an anus is not a vagina


Bill Weintraub

an anus is not a vagina


an anus is not a vagina is our newest Man2Man Alliance policy paper.

In it we examine the biology, psychology, and ideology of anal penetration.

Part 1, which I put up today, is about the dismal biological realities of anal and disease.

This is recommended reading for every Frot man, but particularly those of you who are gay-identified and living in gay male mainstream culture.

Because that culture routinely denies and lies about the biology of anal penetration.

So it's important for you to know the truth; and to that end, an anus is not a vagina, like Why Be Faithful?, is extensively footnoted.

Everything discussed -- the fragility and unique vulnerabilities of the anus; the quantity of HIV found in rectal secretions; the prevalence of HPV and anal cancer among anally receptive men, including men who are HIV negative; the bacterial and protozoan organisms which are transmitted through oral-anal contact; the pain, the fissures, the perforation, and the leakage caused by anal penetration -- is documented.

In the coming week I'll be posting parts 2 and 3, which examine the psychology of anal penetration and the ideology which underlies and props anal up.

Because anal is a totally unnatural act, and it cannot exist without extensive cultural support and a lot of lies.

Telling the truth about anal is the best way to destroy it.

And that's what we're doing.

At the same time, we're not falling into the religious right and analist trap of confusing anal with gay, or with homosexuality.

There's only one unique male-male, same-sex act, and that's Frot.

Whether you call yourself gay, bi, or straight -- when it comes to Homosex, Frot is the unique, natural, masculine, intimate, and totally hot way to bond with your guy.

Phallus on Phallus


Bone on Bone

Like Don F says: It's natural male anatomical coupling.

Phallic mating.

Nothing as intense.

Nothing as pure.

Nothing as male.

So ck out an anus is not a vagina.

Take heart that you're not doing anal.

And celebrate the pure male power of CockToCock.

J .. M..

Re: an anus is not a vagina


anus is not mangina either!

EXCELLENT WRITING. It is quite difficult to find / meet guys who do NOT insist on anal of some sort. I will certainly send this to them to read. Please keep up the good work on behalf of health, safety and FROT ! You do a valuable service by sending us all this information! Thank you so much.

J .. M..


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