Searching for a place like this



Searching for a place like this


Hey everyone.

I have been one of those evil lurkers ever since I found the msn site.

Recently my interest in C2C reawakened and I did a google search on the topic gay cock to cock which brought me here.

I'm so glad I found this place.

It's quite a relief to be able to find a place where one does not have to be interested in anal sex to be accepted as having love for another man. Basically, its cool that two men can be together and express their feelings for each other in such a deep connected way.

C2C is very hot to me. I never could get into Anal and thought maybe there was something wrong with me.

To me there is nothing hotter than two dudes exploring each other's body, dripping cocks rubbing together, and ending in the ultimate, deep from within orgasm that cannot be beat by any other.

I still remember my first C2C experience fondly - answering an ad from the former Yahoo group C2C. I had a blast that afternoon in Los Angeles and it introduced me to a world I never forgot.

To that man, I say thanks. And to you Bill, thanks for providing the forum where dudes can be dudes who are into c2c as a deeply bonding uniquely male experience.

Thanks for making me feel like I have found a brotherhood - a home. It's great to be here.


Re: Searching for a place like this


I have to agree with the sentiment that this is a cool site and I have gained an education and understanding of what I have been looking for. I am in East Cobb, married with kids and just wishing I could have a frot buddie now that I know what one is. It seemed like the only option was gay anal sex if you wanted a m2m relationship, it is so cool to know there are others who want something else that can be even closer.


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