anal sex nightmare and warning to others



anal sex nightmare and warning to others


I was not sure about posting this, but after the warm greetings I have gotten by many here, I thought to share my own experience:

Just after high school and before starting college my best friend and I were in his basement playing music and reading comics. He knew I was gay but he never let on to his own sexual desires, So I assumed he was gay.

As we were reading our superhero comics, he asked me if I wanted to act out this scene in one issue. Skipping over the act here, at one point he picked up my injured body and carryed me over to the sofa and placed me down. Needless to say I was hard as a rock. Still following the script of the comic, he pulled off my shirt and played like he was checking my wounds. I am not sure where my head was but the next thing I knew, we were both naked and in full embrace.

You have to understand that this was my first sexual experience and my hormones were in overdrive. My friend was bigger than me but not by much. Everything he did to me up to this point was in pure exstacy and I was in a state of pure euphoria. And YES it did lead to anal sex. He penetrated me.

A couple of weeks later my anal track was hurting while going to the bathroom. Then it started bleeding. I thought it was hemmroids and I just took the appropriate cream for it. But it did not go away and got steadily worse. I could barely sit.

Finally I went to the doctors. After a full examination, he asked me several questions, like if I fell on my ass or had anal sex. Scared off my block I said no. He said that I had been ripped somehow and got a fistula and needed to have lazar surgery to correct it. I knew it was because what happen with my best friend. The doc gave me an full HIV test and thank the gods it came back negative. But it still cost me over $2000 for the operation and more weeks of discomfort for the healing.

Today the area gets aggrivated if there is bad weather, when I am gonna have a bad day and such.

The very idea of anal sex with me or anyone turns my stomach. All I can say is never again. And hope that my story will save someone the pain I went through. Its not worth it.

Anal sex is out and Frottage is in. Frottage is sensual love. If someone wants to penetrate me or vice verse, I say no. They can bitch and moan, walk off and leave me if they want. The answer will still be "NO." I guess most guys don't want frottage because they can not commit to something that deep.


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