in virtually every personal story...the brothers write about struggling with their identity as masculine individuals who are attracted to other men and enjoy dick to dick contact...many are caught in the web of the feminine homosexuals...feeling uncomfortable among them...and wondering if they are the only ones who feel the way they do...some have expressed how this confusion...this angst...has caused them to fall into drugs or alcohol abuse...what we are talking about...with all of these stories acting as anecdotal a serious Identity Crisis amongst men such as ourselves...

..the central questions...who am I?...collectively...who are we?...these are questions of identity...and this website seeks to guide men to an understanding of their individual identity as men who are masculine, strong and into frot as a means to express love for another man...collectively...this site gives form to a group identity...we are Warriors...we are Frot Men (and on this site we make no distinction between Warriors and Frot Men...they are one and the same)...we are a small group of actualized individuals...that means we have come to grips with the reality that we are masculine, strong, confident males who love other masculine, strong, confident males...we know who we are...what we individuals and as a group...

..this self-knowledge brings us closer to an authentic life...and by authentic life...i mean one lived on purpose...with purpose...this is a rare and precious that we ought not to handle lightly...

..we are a small collective...a geographically dispersed community...but one that has an authentic foundation...because we acknowledge what is rationally and observably true about ourselves...not everyone can make this claim...infact the masses of people in the world do not live with this self-actualization...they do not live authentic lives...rather they are living fabricated...virtual lives...this is a phenomenon which manifests in our culture with the video game craze...and the increasing isolation of human beings by the process of hooking up to their X-boxes and other interactive game also manifests in our culture with the more visibly damaging presence of drugs and alcohol...people take consiousness altering drugs and alcohol for the purpose of avoiding the process of actualization...which is too painful a process for many of the brothers onthis sight have indicated...the use of drugs was a way of blinding them to the horrible nature of y were living inauthentic lives...false lives...

..the consequence of living inauthentically is the development of identity confusion...thos avid Halo players confuse who they are with the characters they portray in that interactive game...they simulate battles...they are false warriors...fighting false wars...similarly...the anal-indulging fems are living inauthentically...because they suppress their natural masculinity beneath the false the drugs...this false femininity is a means to cover up their unconscious aversion to anal...they create a false identity inorder for them to continue living in the analist world... we stand...metaphorically of course...a small band of brothers...acknowledging our individuality as masculine, strong, confident men...looking at a much larger group of feminine drones...who do not express their innante individuality, because to do so would mean to express masculinity...and so conform to the restrictions imposed on them by the analist-dominated gay community...we stand and look at them with pity...perhaps...some disregard...but in reality we ought to be looking at them with compassion...those are brothers who need our help...not our derision...we ought not to abandon them to the analist mentality...

..consider the movie the Matrix...the free humans did not leave the other humans to wallow in the false reality of the Matrix...nor did they wholesale free them all...they strategically located those onthe fringe...those most likely to accept an authentic life...why?...because when they tried to free those who were not mentally prepared...those unfortunate brothers lost their minds...and Cipher...the traitor in the first film...represents this problem...we, realistically, wont reach them all...but we ought to reach as many as we can...and help those we do reach to come out of the analist Matrix...some will be lost...they have bought into it for too long...or will have been so brutalized by it that their minds are unreachable...but we mustnt turn our backs on them... the in real life...IDENTITY was the key...Keanu's character Thomas Anderson used the hacker name NEO...(meaning new...also an anagram of the word ONE)...his 'real' name (Thomas Anderson) was, infact, a fabricated name by the Matrix...NEO was the name he chose for himself...unconsciously became his real name outside of the Matrix and only Mr. Smith...the evil presence...referred to him as Mr. Anderson throughout the three films...why?...because IDENTITY is is similar to the NAZIS who referred to their Jewish prisoners by number and not by was a means of degrading them...and allowing the guards to see them as less than human...similarly...Mr. Smith called NEO Mr. Anderson as a ploy to undermine NEO...

..the analist Matrix uses IDENTITY to maintain its control...that identity is feminininty, weakness, socially deviant and promiscuity...through this identity...which they emphasize to the rank and file through many forms of media...overwhelms the thinking of the majority of gay men...they adopt that IDENTITY and artificially make it a Bill has demonstrated on this site...this feminine, et al...IDENTITY is not real...and has no basis in is fabricated...without all the media propaganda...the PR...that false IDENTIT would cease to exist...because birth...are not feminine...they are masculine...but that PR game is a powerful tool...which is why Bill emphasizes the importance of donating money in order to support efforts to spread the concepts...MASCULINITY...FROT...FIDELITY...these are natural and would defeat the analist machine if a solid core of men would stand up to it...because other men would get the picture that the analist IDENTITY is false...they would have another standard by which to measure their feelings and thoughts...

..i am a teacher of many of you know...i work with kids and i have been in the formal role of my inclination is to hand out assignments...i think...i will take that liberty here...but call it more of a challenge to my process the message of this take a look at the word think about it in their own context...and in the larger context of their affiliation with the M2M alliance...and write a response to this i choose the word challenge purposefully...if there are things that unite all warriors...they are the courage to face a challenge...the ingenuity to overcome it...and the honor to respond to the request of a brother...


P.S. this week i saw the movie Ong is the tale of a young Thai man...who is a trained warrior in the art of Muay Thai...he goes on a quest (there is that word again) to retrieve a holy relic of his village...from a band of is a story of true heroic courage and honor and i recommend that all the brother go see it if it is available in your is in subtitles...but it does not take away from the viewing...and the martial arts performances are nothing short of impressive...go see it...enjoy it...

Greg M



You're right about frot men having a strong sense of identity, Joel.

We know what we're about. But what about the analists?

Well with them I see a series of contradictions. First, they say they are looking for one individual. When it's those who self-identify as str8, they are looking for a "bud". When it's those who identify as gay, it's a boyfriend. This isn't every case, but a majority of the time it is. What's the reality though?

The reality is that gay men outside of relationships (and in many cases within) end up having sex with multiple people. They call it a hookup, a trick, a one-night stand. But they do it. So suddenly someone that was looking for one person ends up having affairs with many.

It's no wonder so many gay people, or even young people in general, are turned off to the idea of monogamy. In my parents' day they had this thing called "waiting until you were with the one you love". You knew you loved each other, because you were the only ones you were having sex with. It's what Bill refers to as fidelity. You have sex only with the person you love, and otherwise abstain.

Not only is this a good idea in terms of STDs, but also in terms of trust. How can you trust someone who sleeps around with every person he meets? How do you know he feels anything for you at all? Maybe he does, but you can't tell that. All you know is he slept with you, big deal.

It's like when you're 18 and barely coming out and the vultures are on the prowl looking for easy prey. (At least in my experience) They tell you anything to get you to sleep with them. "It's only sex" is what they say, and automatically you know that you don't understand what they are saying. Because to you sex is more than "just sex," it's the fullest experience you can have with another human being. And that is the falsity that Joel is talking about. Gay men don't have sex, they fuck, and they call it sex.

Then when you say you think it's wrong to go around hooking up, they say "What are we supposed to do, not have sex?" But you know the truth. They aren't having sex now. They are fucking, and by doing so living a falsehood, just like Joel says. And the only reason they are doing so is because they are too lonely, too weak, to wait for that one person who they feel something for. They have already given up. They know what they do is wrong, that it hurts themselves, that it brings them down, but for some reason they can't stop.

That is what I just can't understand. They are leading lives they know they hate, yet they continue living them, and even viciously defend them. Last night I was in a chatroom (more force of habit than because I really enjoy the place anymore) and someone brought up the fact that someone in the room was lying about his HIV status. This individual was then viciously attacked by someone in the room who was completely unrelated to the whole incident. It's like gay people have some kind of blind hatred for anyone who questions their "right" to sleep around, spread diseases, and be miserable. Of course I stepped in to defend the guy, and then someone else stepped in and attacked me.

We truly are fighting a war here.

And it's a war of denial, because the first thing that came up when the first individual was attacked was George Bush. I'm sorry, the gay community has done more to hurt itself in the past 25 years than George Bush or any right wing conspiracy could ever accomplish in this country. Approximately one million people have been executed or sentenced to death under the unquestioned dictatorship of HIV, while this dictatorship is still lauded and glorified in the minds of gay men.

This fact still isn't our selling point. People should come to frot not because they are afraid of catching HIV and dying (although that's a perfectly valid reason to do so). I think people join this website because they like the message. The idea of two men face to face in a struggle that fulfills both their physical and emotional desires is appealing, and something you can't get anywhere else. Yet I've read over and over about how gay men call frot "immature" and "not real sex". Usually when I bring it up it's either dismissed flat-out or not even mentioned. I question whether people really even know what frot is. I know I didn't before I came to this website.

So, to conclude my terribly long post, gay men do indeed have an identity crisis. This crisis does stem from the fact that they are living in a pseudo-reality (fucking and calling it sex). Now only the question why? remains. The obvious answer is: they simply don't understand what frot really is, because if they did, they would be coming over in droves. It's up to us to figure out how best to explain that to them, without being dismissed or cajoled like "immature" men not into "real sex". I think that's as important to cultural change as any of the other messages on this website.



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