The Power of Our Message



The Power of Our Message


Hi guys, Here is a message I got this afernoon from a fellow MAN who feels the same way about anal as we do. This guy read one posting I made yesterday to a gay discussion room I found on an internet search. That's how easy this is guys, it doesn't take much to do it. Just copy and paste what I typed yesterday and, well you read the email for yourself. It made my day !!


"I just read your installment in and had to write.

Even though I came out late in life, I have always had an attraction to men.

I have never been 'poked' and never plan to be. I was brought out of the closet by a very masculine man and we both enjoyed sex with each other but we never engaged in anal sex. I'm grateful to have learned the 'ropes' of gay sex from such a man and continue to abstain from doing the anal stuff.

There have been so much pressure from guys I have dated since my 'first' love that have wanted me to engage in that type of sex...even encouraging me to get a little drunk to melt some of my inhibitions. I will readily admit I have fucked a man in his truck because he insisted on it but it wasn't pleasant to me. I see that most, if not all, gay porno seems to be focused on anal sex. I thought that my sexual stance was hindering me from finding a lover. I had a couple of guys I dated for a while but it got complicated when they realized they wanted more from our encounters. I still remember a party at which they had a dungeon and a lot intrigued me greatly but I didn't participate with using a sling. I haven't been invited back.

I'm still learning the 'ways and means' of the gay subculture. I think I am going to continue being only interested in frottage. I like front-to-front sex with a man more than anything. There was so much of what I enjoyed with my first love that would satiate me for life. I would say my favorite turn-on is to see a nice muscled forearm holding onto my cock.

I will try to access the website you mentioned in your discussion on It's so good to hear that other men are like me.




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