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I was talking with a woman acquaintance today.

I told her about the fight matches I'd had, and the kickboxing session I had with the head of the fight school once.

I'd never really gone full blast like that in a match until that time. He ended up peppering my face several times, match after match. I kept going for it again and again, more determined cause of the really cool male anger that builds up from fighting.

Eventually he knocked my face and head around so many times and so hard that I had had enough. In boxing you get quite vulnerable as you get hit over and over in a round.

Eventually a knockout blow will finish a guy off for that match...But it's a pandemonium that can only be experienced, not imagined or described.

She thought that was really cool. Her son is a former high school wrestler.

I must admit that I started to think about what it would be like to have sex with her. As much as I like being w/ the guys.....I think that being w/ the guys and fighting and grappling is really just a preparation and build up of testosterone and manmilk that a dude will need for the very few times that he'll get the chance to mate...

Fighting is Good.

Bill Weintraub



Thanks Naked Dude.

When Naked Wrestler refers to "the very few times that a dude'll get the chance to mate," that fits right in with something we talked about in THE POWER OF THE MASCULINE.

Which is the frequency -- or, actually, infrequency -- of hetero mating among mammals.

This is my foreign friend speaking:

If you look at mammals as a species in the wild, you will find that there is only sex for procreation --- which by itself does not characterise heterosexuality. Most mammalian males if they mate, do it only a few times in their lives. And a big segment does not mate at all.

And there is no bonding with females at all --- well barring a few exceptions (1%).

Male-female mating is extremely short --- sometimes as short as a few seconds. After which the male and female depart abruptly without as much as a 'goodbye' or a parting kiss --- which are characteristic of masculine behaviour in the west. The male and female usually never see each other again. I wouldn't call that heterosexuality.

And then, there is no evidence of a presence of sexual repulsion towards other males --- even in the few males who do develop what can be remotely termed as a bond with females.

On the contrary, latest research (by the likes of Bruce Bagemihl) reveal that male-male sex is a near universal concept amongst mammalian males (from 90% in some species to 100%).

In other words there is no heterosexuality in nature. At least not in mammals. There is some heterosexuality in some other species --- like in birds and insects (where it seems to be the norm if we are to believe the fruitfly study!), but humans are mammals not insects.

When my foreign friend says "there is no heterosexuality in nature," he doesn't mean that there's no heterosexual sex.

Or heterosexual "desire."

He means that among mammals, the sort of exclusive heterosexuality which is the ideal in present-day Western culture is an anomaly.


What my correspondent maintains is that over the last 300 years, there has been a progressive heterosexualization, which is unprecedented in human history:

If there is no heterosexual society there would be no homosexuals. And no heterosexuals either. Male-male sex is isolated only because in the western society, its spaces and its customs are completely heterosexualised (i.e. made mixed gender with pressures to be heterosexual). But heterosexual spaces are themselves unnatural --- and it was only through financial and technological power brought by industrialisation that the western society could create such an artificial unnatural heterosexual environment.

"An artificial unnatural heterosexual environment."

Is he right?

I think he is.

The Naked Guy:

Being w/ the guys and fighting and grappling is really just a preparation and build up of testosterone and manmilk...

That's correct.

Fighting, grappling, rough-housing -- the rough and tumble of male-male physicality -- all increase testosterone.

And in some situations, sperm count.

So fighting is basic to maleness and masculinity.

As my foreign friend says, "Fighting spirit is the hallmark of masculinity."

Thanks Naked Wrestler.

Bill Weintraub

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