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I found the Alliance sites on November 5th 2004, it's very easy for me to remember that because it's the anniversary of the date I moved to live on my own from my parents house. I was also taking vacations for the first time in 3 years I had an entire week and my credit card to spend a nice time and I decided to stay here in Monterrey to really rest.

NOVEMBER 3: I went to a friend of mine's sex club. I did a little things with some guys some kissing touching a little bit of oral. It was almost 4 in the morning and a really hot guy entered the place he seemed a gay porn actor. muscular hairy tall 30something tanned very handsome and with a nicely endowed dick. He was drunk. Im not exactly a shy guy so I approached him immediately. I kissed and touched him all as I wanted. There were other six men around us but both of us made them clear that we didn't want a third participant. So they were only watching. And after some minutes we were naked and in a position that clearly indicated he was about to penetrate me. He was upright. I was on my back on a couch he was holding my feet with his hand and he was putting a condom on. And as he was just on the way I said "No" and I moved And he told me in the ear what happens? I said "I don't like to do that here." It was not true I had been fucked there some times before. The long and honest answer I couldn't give him was this "See in the past 5 months I have heard about 5 guys I knew dying for AIDS they were around my age and with a lifestyle very similar to mine so Im beginning to think that if I do the same things than them I'll likely end up like them and in this year I have lived on my own I have realized through some experiences that anal penetration is simply too messy uncomfortable and frankly disappointing so I have seriously considered not to practice it again it's simply not worth to risk so much as my life for so little. I prefer we go to my place to do just what we have been doing here and to have nice cums but without any buttfucking and I would want to sleep hugging you and I would love to date you in order to be your partner because that is what I REALLY want." Of course I didn't say all this to him I just told him "Do you want to go to my place? I live a few blocks away". He said Oh I would love it I like you but I want to rest I'll call you" -Ok We dressed and got out there. He gave me a little ride in his car.

Well the next day I went to the most popular gay disco's Halloween party with my friends He was there just wearing a little briefs and a crown just imagine how confident he was about his body we looked and he only told me "HI" and turn his head.

And I thought "My God yesterday he almost fucked me and today he barely salutes me" Well one gets used to this kind of coldness after a few similar experiences in the gay ghetto so I forgot about him I danced all night I got home at 6 in the morning I turned my computer on to check my messages and some info and I don't remember how it happened I STUMBLED with the Alliance sites. I spent that whole day reading them. And I haven't skipped one day without visiting them ever since.

I consider myself very lucky about this. If I hadn't found this site I would have feel alone and weird among my friends for a long time just for deciding not to practice the most dangerous culturally-promoted fetish two men can perform. I had had just little chats about it with them and they didn't take it well -I guess for the "most brilliant and creative creatures on earth" as most of my friends see themselves as gay men is some kind of taboo if one wants to quit some sexual-fetish act- And I would never had know that other guys shared my strong ideas and feelings about masculinity and fidelity and my love for martial arts. Maybe I would live still thinking as barebacking-bugchaser guyz do: that HIV infection is inevitable that enemas and rectal deep cleaning with toilet paper are indispensable to have sex with a guy and that nobody wanted to love just ONE guy but to fuck with HUNDREDS to a premature death. Yeah I was really lucky I found this group just when I needed it the most and I have never felt more powerful safe and hopeful in the future than now. Bill's work and your stories helped me more than I can tell you with words. That's why I felt so sad when Bill told me via email that he couldn't pay the mail service to get the donations from the P.O. Box It's really heart-breaking. Warrior Brother you that are reading this words:

Please DONATE.

Make other guys as lucky as me.

Oscar Moreno Vallejo


Oscar Moreno Vallejo


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