the intimacy two men can share



the intimacy two men can share


I'm 19 in London (UK). So many days and so many nights I've longed for the kind of intimacy you describe on your pages but I thought it was just a fantasy. I never thought it actually existed. Most people are just engrossed in acting effeminate and anal sex. But then I came across your pages and I was so relived that intimacy such as this does exist. I wouldn't say I'm gay (if I had to attach a label I'd say I'm hetero) but at the same time I want to experience and explore the intimacy two men can share. I've never had close male friends (we moved around a lot so it was never possible) and most my cousins and friends are a lot older so I've never been able to connect with them in any way. Your pages were comforting and an inspiration.

The problem is finding someone to be intimate with. Most of the stories on these pages are about friends who discover themselves with each other. But as I said I don't have that choice. I don't know what to do. I really want this but how. I've tried chat rooms and other routes but they are all commercial rubbish where the most anyone wants is cheap cyber. Got any advice?


croft oden

Re: the intimacy two men can share



my story too is only at the very beginning. i am a total virgin when it comes to men. for the longest time i've had these thoughts of men being in the coed world. i've e-mailed guys on the net to try to explain myself concerning the escence of masculinity and trying to find guys of like minds. i was referred to your site and when i read the story of joe and kyle and the views of this concept, this was it. there is an escence of masculinity to masculinity which far exceeds the idealism of gay or bi. i still can not put it into words, but you definitely have. i'm drawn to the masculinity of things and hoping that one day i'll encounter some guy to produce what joe and kyle have. you hit it on the nose. any suggestions on how i would even think of trying to encounter someone like me ( us ) without so much publicity. i'm so drawn to so many guys in the hetero lifestyle with hopes of fruition in the frot world but no such luck.

thanks again- croft

croft oden

Bill Weintraub

Re: the intimacy two men can share


Hi jagzy and croft,

Thanks for posting guys.

I'm glad you like our sites and that they're so meaningful for you both.

I know it's difficult to find a partner, a buddy, a Frot brother, a spouse.

As I see it, you have two possibilities:

The first is to post a message on our site in Frot Club.

Please read the posting guidelines and look at the sample posts before you post.

Frot Club is intended to be a board for guys lookin for an LTR or a Frot Buddy.

But there's no way I can insure that such is true for every man who posts there.

So you still have to screen people, and, as always, when you meet people over the net, be cautious.

The other route to travel -- and you can certainly do both -- is to open yourselves to the possibility that many of the men you know and see in daily life are like yourselves -- "I wouldn't say I'm gay (if I had to attach a label I'd say I'm hetero) but at the same time I want to experience and explore the intimacy two men can share"

They too don't consider themselves gay, but they too are looking for intimacy with another man.

In other words -- you're not unique -- and if you can accept that, you may be able to see that other men are much like yourselves.

Still, most of those men will conceal their same-sex needs and desires -- so all you can do is be relatively upfront with guys whom you like and trust, and see where that leads.

One good place to look is in a martial arts setting.

Any martial arts school that has groundfighting or grappling (wrestling) will have some straight-identified guys there who are there -- in part -- because they enjoy the body contact with other guys.

So that's another option to consider.

Our sites and this board stand at the beginning of a cultural revolution, a revolution of men who love men.

You're invited to be part of that revolution, to be part of it by living lives which are forthright and brave and true.

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