praying to find a frot brother



praying to find a frot brother


My names Rob, and im here in Knoxville tennesse. I have been longing to find a frot brother, around my age here.

When i was growing up, a friend and I were wrestling and one thing let to another and soon we were naked and doing what is now known as frot.

There was no desire for other stuff, just the plain enjoyment that 2 best friends can feel, knowing they are both comfortable enough with each other to be able to just like the feeling of our cocks touching, and the physical body contact and the ability to get to the satisfying climax of shooting our cum between each other and all over each others chest ( sometimes without even having to jack off) and strictly through the cock to cock contact.

I miss that so much and wish i could find a friend like that here in Knoxville.



Re: praying to find a frot brother


I just found this site yesterday. I could hardly sleep at all last night. This is what I have felt my whole life- I never knew anybody had put in into words until I stumbled into this site. I never felt like a "sissy" and those guys who act that way make me go YUCK. I could never figure out why I feel the urges I do but were repulsed by the whole sissy-fag-girlie thing. Now I get it.

I wish I had a frot friend here in Wisconsin, just as you wish you had one there in Tennessee. I've been waiting my whole life for this...



Re: praying to find a frot brother


I've been reading this site for several years now, and about a year ago, I decided to become a regular supporter (that is, with cash) because I really believe in what this site is all about. The 2 posts above say it all too clearly: the love, camaraderie, and even the affection that 2 guys can feel for each is beautiful, fulfilling, and affirming in a healthy sense (not a selfish sense). Also, as the guys above put it, love between 2 men is not the same as the "sissy", girly, effeminate attitudes adopted by so many of my gay friends.

During the past several years, I have watched guys get past the confusion and guilt of their same-sex orientation (which is a good thing), but then they began acting crazy, in a way completely uncharacteristic of them before they accepted themselves. They became "girly, sissified", etc. I'm not saying they were particularly macho beforehand, just that their adoption of feminine behavior was excessive. It was more of an act than an expression of what they really are. As Bill Weintraub explains so well in this site, this is what analism does to a person on the emotional and psyhological levels.

I have never had anal sex, and most of my gay friends know this about me. They denigrate me, accusing me either of being uptight, or of being still "in denial." The only thing I'm in denial about is that I am not a woman. I am a man. I love being a man, and I like men who like being men.

Like the guys above, I long for a frot buddy/lover here in NJ who is comfortable in his own skin. Unfortunately, the pickings are slim. So I also pray that God will lead me to a man with a healthy attitude about himself and his sexuality.

In a private email to Bill, I told him that getting thru his website is like taking a 3-credit course. Bill has put a immense amount of work into this site -- research, writing, etc., and it's all on target. It's a very professional site, and he needs & deserves our support. His site provides a cyberspace meeting place for all of us who are not impressed with the mainstream gay world. I urge all of you to join me in supporting Bill and his good work.



Re: praying to find a frot brother


I just found this sit today - 6/6/05. WOW what a site - I love the stories. I am a married guy in my mid 40's. I have always been arroused by seeing other guys naked. When I was 32 a best friend of mine invited me and my wife over for dinner. After dinner he told his wife that the girls should go shopping and us guys would clean up. SO off they went - as soon as we got the dishes put away he wanted to go swimming. Then he siad lets go naked like we did back in high school - se we got naked and went out for a swim. After a little bit I got a semi Hard-On and he swam up to me and took hold of it. Then he started jacking me off slowly while we talked. I didn't know what to so - but it felt so good. I reached out and did his at the same time. Then he had both of our cocks in his hand and stroking them. Before long we were both cummin - it was the best cum ever. I always felt guilty for that night till I started reading these stories today!

Thanks Guys!

Dennis Patrick

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