my friend, my equal, my brother



my friend, my equal, my brother


Hi, I'm Axel (is an alias) I'd like joing to the club of man2man. I'm 38 y.o. from Latin America and I saw your site for casually. Then I was openning every section of it and I was discovering that this way to feel the sex was that I was searching for. I don't want put on me a label as hetero, homo or bi. Since I was a child I felt attraction for human bean, no mind sex, race, religion, financial status, nacionality or whatever stuffs that divided the humans. I am an admirator of the human body, human goals, human dreams and good acts. So, I was involved with girls and I admire them and enjoy them, however I feel special affect with my male friends.

First I didn't understand what was going on with me, and I suffered a lot in my adolescense for that reason. I was falling in love with girls but at the same time I enjoyned so much when I was with my male friends. I don't know how explain exactly these feelings. Women inspired me feelings of sexual desire, protection, tenderness, but with special male friends my sexual behavior is more strong because I can be with them just how I want to be. My relationship with my best male friends always was and is so close, with intimicy and with them I didn't need be tender or be careful about good manners. Of course I felt and feel hot with them, but is other kind of sexual desire. It is like storm that never exploded it. It is always rolling and shining but never comes out.

I know my best male friends are feeling the same, by their behavior, some words, some attitudes and I like it. It's so exciting touch each other hard (men hand plays) without the intention of have sex, but at the same time I know that our cocks are as firing rocks. Just one time I was frotting with another guy and we like it. He and I were so close, like brothers and still we feel the same but no frotting each other anymore. I had forgotten this feeling 'til I was watching the pics and reading the stories and explanations about frot in the Man2Man Alliance. Every word that I had read bring me all these feelings back and that is the reason why I like to joing the club. I am a man and I like it, I like masculinity and the anal sex is not for me, but the frot is my way. I am a kind man, honest, loyal, discreet, and I would like to find a man with the same behavior, I am not homofobic and I respect affeminated men, but I don't like that way. I am looking for a man that can be my friend, my equal, my brother, my alterego, my buddy, my partner without he wants to be treated like a girl. So, can you help me to find that man? Sorry if my message is too long but visiting this website inspired me out. Sorry about my english, it is basic, however I think the feelings no need another language that don't be love.



Re: my friend, my equal, my brother



No te preocupes (don't worry), what you shared was very well expressed. I too have these feelings for other men. It is because women are naturally submissive (a man enters their body) and I like that. With another man I don't want that. I want to rub, tumble, grind, roll around, enjoy the power on power, the strength on strength, and cock2cock. I appreciate that you became a member. I will do that soon, too. I hope others read your personal story.

I started with my brother when we were in our teens. We would rub together at night and hold on to one another. In a family of nine, we lived in a three bedroom house and he and I had to share a bed.

He ended up being submissive (anal sex) and later in life died of AIDS. I tried anal once and didn't like it, still don't. I enjoy man to man sex and have never confused it with man to woman sex. You can still have both. Me, I now only prefer men and have been with my partner for twenty years.

You will find someone. I know I did.

Con mucho respecto,



Re: my friend, my equal, my brother


Axel...great post man...its good to hear that the M2M is reaching across borders...its one positive result of the bill points out in another post...the internet has had a hugely negative affect on young gay men...because it overwhelms them with analist imagery...but the fact that we have brothers tuning in from latin america and elsewhere...demonstrates that whatever the analists can use to promote their death propaganda...the M2M can use to promote life-affirming behaviors...again this means funding is required...and lots of it...

Axel found the site by casual use of the internet...but analist sites are so prevalent that they will pop up even if you are searching for unrelated far as i know...the M2M site is one of very few...if any other Frot dedicated sites...bill said its like pissing in the ocean...good analogy...its also like throwing stones at a tank...this is a war after all...a war against oppression...a war against a tyrannical regime that doesnt care if hundreds and thousands and millions of young men die...just as long as they remain in power and drain money into their coffers...well when fighting a war...having the right important...throwing stones at tanks hasnt done any good...and we are running out of stones to throw...we got a reprieve because of Larry Kramer's article...and that certainly gave us a blip on the radar screen...but how long will that last...people have short attention spans...and eventually that debate will die down...and can we count on Larry Kramer to keep it going...not likely...

guys like Axel and myself depend on M2M as a means of communication which is vitally important...and that is why it is important for readers to donate money...i know you've heard it dozens of times...but its a fact of life and we cant avoid it if we intend to make headway in this cause...

Axel...i hope you find this site useful for many years to come...and hopefully we will make enough of an impact on the world that it will be easier for guys like us to express how we feel about other guys publically...

peace and love


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