smells like shit, looks like shit, is shit



smells like shit, looks like shit, is shit


This post appeared in the Frot debate on gay dot com.

I don't know the poster and he doesn't appear to have an email address.

But he's excellent.

Some of you fools act like your asses and the asses of the men you are fucking, are actually real vaginas.

It's an asshole people, what the hell do you think it's for? Its function is to remove wasteshit from the body. Just because you want to shove your dick in it now and then dosen't mean it's gonna be lysol disinfected. You wanna know why it starts to smell like shit after you fuck a man in the ass. Because everything that comes out of that hole on a regular practically daily basis: smells like shit, looks like shit or is shit.

So if you're pumping yourself into that hole again and again and you start to smell shit, why the hell do you get madd?

You guys need to find other ways to have sex. Oral, Kissing, Grinding, and Jacking Off all work just as well. Explore your options guys.

The most basic rule of Human Hygiene is to avoid contact with Feces. Where is this unwritten Rule that says in every Gay encounter you have to Fuck somebody. Sex=equals=penetration only when it comes to Men and Women.

With Women and Women and With Men and Men. Those rules don't apply. Expand your options fellas.

And, I keep on hearing about this prostate gland / Male G spot. Nonsense. The prostate gland is not a sexual organ, it's a gland smaller than a ping pong ball. I don't know about you but my G-spot is my dick, simple as that. The way it feels when people rub it the right way, I don't think I would need any other G-spot in my body. Not only that, the prostate is located a couple inches in and down toward your dick. And 2 inches, not 6, 7, or 12 inches for all you size queens. Because of its position, it's easier to reach it with your finger than with a dick. Sex with penetration "CAN" be applied to men you say, but "SHOULD" it be? Maybe it shouldn't.

Plus if being a bottom is so great than why is it in pornos when the bottom is getting fucked he barely has an erection (the universal sign of male sexual "PLEASURE"). It's either Half-Mast, flopping around, or a cold water dick. The directors in porn films try to hide this by letting the bottom "Cup" his dick in his hand or pretend he's jacking off, with the whole of his dick in his fist. When there is a that rare full salute it's usually because the bottom is jackin like a maniac to keep it from going down. The rest is usually clever editing to hide the fact that the man below isn't really getting that much pleasure. I really wanna know how many of you "Bottoms" can maintain a full erection while you're being fucked. Because it's already tough enough for you tops to maintain one with your dick stuffed in a hole full of feces.

Don't get me wrong, I love the male ass, the way it looks in a pair of jeans or boxers. The soft skin around it usually much less hairier than the legs and its gentle contours, crack and all. I don't even see a problem with rubbing your face in it every now and then. But, I don't want anything to do with the "OTHER" side of that hole.

The outside of your butthole can be cleaned and sanitized "PRETTY" well. However the "other" side of the hole will never be really clean no matter what you do. Enemas and Douches just make the shit more liquidy. It dosen't smell as bad you'll say, but let your dick touch any bed-sheets after you pulled it out of his ass, and that faint brown spot will show up eventually. And, you better keep that bottom's ass in the air because if it touches your sheets, I'm sure you can figure out the rest.


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