My first frot experience



My first frot experience


It happened when I was too young to realize what was going on, but we were in high school and both wrestlers. Scott and I had wrestled each other alot but it kept getting more physical and obviously sexual when we practiced. We were at Scott's house and we started messing around, wrestling and we were both incredibly aroused. We didn't really know what was going on at the time but later, we admitted to having sexual feeling towards each other but not in a "gay" way....more of a comraderie. We took our clothes off and rubbed together that afternoon until we climaxed. It was probably some of the most fulfilling sex I've ever had, and I think I will always crave it, no matter where I am or who I'm with. I must stress the fact I consider myself bisexual, but only in this respect. It was great, and I look forward to any time I can connect with another guy in this fashion. Sorry If the account isn't very exciting but that's my story....Later, T

Bill Weintraub

Re: My first frot experience


hi tom

your account is exciting in its own way, the way in which you guys together discovered the potential for men to bond through phallus-to-phallus sex

that discovery isn't at all uncommon -- the problem is that until very recently, men like yourselves had no way of knowing that other men, whether gay or straight-identified, shared those feelings and that experience

so, in most cases, the guys were left feeling that they were odd or unusual

you can see that very clearly in the post on this board titled Beatific

the author of the post came upon our site through an accident

and it's changed his life

so the basis on which i post stories is the extent to which i think they will resonate with and therefore help other men

and yours will do both

that's exciting too



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