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Lockups, 60's Pro Style


Do you remember late 50's, 60's and 70's pro wrestling? Let me tell you how my cock to cock fantasies got started. The first bout on a card was always two rookies facing each other, the hottest match on the card usually, because they're in the best shape, and in those days, chests weren't shaved. Always in loose fitting nylon trunks and pro boots, hands on their hips, staring each other down while listening to the ref in centre ring. Then both fighters would start circling each other, first quickly then both men would turn in towards the centre of the ring more slowly, always circling right. Then both guys stop circling, raise their left boot off the canvas, throw their arms up at their sides, then slap their right hand on the other fighters neck and the left hands slapping into the other fighters bicep, a collar and elbow lockup, or referee's hold. Think of two stags butting each other. Both men locked into each other identically, elbows up, grunting as both start muscling each other in this test of strength, both fighters trying to outbalance/outmuscle each other to gain advantage. They'd carry this lockup, twisting upperbodies while digging their boots into the canvas for balance, all around the ring, sometimes still locked up while rolling each other around the ropes, belly to belly and crotch to crotch. One would bend the other over the ring ropes or into the turnbuckle for full crotch frott; the fighter on top in the ropes won the first lockup. Then the ref would break them up, or the guy on the bottom would throw off his opponent indignantly, and the circling right began again, both guys shaking their arms to get rid of cramping from the first lockup. The pressure was now on the bottom guy to restore the balance and win the second referee's hold, and sometimes, one fighters would stand up the lock, by raising himself up on his toes, trying to outbalance the competition, who reacted by doing the same thing. What I saw was full crotch frottage, both wrestlers muscling and pushing into each others' baskets. Most announcers called this "testing each other out", but I'd already cum by the time he got the words out, worrying about my parents' arrival from the grocery store, or my sisters and their friends upstairs.

These muscling lockups set up the rest of the fight. Sometimes, because neither previous lockup established dominance,instead of a third referee's hold, both studs would put up their hands at their sides, and lock fingers together, so they're face to face in a greco/roman knuckle lock. Both begin to muscle hands, arms, and try to stand the finger lock up to cramp the other guy down on his knees in defeat. This g/r knuckle lock again could be pushed all over the ring, or could end up both guys strattling each other, one on his back trying to bridge out while the guy on top grinds his belly, chest and sometimes basket into the other to win the test of strength, the guy on the bottom trying to muscle his way back to his feet, and sometimes slamming his basket up into his competition. If I'd lasted through the second lockup without cumming, I'd never make it past here.

These are two tests of strength that I LOVE. It's not winning/losing that gets me off, it's the matched competition. Both guys grunting and groaning, equally matched, switching domination with submission. Real muscle is great, but not necessary, and hairy chests are a bonus to me, but it's the equal struggle that can never be won/lost that turns me on. Muscling can go on, in rounds, for hours, a weekend, next Spring Break. When I meet a guy who only wants to dominate me or roll over and submit, I'm not likely to want a second bout, and both of us have lost a fight buddy.

Bill Weintraub

Re: Lockups, 60's Pro style


hey thanks paul

this sort of fantasy and love of pro-wrestling lock-ups are things we've discussed before, in posts like Warrior BradWrestle's Rubbing and Wrestling

what's striking in these posts is how important equality is to men into frot, whether the frot is slow and sensual or wrestling-style and aggressive

that love of equality is one more reason



Re: Lockups, 60's Pro style


What a hot post! Thanks Paul, in your words we rediscover what I think it's at the core of our passion for wrestling (and cockrubbing). A good hard fight is good only when both men put all of themselves in it, not rolling over after five minutes crying uncle! A matched competition, just like you said! Pro-style wrestling in the 50's and 60's was very different from the pathetic show of today. Sure, even then there were "fake" moves, but the men were not painted clowns and the fights were hard and exciting, not ridiculous like those we see on Tv nowadays! To all pro-style nostalgics, I recommend a very good 1978 movie. "Paradise Alley" starring Sylvester Stallone, about a pro wrestler (not Stallone, but the big beefy guy who's his brother in the film). It has some very hot wrestling scenes, don't miss it!



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