Bill Weintraub should be knighted -- a letter to Lisa Whittemore

Chuck Tarver

Chuck Tarver

Bill Weintraub should be knighted -- a letter to Lisa Whittemore


Subject: Bill Weintraub should be knighted, Jamie Turner should be fired ...or at the very least reeducated.

Dear Ms. Whittemore,

I write in defense of Bill Weintraub and the work he is doing with his web sites Heroic Homosex and CockRubWarriors

As I'm sure you are aware, Bill was recently attacked by Jamie Turner ( who writes:

With all due respect Bill, you should be put in jail for saying that there are no risk of STD transmission by frottage. I think frottage is totally hot too, but your site is full of bad information and not so subtle internalized homophobia

Bill's sites are not full of bad information. In addition, no where on any of his sites does he advocate that sex in any form is risk free. He consistently tells people that there are risks with any behaviors and that being monogamous with a committed partner increases safety.

As I see it Bill's philosophy is far safer than the message comming from most HIV/AIDS programs which emphasize, "Use a condom everytime you have sex. Everytime." A message which in effect advocates anal sex, the most dangerous behavior among men who have sex with men. This simplistic "use a condom" message which has been touted througout the HIV/AIDS epidemic, has helped to establish anal sex as the norm.

I like Bill have never had an STD. I'm 49 years old and have been married for 24 years. Although my relationship with my wife is now platonic, that was not always the case. Years ago when I came out to her, she was pleased to know that my behaviors had not put her life at risk. Contrast this if you will to the countless numbers of wives who have been infected by men who engage in anal sex? It is a growing problem, particularly in my community, the African American community.

I like Bill Weintraub advocate safer solutions not built around penetrative anal sex and have published such on my website the Blackstripe

So as I've said, Bill is to be commended. Jamie Turner at the very least reeducated. If that is not successful, then fired.


Chuck Tarver

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