Joining HeroicHomoSex



Joining HeroicHomoSex


My name is AJ and I am a 22 (23 in May '04) year old male currently living in Oklahoma. I stumbled upon your site (ironically through an erotic fiction Frottage story on Men On the Net Erotic Stories) ... and I must say I was completely surprised at what I found. I had simply went there because I was curious about what exactly frottage was. Man, was I ever surprised at what I found! You are definately very strong in your endeavors to bring to light what is so outrageously overlooked in contemproary "alternative" homosexual lifestyles. I myself have not been satisfied with what I have found in the "gay" scene. Too many drugs, infidelity, overall just too much of all of it. I had actually pretty much entertained the idea of spending a lifetime unsatisfied and confused with my own self.

Then I stumbled onto the Heroichomosex site.

In the excerpts I read about the mythos surrounding the ideology that men can be with men in a wholesome and nurturing relationship without the need for labels or positions ... my GOD it was like a revelation! I had no idea that there were people out there who felt like I did .. unsatisfied and confused and irritated and frustrated at what they found in "gay" society. I could only hope that more men like me or just men in general could see the site and take its information and what it offers to heart. I had fallen into the trap of labeling myself as a bisexual. Do I like women? yes. Do I like men? yes. Do I like sex with either? no. Confused? heh so am I, I suppose. I myself have given over to anal penetration with another man. It just left me feeling ... dirty. That's the only way I can describe it. Now I know why. It's exposing yourself as a lesser status-unequal-to your partner. No wonder there is so much angst among "homosexual" couples. They thrive on subjecting themselves to false love through painful pleasure.

Am I being overly dramatic? probably. But, I have found that there may actually be hope for finding something as true and wonderful as a relationship with another man that is solidified on the basis of equality and *key word*-monogamy and profound love. I see the inner truths behind what you are saying on the site, and I am embracing it wholeheartedly. I think I have finally found a sort of -outlet- to express what I truly feel. I'm just jumping on the bandwagon and holding on for the ride, because something has truly been opened up in me. I have found something that gave me back what I had lost ... hope. And I want to thank you for that Bill, from the bottom of my heart.

I will end this by saying that you have truly gone out of your way to provide an informative in-depth look at a culture (namely the Greeks) that has been shunned or hidden or just simply not been brought to light before. The fact that you have provided this as a free service is beyond overwhelming. I would have gladly paid a fortune (realistically speaking) to find what I found on the site, that is if I had it to pay lol. Unfortunately I cannot donate anything at the present moment in time. However, when there comes such a time that I can willingly hand over what I can, I will gladly do so. I will however place a link to your site, with your permission of course, into my AOL Homepage My Place. It's not much, but it might allow some curious minds to enter into the world of Frottage and cock2cock love. Hopefully awakening in them, what it did in me. I do this simply because I think your site deserves a place to remain open and free for all those men out there who, like me, wish to seek an answer to their own questions and curiosities. I am by no means placing you or your compatriots on a pedestal or following blindly like some overwrought acolyte to some secret sect of religious zealots. I am simply saying that what I found on that site has been an awakening ... and I wish to know more.



Robert Loring


Re: Joining HeroicHomoSex

Welcome AJ...........

Sir Robert

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