Now I get it!

Warrior IndyBill


Now I get it!


I've just spent two hours navigating through your various sites. I'm almost out of breath. Not from self-flagellation (although the erotic intensity can hardly be understated) but from the lightning bolt realization that frot has defined me sexually for the last eight months but I didn't know why. As I've matured as a gay man (36 yo...37 in October), I've grown more and more reviled by the focus of my friends on fucking. and while I've never shared this with them, it pains me to see them play out this male/female definition of intimacy. They fuck 'em, then forget 'em. Much the same way some of my fraternity brothers went through sorority girls in college. But the realm of C2C ... men being this intimate, this close, looking each other square in the eyes while engaged in frot. It's powerful. I'm actually having trouble putting all of this into words. As much as e-mail can convey it ... thank you. Thank you to Luke too. You have truly opened my eyes to who I am as a gay man ... a warrior.



Bill Weintraub

Re: Now I get it!


hey thanks Indy dude

this warrior -- and this man is a warrior dudes -- has a post on Frot Club Indiana:

Downtown Indy GWM here ... 5'11, 183, br/gr, buzzed high and tight, gaotee, 36. For the last eight months, my sexual contacts have all been frot. A conscious decision? Not really. For some reason I was looking for a more deeply erotic, masculine M2m experience. I never knew ... never even realized that this is what I was doing. Ever look into the mirror and "see" a different person? I just have. I've spent two hours pouring over this website and have learned more about my sexuality than I can almost process. The power of it all...the intimacy. This needs to be shared. If you're a Warrior like me, then let's connect and be men together


Re: Now I get it!


Think of the possibilities! I just found the site but have been doing it for years. I don't like anal sex.

You can expand cock rubbing to a whole new demention. It is 100% safe and sooo hot. it can also be light, fun and playful. Both guys are equal and more satisfied. You can even do it without cumming. I love to talk to other guys. I'm around the palm springs Ca. area.



Re: Now I get it!


I remember stumbling onto this site. It was like: YEAH! That's me.

Then I read Indy's post -- a more masculine M2M experience.

And he's right.

Recently a straight bud asked if I was gay.

I asked what he meant by "gay" and sure enough he started talking about anal.

I told him I hate anal and I explained there's another way for a guy to be into other guys.

I could see he was surprised -- and then I could see him starting to think.

My point is that the more guys come to understand that they can be into other men without getting buttfucked or going down the coal shute, the more they'll be open to being sexual with other guys.

Bill Weintraub

Re: Now I get it!


that's right Joel

and the fastest way for these guys to realize that truth is for us to advertise so they find the site

i've been conducting this campaign for three years

for the bulk of those three years i tried to work through the mainstream gay male media


mainstream gay men believe that anal, promiscuity, and effeminacy are the keys to gay male identity

they will not let go of them, and they will not allow dissenting views to appear in the press they control

so that's not going to happen

for the last six months i've been working with various anthropologists and other researchers who've helped formulate the Bush administration's AIDS in Africa policy to attempt to reach the religious right

another no go

the religious right believes that any sex which is not procreative is sinful

so they won't support a homosexual group, no matter how responsible and healthy our message may be

further, due to the Supreme Court's sodomy decision, the culture wars between the gay mainstream and the religious right have gone into overdrive

both sides have become more entrenched, and are using the hot-button issue of gay marriage to mobilize their followers -- and raise big bucks

in that atmosphere, neither group will compromise -- particularly not with us

because we represent a third force between the extremes of analism and abstinence -- and that makes us anathema to both

so: the only thing we can do is build our own movement independent of both groups

and that means raising money and advertising

and that means that you need to go to the Donations page

and donate

what we need is a thousand guys (out of the 90,000 plus who visit each month) donating $5 a month

that's nothing for a site like this

but it will take time to build those donors

which also means that for now we need those of you who have deeper pockets to give more

most of you are INCREDIBLY short-sighted about this

you complain incessantly about the shortage of partners

advertising is the surest way to jack up the flow of men to the site -- and potential partners to your door

you want to be lonely the rest of your life?

fine -- but if you're not donating, don't complain to me about it

advertising will help us reach all those men who don't even know the words "cock2cock" or "frot" or "dick2dick"

here's a Frot Club post which appeared yesterday:

I am 43, happily married to the only person I've ever had sex with. I've fantasized for as long as I can remember about frot (I just learned this name for it) and I really want to try it with the RIGHT guy. I'm 5'9" and in good shape. I'm healthy and want to stay that way. I guess I'm not bad looking.

I love my wife to distraction but I've always wanted to experience what being with a man would be like. Anyone out there thinking the same?

[emphasis mine]

This man -- who is faithful and true -- will make someone a really great frot buddy.

There are millions of guys like him out there.

You wanna meet them?

Help them find you.


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