Random acts of uncontrolled rape


Greg Milliken

Random acts of uncontrolled rape


This site brings up a number of good points about how promiscuity is bad, because of the danger and depression it causes.

But what about the nature of promiscuity? Isn't it, by nature, bad, despite whatever measures we extract from it?

If men are, as the analists say, naturally promiscuous, doesn't that mean that they are driven into a sexual situation by some force other than the mind?

And if they are driven to this situation by something besides the mind, does that not mean that the mind at no point consents to the sexual act?

And is not sex without consent called rape?

So by their own admission the analists promote self-rape, that is, forcing oneself to have sex one does not want, under the excuse that men are naturally promiscuous.

No wonder promiscuous people are so much worse off than those who are not.

The analists promote a system whereby the only driving mechanism is to delude oneself to the fact that one does not want this sex. I say "delude oneself" because the person is perfectly aware that they do not want to have this sex. That's why sex clubs and gay hook-up websites exist. People can find sex without knowing the name or the face of the person they are practicing it with in these places. That way they don't have to accept the reality that they really don't want to have sex with this person. If they did, they would want to know the person's name, and see the persons face.

But the mind is the one and only way for an individual to achieve happiness. It is only through consenting acts that reflect his own self-interest that someone can know true happiness. It is impossible to know happiness by living a standard where you work against what you want, by doing things you don't want to do.

Maybe some think it's a mystery that promiscuity causes depression.

It's really very simple.

Know your mind. Accept that you have standards and the will to enforce them. Then you will be happy.


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