Hi, Neighbor.

Ol' W Texan here [Concho Valley]. While I have done a fair bit of oral & anal over the years, the sex that still stands out for me [pun not intended, but hey,...] was what a bud & I did in a parked car on dark country lanes in our oversexed youth, & that was frot. No, no one ever called it that, or anything, we just did it, loved it, & got off doing it.

Before I found this site, I despaired of ever finding anyone else who was into this way of expression. Most gay guys equate being gay with oral or anal sex. Most bi married &/or divorced guys seem to expect penetration like they had it at home. The closest to it I've found is the rare man who enjoys, or at least puts up with, my craving for what we used to call "making out," lots of touching, kissing, holding, hugging, as much skin2skin contact as 2 human males can manage.

I am grad-degreed, no longer teach, but function in a "human services" occupation that demands lots of discretion. 6-0, 180, 67 [but fairly well preserved ], s&p, blue, live alone [with pets].

I have every hope that through this group, I may finally meet up with a compatible bud again.

May we all be so fortunate.



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