It just makes sense



It just makes sense


So, remember when you were 17 years old. What kind of music did you like to listen to? Most likely, you were into whatever was contemporary at the time: whatever your friends listened to, whatever cool kids listened to, whatever the marketing executives and PR people were selling. Is it a coincidence that the music you thought you liked was the first music you were first exposed to a broad basis that people you thought were cool were listening to? Not likely. If you like the music of your teenage years far and above all other kinds of music, there's a good chance you don't know what you really like, but that you were just brainwashed. It's important to forget what was imposed on you, and just listen to what resonates with you.

It's the same with sex. Your formative sexual experiences may have been like everyone else's. You probably thought sex was something you had to do the way everyone else did it. Did you listen to your psyche and your body? What made your body react? We all understand the difference between a pedestrian ejaculation and an ejaculation borne of an orgasm that is earth-shattering. All climaxes are not equal. Mechanical movements don't make for resonant, powerful orgasms and feelings of satiety. Chemistry and the slow building of feelings created by skin on skin do.

My most powerful orgasms and ejaculations: they have never come from insertion of body parts into others. They have always come from slow-building foreplay, touching, carressing, rubbing...not borne of an effort to ejaculate, but an organic need to be close to this other person!

Once in my life I actually involuntarily shuddered during an ejaculation. I was neither fucking or being fucked, sucking, nor being sucked. It was all about body contact at the time. And it's still, and always will be, about intense feelings furthered by creative, passionate, slow, intense, rough, and tender body contact.


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