In "A Noble Ideal," Cockrub Warrior Paul describes his vision of Cock Combat as Primeval,  the Ultimate Male Contest. His is a  compelling statement about the Purity of Cock Battle. Don't miss it.
And I encourage you to tell your own story, and either send it to me for posting, or post it yourself in Personal Stories. What you have to say constitutes a unique oral history. Don't let it be lost. Write it down and put it out there for your brother warriors to hear.

 Cock Combat:
The Ultimate Male Test

Email 1

Spent some more time on your site. Very hot. Good to see guys talking openly about these feelings. For me, they are very primal and core to my masculinity. Over time, my urge to challenge a man has centered more and more around our cocks and balls. This is the ultimate male test, especially when a man can put both his cock and balls up against another guy’s. But no matter what happens in the match, I always begin and end a challenge by honoring the other dude, his dick, his balls. As challengers, we both deserve that.

Good to have someone to share this with.

Email 2

Dick's hard here thinkin about your hard dick.

Mine's got the scent of urs on the breeze; hair's up on the back of its neck, knows urs is near, archin up, alert.

Only one cock wins a cock challenge dude. Only one ballsac dominates.

Email 3

Cock here smells a fight...battle for territory. Spear to spear...sac to sac...pecs on pecs...mouth on mouth...each part of the body teamin up behind the fightin dick to try to turn the other dude on or get rough with him...fuck dude, our cocks are in control now...battle lines have been drawn...

Email 4

Cock is hard and drippin...knows a battle is near.

One cock will rule.

Warrior seed will spill, fly, explode as one of us screams out in the ecstatic agony of an orgasm forced by the dominant dick. Sacs will collide. Pecs will grind. Tongues will twist around each other like warring cobras.

My ideal match...

We arrange a place to meet where the first sight of each other is as cockwarriors, stripped, proud, cocks b/s, no small talk, just two opposing soldiers on the battlefield

We begin by honoring the cock and body of the man we are about to fight and whom we wish to defeat in cockwar....we honor his courage, his virility, his manhood...he is both brother and enemy...his cock must be admired, yet destroyed

We then honor sacs...home of the seed which will soon be spilled. I will intimidate you by demonstrating the strength of my bull balls....having you twist and pull them. Urs will be no match

The moment of the battle will arrive. We will work to it then unleash ourselves against each other with the battle cry "HAIL COCK." Rules of the battle: grinding, spearing, ball stabbing, any no-hands cock assault OK; hands on opponent's pecs, buttcheeks, tits, arms, OK; kissing, trashtalk OK; no breaks from the battle. War until one man screams out his impending explosion.

As the loser sees his cum fly, he must find the strength to say "HAIL THE VICTORS COCK" in submission.

The VICTOR may then pull away and select his method of victorycum. J/O by the loser, J/O by winner onto loser, oral by loser (safe, no shooting in mouth), all acceptable methods of honoring the victor dick.

If possible, warriors will shower together, clean each other, and part with greater respect for the dignity and courage of the other

Your thoughts?


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