... not into anal

Bill Weintraub

...not into anal

note from bill

here's a reprise from the Alliance's early days


...not into anal


bill. gettin' a litle carried away..yeah dude, i am not into fuckin' either. it tho, a choice.. just does not do it 4 me... not gonna join no MILITANT movement aginst it... if it feels good ... do it.. no JUDGEMENT here... KIRK

Bill Weintraub

Re: ...not into anal


LOL kirk dude

for 25 years all we've heard about in the gay community is how great anal is and how everything else is second best

the result has been one of the greatest public health disasters in history -- we're talkin 500,000 dead in the US alone

i think it's time for a change

no one's gonna ban anal -- i'm not interested in doin that

BUT -- i intend to dethrone it -- to remove it as the king of gay sex -- and to get the idea across that Frot is the hottest gay sex around

and to talk about anal for what it is -- dangerous, and psychologically destructive

and besides dude, if ur not into it, i wouldn't waste energy defendin it -- cause the buttfuck boyz rn't out defendin u -- no, what they're doin is laughin at u, and sayin ur not really gay cause u don't like to fuck

i'm gonna change that dude -- promise


Re: ...not into anal


Right on, Bill. Frottage rules! I agree there is nothin' else like chest-to-chest and cock 2 cock pleasure!


Re: ...not into anal


Hey Geo it's good to see someone else reads the original postings too. Your right, Bill has got it right and I support him 100%. This is a "cultural war" we are battling here Geo. It's time that the gay community heard a different voice. A voice of reason, passion, masculinity, equality, loyalty and healthy living. It's a new year and time for a change in the old gay paradigm, it's just old shit, literally.

Happy new year Geo! Glad you joined us keep on posting guy, like what you have to say.


Re: ...not into anal


Thanks, David. It is refreshing to discover such a radical web site... I have been posting the URL to anyplace relevant I can find. Trying to get the alternative word out. Keep up the great site! Also


Re: ...not into anal

Sent: 1/15/2002

Thanks very much GeoDude, that's AWESOME! I really appreciate your help and so do the rest of the guys here too!


Re: ...not into anal

Sent: 3/4/2002

Good reply Bill. At 53 years old I've done about everything, including anal ( giving and taking ) and fellatio. To tell you the truth neither is worth getting yourself killed over.

And those gay guys who think your only gay cause u like to fuck or get fucked need to understand that the only reason ur gay to begin with is because u like another guy and usually because he has a cock like u and u want to see it and touch it. It's not his ass or his lips that turned u on in the first place. U want ass u can get it from a man or a woman. U want a blow job u can get the same from both sexes, but u can't rub ur hard cock against a woman's cause she doesn't have one. It's the other guys cock u want to rub against.

Sorry I was so abrupt, but damn it this really burns me. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.



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