Part I


Warrior Ricci Wong

Posted 5/23/01

Dear loving cockrubbing warrior dudes,

I am so happy to discover my own kind over the internet by accident the other day. At last I found what I really wanted and to belong to where I am suppose to be (HERE).

All these years I have been fucking so many many butts which I don't really enjoy but out of no choice to avoid being fucked. Deep inside me there was this urge to feel and jerk cock to cock before I can CUM. Moreover I can only cum when I use a gay sperm to lube my horny dick.

Finally, I am so delighted to find out about you and the existence of likeminded gays. Brothers!

Let us all unite and promote our mission to the global gay community that there is a SAFE alternative if anyone does not wish to be either a top or bottom!!!

Once again, thanks Bill for your hugs and cock jams. I am so touched by your encouragement and if there is any chance of meeting you I just wish to have this privilege of going cock to cock with you.

Thank you brother.

Ricci Wong

My Own Kind -- Part II


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