frottage and the revelation

Warrior Ken


frottage and the revelation


just come across this site and i'm overwhelmed because it's only a few times in a life that you are hit with the truth about stuff that u thought u knew about but u obviously didn't.

my first erotic experience was when i was about 8 and the neighbours were out the front preparing to go swimming. i was going too and there was a bunch of us. i remember looking at this guy he was about my age or older by a little and he had these big and exciting pecs.

unannounced and without any control from me i went over and landed a punch on his pecs. the reaction of all around was of incredulous stunness.

i didn't even understand it -- it was as if i were guided by an invisible force. i didn't feel bad about it but there were repercussions with being punished by not going to the beach or something like that. then i believe it was forgotten by all but me

i came out in the very early 70's

i was sought after at the gay bars as one who looked hot and hunky. i dont know how often i was taken home by some guy in search of a husband who could keep hard dick up them for hours even after a lot of drinks, but i lost count at 3,000 and the rest was almost completely forgettable

i took over the role that the gay ethos of the time assigned me -- plug for faggot arseholes -- the man who'd deal with them and make them whole by becoming the other half

i am only now realizing my true self -- i am a repressed warrior

i have had a number of wrestling encounters some of which have been great -- but i've yet to do my real thing ie allow myself to sex wrestle with another built guy -- it's hard to lose the mafia type casting that the 70s gay movement assigned to us

more life experiences to come

Bill Weintraub

Re: frottage and the revelation


i thank ken for this terrific post

i've been corresponding a lot recently with naked wrestler boy, who has two pages in Warriors Speak:

Cockfuckin Man to Man


The Ultimate in Man to Man

and i'm hoping to do a third with his comments about the difference between competitive and erotic wrestling

cause naked wrestler is a real wrestler

he's a guy who wanted to wrestle in high school, but didn't cause of, as he puts it, "the fag sports thing"

but did wrestle in college

then stopped for 15 years, and has only recently re-discovered himself as a wrestler by joining his city's gay wrestling club

and he's been having a great time, both as a competitive wrestler, and erotically as well

so like Warrior Patrick, who trains as a boxer, he has something to tell us about sex and sports and aggression and being a man who likes to have sex with men

now one of the themes of this site and of my own life and of my life as a gay activist has been the value of training in combat sports -- boxing, wrestling, karate -- for gay men

both because it's good for people who are the targets of hate to know how to fight, and because it's a way for them to reclaim their masculinity

of course the idea that gay men should reclaim their masculinity isn't politically correct

instead, the dominant ideology would have us believe that the role of gay men is to teach str8 men how to be less masculine

i don't agree

because i don't think there's anything wrong with being masculine -- to the contrary, i think it's good for men to be masculine

and i think all we need say to str8 men is that if they want to be intimate with another guy, that's not a big deal

and they can do it without giving up their masculinity

that makes a lot more sense to me than telling men to stop being men -- which is neither possible nor, in my view, desirable

now i wrote to ken privately suggesting that if there's a gay wrestling club in his hometown, he train there

i don't know if he will, but in general my experience in working with gay men is that it's very difficult to convince them, whether they have erotic fight fantasies or not, to train in a combat sport

and that's because they believe, on some level, that they can't -- that they can't be aggressive in that way because they're fags

but they can

and the boost to their self-esteem and morale when they do is immeasurable




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