A Sheltered Life



A Sheltered Life


Bill For a while I have thought of posting a short account of my life on personal stories, but knowing how dull and uneventful that life had been I decided to write you and if you thought it worth posting then so be it.

As you know Bill I live in Australia, am 83 years old and have had a very sheltered life. Because of society and church pressure I married and had two kids. I had fifty-three years of fairly happy married life. The sexual part of our married life didnt happen often as to me was unexciting and unrewarding, I think my wife found it the same. I now realise that from an early age I always had a fantasy with a male partner in a frottage (sometimes combative) situation. I was in my late fifties before I realised I was probably (to label myself) "gay". At that time I decided to see if I could make my fantasies come true. I received telephone advice to try gay saunas. The only ones in my state were in the capital city, over 100 miles from where I lived. As I was and still am as far as relatives and friends were concerned still in the closet, opportunities to attend these were rare. I had very few encounters with guys, I was shy and old. I had one short memorable frottage encounter unfortunately never saw the guy again. Some wanted anal, I refused it had never appealed to me. I trust that anybody who reads this short account of an unsatisfactory and unfulfilled sexual life will not leave it till too late like I did to satisfy their inbuilt desires.

Now Bill something that happened a short while ago that got me thinking about the importance of male bonding in our life. My granddaughter aged late twenties accompanied by boyfried early thirties visited for dinner. He is a schoolteacher and had not long returned from a two year teaching stint in England. He had joined an amateur football club (aussie rules). Asked how it wa going he said OK but was starting to find it a bit hard. In answer to my question if he was playing in the next game he said no he had suffered a minor injury at training. I said will you be going to the game and then came his significant answer, I always go to training and the games whether I'm in the team or not I enjoy the male atmosphere of the club. I guess he would be labelled "straight", it made me realise that even after guys are perhaps past their physical prime they still enjoy the male bonding and aggressiveness of rough bodily physical contact team sports. I guess nearly all males at sometime in their lives feel this need for male bonding.

Finally Bill thanks again for the wonderful site, the articles posts stories and pics are still good enough to excite an old man like me.


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