Natural Lovemaking



Natural Lovemaking


I'm glad I stumbled across this site; it expresses my understanding of homosexuality very well.

I'm gay - I am not bisexual even though I do admire, very much, the gentle curves and physical beauty of women (I enjoy their friendship and company even more, which goes well beyond physical beauty) - and am sure the nature of homoerotic love is much more expansive than it has been defined by certain Analcrats within the "gay community".

I do not, have not, and will not engage in anal sex. The whole idea of "fucking" or being "fucked" goes against my natural desires. The most thoroughly homoerotic act is frot, because only men can do it - cock to cock. There is just something so socially egalitarian about homoerotic love (man to man, woman to woman), and I feel that may be part of the reason that certain societies oppose it so vigourosly.

The idea of friendships and sexual relations between *equals* threatens hierarchical political arrangements. It is, in my opinion, for precisely this reason that so many also oppose feminism, for it elevates women to the status of socio-political equality. Men and women are not the same, obviously, but they are perfectly matched, and the act of procreation, is one of perfect equality, a perfect sharing. Why would a gay man wax philosophical about the beauty of heterosexual love? Because it is beautiful! Sexuality, shared and consensual, a union between equals, is sacred, be it "gay" or "straight"

One of the most erotic porn scenes I have ever seen was from the late 1970s or early 1980s. It wasn't really well shot, but it was so natural looking that it turned me on in ways glossy porn just cannot. It started with two shaggy-headed blond boys waking up on a bed together, naked, with the phone ringing, one boy answers it, rubs his partner's calf for a moment while talking, then the phone conversation ends. Then the two guys lazily reach for each other, lay down belly to belly, kiss and rub together for quite a long time. Of course, it ended with the one guy sitting on the other's cock, and then the scene ceased to interest me. But most of the scene was very intimate as the guys kissed and rubbed, full body to body, and it looked natural, and gratifying for both of them.

I thought, Wow!

Before the formula film-making style was totally entrenched, gay erotica was more natural about man to man activity, I think. Maybe the future will hold the possibility for more natural lovemaking between men to appear on film again. It would be nice to break the formula.




Re: Natural Lovemaking


Hi guys,

It is one of the most powerful aspects of this site that Love Making is talked about in terms of man to man ... male to male. It is unusual ... refreshing ... like reclaiming a primeval concept which had been polluted by materialistic culture and a 'hunger' for numerous transactional sexual events.

Often times in visual pictures/photographs, expressions of love, intimacy between men are depicted in an explicitly "romantic" or "other worldly" setting or focus. As if it is but an ideal ... nectar reserved only for the gods ... a perfection unattainable in the concious, corporeal world.

We know this not to be true. We bear witness that love and love making exist amongst men ... in this our real and very flawed world. As has been said many times on this site, we are warriors because we name our cause and dare to celebrate it.

All this synthsised into the following passage. I hope you enjoy it ... and that it illucidates in some small way ... how we feel.



Making Love

Sometime later ... I think it was about an hour ... I'm not sure ... I became aware of someone getting into bed with me. I hadn't locked the door ... never did ... I tried to rub my eyes to see who it was ... but the strangers hand caught mine and planted the most luscious kiss ever on my lips. I knew instantly it was the guy with the bike, I kissed him back. My body was completely relaxed ... only my head moving with the kiss ... my mind was flooded with the sense memories of love making with this guy. He had no name. There was no metonymic handle with which to recall him neatly. Instead as he kissed and touched my body ... each touch and sensation recalled a memorised one ... the emotional and sensorial recall amplifying each caress he gave me in the here and now. From my side he slid on top. His cock rock hard and leaking like a stream. My dick flexing and urgent. Fired by the desire for intimate love making ... not rampant cocktocock orgasm chasing. Even my recollection that he was a tender, attentive, sensual lover was instantly confirmed and celebrated by his gentle yet definite placing of our cocks side by side between us ... now his tender and firm thrusts ... causing the maximum of sweet cocktocock friction ... the minimum of pressure on engorged flesh or pubic bone. I groaned out loud like I was releasing a primeval, symbolic noise ... confirming I had found a fellow sexual soul mate ... a mate ... and I was existentially coupling with him ... physically coupling with him ... cocktocock ... chest to chest ... mouth to mouth ... eye to eye.

For that time we had together he seemed to know everything about me. All that there was in that time to know, ... physically, consciously ... mostly profoundly ... subconsciously. All of my body ... my desires and the matrix of my physical arousal, he knew. Nothing he did was a surprise to me ... through his ardent touch I could sense there was no fear in his love making. He and I did not just believe ... we knew ... this was ... was right ... perfect ... as if enjoying a symphony we both loved but had not heard before ... where the notes, phrases and movements ... are not just a part of the symphony ... they truly are the music ... the audience spell bound ... not in the crescendos and climaxes to cum ... but the music ... whole ... unencumbered by preconception.

He felt me coming out of slumber ... join him in our bodily rhythm. As he sensed me fully awake and conscious of HIM ... by the fullness of our mental and physical contact ... he took his lips from mine and raising his head just a little whispered ... "Yasso ..." I ran my hands over his fine young buttocks ... tensing some as he pressed his cock into my stomach ... then I stroked his back and rubbed his shoulders ... all the time smiling back into his eyes ... smiling recognition ... happiness ... completeness. I whispered back ... "Kala. (Good)" definite ... truthful.

My body was so relaxed ... I was so at ease ... no urge to exert ... no testosterone drive to 'engage' ... I was beneath a beautiful lover ... HIS desire keeping me pinned ... yet without restraint ... under him and covered by him ... yet free and feeling no weight. He kissed down my chest and sucked and nibbled my nipple ... he arched his back and for the first time his cock was atop mine. I could feel his dick root ridge ... feel the base of our cocks come together ... balls hot and finally as one scrotum ... his cockshaft weigh down on mine ... I even thought I felt ... though it may have been imagined ... his cock seep out precum ... running on to my cock head ... sealing our pleasure. I raised my neck and looked down ... at the same time his mouth came off my nipple and we stared at our cocks. His hand went between us and he deftly pulled back first my foreskin and then his. He pushed his cock head on mine and we both saw the precum flow ... we rubbed it on my cockslit and all over my throbbing knob head ... flared and eager for the sweet lubricant. My dick responded and added more slippery prejizz ... his cock head picked it up ... he groaned as he felt it ... he loved it. With our bared cock heads aligned he laid down on me. His mouth kissing my upper chest ... then biting my neck and eventually finding my mouth. He rocked his pelvis as only he could. Riding my cock but like the lightest jockey ... with the greatest love and skill. My dick thrust back ... matching his strokes. One of his hands then got mine and put them over my head ... his other hand went to my hip ... as if staying it. His eyes said 'let ME do it ...' Let's face it the position he had me in shouted 'let me do it!' We kissed like we were exchanging energy with our saliva. The kind of kissing, which is so RIGHT that it, feels like the best thing in life. Lovers consuming love. He brought us to climax cocktocock ... his uncut arousing and serving mine ... my body, my cock ... accepting his love ... this sexual and transcendental interaction. I'm sure we screamed into our kiss as we came. He had loads of cum ... I could feel him cover my spurting dick with hot pent up spunk. I didn't have a big load ... but it was hot spunk ... for a time our cocks throbbed and jetted cum in unison ... male to male ... at orgasm ... unmistakeably man to man. Still he would not move from me. He laid down his head on my chest ... his cock on mine ... our cocks swimming in a pool of cum between us. Without even noticing we had become really sweaty. We stroked one another as we reposed ... touching and playing with the droplets of sweat ... my lover dipping his fingers in our mixed essence ... then dabbing our sacred secretions playfully on his body, nipples, neck, face then fleetingly to his lips. We both laughed and he instantly scooped up more and proceeded to smear it on my nipples. It tickled like hell and our laughter and squirming soon put paid to that game.

'Making Love' By Martin Finn © June 2003 All rights reserved.

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