Hello just want to let you know that I enjoy the site.

For some time now I have been thinking that I was alone. In that I can be gay and not like anal. I have been doing it just because I thought I had to. I was told you cant be gay if you dont like anal -- you're either a top or bottom. I use to say Im not either of those but if I had to do it because the guy I was with wanted it, I would top -- nothing is going in me sorry, but I have been doing that for a while and still had the feelings of not liking it.

I never really rubbed cocks -- well not in a way that I thought could be sexual just rubbed them just checking size I guess. It just happened one day met this guy at the bar and we went home and come to find out that he is a top also -- well what now? Well I really didnt say that I was also just wanted the guy he was hot. We just started to play around, he had a big cock uncut just like I was -- I have about 2 inches of overhang -- his was around 3 or more Im not sure -- just know he had more than me.

He wanted to dock but Im use to me being the docker not the dockee so when he tried i just pushed forward pushing his cock back he thrusted back we were just pushing skin on skin it was feeling good different than docking sorta like two hooded rams bumping horns. That went on for a while then the big thing came up -- get on your back and pass the lube -- well I got on my back and him on top but I wasnt going to let him inside me. I just let him lay on top of me with cock on cock he thrusted and I thrusted back, it was like dry fucking both of us just thrusting cocks and balls slapping each other back and forth. it was hot feeling his hard cock pushing and hard against mine just thrusting in sequence I could feel his cock building up and getting ready to shoot he came before me but I wasnt too far behind him...

Well it might not be as hot in writing but Im not a good writer. just wanted to let you know my story and from then on I say no to anal. Just rubbing cock I dont know if they enjoy as much as me but they get off.

Glad to hear that im not the only one that enjoys it.............


reply from Foundin Warrior Bill


what a great hot story from Warrior Miguel

i think he's a great guy -- for one thing he didn't make me plead or beg for permission to post his story -- he just said, sure, maybe i can meet up with someone that way

and i hope he does -- here's what he said:

hello Bill,

yeah you can post my story with email maybe I can hook up with someone who enjoys the pleasure of rubbing cock!

yeah what a relief your site has been, it has been like being an outcast in the so-called gay community.. I find it interesting that there are other guys out there like me. I just wish I had a warning for the first time because that guy loved to Top so he was use to giving long big thrusts. I was out thrusted a few times. My balls were feeling it the next day. They can take it now.....

it would be a lot of fun to find out just how much Miguel's balls can take and i sure hope he meets someone who's as terrific as he is

in addition to being a great guy with a hot real-life story, Miguel brought up something really important in his post, and that was whether his partners were enjoying the cockrub

the answer is that of course they enjoy it -- it's direct stimulation of their cocks and balls, and for a man there's nothing hotter or more pleasurable

but it's possible that afterwards they're belittling the experience in their minds or their friends are putting it down because it wasn't anal

so we have to be clear about that with ourselves and with them

when guys "into anal" tell me i'm oppressing them, i say -- no, i'm liberating you

i'm showing you a way to have sex that's genital-to-genital, that doesn't require you or your partner to play bitch, and that doesn't put you at risk for a score of diseases, some of which are fatal

and if you think that's oppressive, then, like they say, you've led a sheltered life

AIDS is oppressive

watching your lover and friends die is oppressive

being someone's bottom is oppressive

Frot, cockrub, dick2dick -- they're liberating and they're gifts

back in the 70s in Boston i had a boyfriend named Eddie -- he was hot and handsome, and we rubbed cocks -- cause that's what i wanted to do -- and Eddie loved it, he moaned and he groaned and he shot big loads

but eventually the buttfuck culture got to him, and he moved to NYC and got into fucking big time -- he was very promiscuous -- he was good-looking after all, so why not

but then a mutual friend told me that Eddie had ended up in the hospital with the world's worst case of the clap

of course now we know that it wasn't clap, it was AIDS

i moved to NYC myself not long afterwards and i ran into Eddie

he'd been working on the waterfront, unloading ships, and he looked awful -- he'd aged about a million years

he kept on sayin he was fine, but we all know the end of his story

so who oppressed Eddie -- his cockrub boyfriend bill, or his buttfuck budz?

a few years later, in 1989, Bob Ross, publisher of SF's Bay Area Reporter, said something interesting to me -- and he said it with genuine anguish

in the 50s and 60s he said, gay people were completely in the hands of doctors and lawyers -- doctors tellin us we were crazy, and lawyers cause you never knew when you'd get busted for being gay and would need a lawyer

then came Gay Lib -- and all of a sudden, we weren't crazy, and big city cops found out that they to look elsewhere for an easy collar

and we had ten years of freedom

and then came AIDS -- and sure enough, we're back in the hands of professionals -- doctors and lawyers -- doctors to keep us alive, and lawyers to draw up our wills

well, Bob Ross is a famously difficult man, but he was right about this

think about it -- we now have an entire profession in the US and indeed throughout the world -- "safer-sex counselor"

these are professionals, very often supported by tax dollars, whose sole job it is to tell us how where and when we can have sex

they're bureaucrats -- with offices and professional associations and journals and their own special jargon -- "msm" "consistent use" "STIs" -- all designed to mystify the average guy and disarm congressional and parliamentary committees

so if you're "into anal" you need a professional to tell you how to fuck -- and you need a lot more -- you need condom manufacturers and guys in lab coats mixin up expensive lubes and doctors and druggists and most important of all pharmaceutical companies with billion-dollar research budgets and more tax money to keep you alive

that's oppressive

as is being someone's bitch and having to deal with your shit on his dick -- those things are oppressive and demeaning -- no way around that

so we can be clear about it: Frot is a gift

men "into anal" don't have to accept that gift or make use of it -- like any gift, once it's been given it's up to the recipient whether to treasure it or throw it away -- or maybe just put it on a shelf and think about it for awhile

but the men in this club know the value of what they're giving

the freedom, the equality, the joy, the masculinity, the pure primal pleasure of cock2cock and dick2dick



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