SARS virus found
in feces

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

SARS virus found in feces


"SARS Virus Can Live for Days in the Stool of Patients"

This announcement appeared in early May, and I've pasted in the entire story below.

Of course it's not surprising that the SARS virus is found in feces -- so is HIV, and a lot of other viruses.

Those viruses are supposed to be there -- so that they can be excreted from your body.

Removed from your body without further endangering you or others.

Which they will not so long as you don't have contact with fecal material, which is dirty and dangerous to your health.

Unfortunately, a lot of gay men still don't get it.

For example, a confused young queen wrote me recently to say, "If love is present in a relationship, dirt on or in your partner won't be an issue. You would do anything for him."

That's bullshit -- analist bullshit, to be exact.

I loved my partner Brett very deeply and passionately, we had a very passionate frot relationship, I took care of him over five long years of ultimately fatal illness, and I would have died for him.

But what I wouldn't have done for him, and wouldn't for anyone else, is something stupid which could have cost me my life -- and Brett would never have asked me to do that, to expose myself to his shit or his blood or any other dangerous part of his body.

If a person loves you, as Brett loved me and I loved him, he won't ask you to throw your life away or needlessly and pointlessly endanger yourself -- nor will he ask you to degrade yourself.

On the contrary, his every thought will be of your welfare and happiness.

So this is a common analist line: "Love me, love my shit."

And it's nonsense.

Shit has nothing to do with love.

And if you don't like having shit on your dick, that doesn't mean you're "shit-phobic" -- as the buttfuck boyz like to claim.

It means you're a reasonable and properly socialized human being.

The guys who are phobic are the analists.

They're life-phobic.

Here's the article on SARS in feces:

SARS Virus Can Live for Days in the Stool and Urine of Patients

New Facts Show SARS a Long-Lived Virus

Sun May 4, 2003

By Maggie Fox and Brian Rhoads

WASHINGTON/BEIJING (Reuters) - The SARS (news - web sites) virus can live for days in the stool and urine of patients, the World Health Organization (news - web sites) said on Sunday in a new report that could shed light on the frightening spread of the disease.

Hong Kong scientists have suspected the virus could live in sewage -- something that could help explain an outbreak that affected residents at a large apartment complex.

Genetic material from the virus has been found in the stool and urine of patients. The test results posted on the WHO Web Site at show the virus can live for days in human waste.

"Virus is stable in feces (and urine) at room temperature for at least one to two days," WHO said in a statement. "Virus is more stable (up to 4 days) in stool from diarrhea patients than in normal stool where it could only be found for up to 6 hours."

Acidity seems to be important -- stool in diarrhea is more alkaline and thus seems to be more hospitable for the virus. The stool of newborns, which is more acidic, kills the virus after three hours.

But standard disinfectants such as chlorine bleach killed the virus in five minutes, WHO found.

SARS, which has killed nearly 450 people and infected 6,700 worldwide, is caused by a new member of the coronavirus family. It is related to viruses that cause the common cold and gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases in animals.

There is no standard treatment and 6 percent to 10 percent of patients die. Air travelers have spread the disease across the world. During air travel, the virus can be passed by droplets from the nose and mouth through sneezing and coughing.

But if it acts anything like many other viruses that cause respiratory illness and stomach upset, it can live on surfaces and be passed on when one person touches a contaminated area and then touches his or her own nose, mouth or eyes.

The Washington Post reported that WHO doctors also found the viruses lived on plastic surfaces for 24 hours, although WHO did not post this information on its Web Site.


"It's the first time we have hard data on the survival of the virus. Before, we were just speculating," WHO scientist Klaus Stohr was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

"There has been a lot of speculation that the touching of objects could be involved. This shows that transmission by contaminated hands or contaminated objects in the environment can play a role."

As in flu and colds, doctors say the best defense against SARS for the average person is to wash the hands frequently.

WHO has warned that Chinese hospitals lack many of standard infection control supplies such as masks and gloves and has hinted that perhaps health workers there are not washing hands often enough and avoiding touching surfaces.

This would be no surprise. Infectious disease experts say hospital workers in Europe and the United States do not either, and that is why so many infections are passed on in hospitals...


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