local feedback




local feedback

I made 2 posts on uk.

I guessed they would not tolerate links ... and apparently you can't even say 'cock' on their boards. Anyhow, it was a blast to check back and get these replies.

'I know exactly what you mean. I have absolutely no interest in anal sex (giving or taking), but this seems to confuse people when i tell them this - they cant comprehend that im still gay...'

'Hi Nicky and Cockster,
Do not despair, there are a lot of gay guys who do not do either,I have been in a relationship for six years and have only once tried to have anal with my partner, he did not like it as he said I was too big and it was hurting him and he did not want it anyway, and only did try it to please me so we decided that it was not for him,he tried to give it to me couple of times, and that was not very succesfull either as he could not come. So we both decided that we both had that in common, anal was out. There are so many alternative other ways to satisfy and please your partner, just experiment and enjoy your partners body, we all have many other erogenous zones, teriffic fun finding them all.
best of luck.'

It was good to get the replies. Especially as they are from the UK.

Just wanted to let you guys know that it feels good to speak out.

I put my postings in coming out and love life. Asked questions around c2c that I'd asked when I didn't know any other c2c dudes.

Big cock2cockrub to all


Re: local feedback


Hey good for you cockster, I know what you mean and how it feels when you have reached another guy out "there" in "gayland" who's not into anal, thinks he's got a problem, feels alone and then suddenly he sees our posting and, WHAM!!!!!!


These are words and phrases I have seen and WOW does it feel good when you help out another gay buddy, by letting him know HE IS OKAY! THERE'S A LOT OF GAY MEN WHO FEEL JUST LIKE YOU/HE/WE DO!

Thank you cockster for another motivating post.

Off to work I go now in cyber-space, watch out ass-fuckers!!!!!!!!!!


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