Warrior ExitOnly

Posted 11/26/00

Hi guys...

I just got this computer 2 weeks ago and was beginning to wonder what all the fuss was about. I've been surfing for weeks and, frankly, the clubs I viewed got pretty dull after a while. Then just this morning, about to logoff again, I stumbled upon this club and bingo...I KNEW I was home!

Reading Bill's message was nothing short of a spirtual awakening - because I too thought I was a sexual outsider within what's referred to as "the gay community" because I've never found anything even remotely interesting about anal sex, thus my nickname. I know who I am (100% gay), and I've known and accepted what I love about men. Finding this club is just about the best thing I can imagine and I hope to be a very active member as the days and weeks go by.

Again, thanks Bill for starting this club -

Warmest regards,


reply from Don F

CHEERZ buddy! and WELCOME !

Like you, I found out about this site and Bill's efforts by accident and completely share your relief in FINALLY finding something on the net besides gross rear-end stuff.

I was always puzzled why gays glorify the phallus, yet do NOT seem to recognize cock-to-cock mating as a legitimate homosexual technique. To me, it was always self-evident that when males mate they do so by joining their sexual organs.

Bill has made this a crusade and we are all grateful for his efforts.

No buddy, you are NOT alone.

Don F

Thanks Don F...

It's been a rather remarkable couple of days for me since stumbling upon this club!

I can't tell you how many times in the past I've seen a handsome man in public and wondered how wonderful it would be to jerk him off or just cockfight with him, only to once again let the delicious images melt away into a thought of how 'deviant' I must be for having such thoughts. That's how lost I felt for many-many years under the assumption that being a "true gay man" meant buttfucking, and that all the rest of the sexual pleasures were just prelude!

My first sexual experience at 16 was giving a handjob to my best bud, and vice-versa! Within a week, we were frotting as well - and all this from a guy who swore he was really straight because he didn't fuck guys! Can you imagine. I guess in retrospect that's where I first learned about the defining aspect of anal sex. How sad. At any rate, he went on to get married and I went on "bigger and better" things - and buttfucking was not one of them.

As I get more education on how best to use this new computer I hope to add my story to the growing list of cockrub warriors tales - an' I'll tell you all about how this best bud an' I got to the point I mention here.

Once again, thanks for the encouragement and the warm welcome.

Warrior Joey (exitonly)

reply from RandiZup

Bill, May the gods be good to you for starting this marvelous community. I have felt like an outsider in the local gay community because I am into "exterior" sex; naked. hugging, kissing, frottage, grinding, dick-to-dick "crushing", pulsating, stroking, mutual tandem boner orgasms, etc.

Totally NOT interested in anal. Luv 2 cruise for naked dry humping in the parks and woods... but pickup partners seem to think that we are not gay because we don't do anal. Bill, your community is going to be my favorite, I think. BTW, I heard of JO clubs; I wish there were some real live gay frottage orgy clubs to enjoy all kinds of "exterior" naked , gay sexual pleasuring of each other. I'm in bloomington, In.

bill, you are a national treasure for starting this club.. thanks a "BILLion" !

Randi's profile: GWM 20, 5'10", W32", 42C, athletic 180# College student Nudist.Bulging package! Swimmer,Jogger,Bicyclist,Backpacker. Frottage on the trail, in the water, share sleeping bag. luv "rubbing off" with "buddie boners", 18-36 Mine's UP, just thinking about yours


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