a man duel of note

primal lusts and passions

throbbing dicks engaged



brotherhood and manhood

power and strength

worship and desire

beauty and raw energy

This happened to me last night. A couple of weeks back I phoned the number of a guy who placed an ad about soldier action, and after a couple of calls and sounding each other out about soldiers and wrestling and manstuff, we met up last night at his place. I took along a pack with some gear in it, and when he opened the door, I just knew I had a winner.

He was roughly the same height and size as me, wearing jeans and a T, the same as I was. I had just come from the gym, pumped up and scrubbed down. We shook hands, nice firm man shake, checked into each other's eyes, and he led me upstairs. I have to admit I was feeling nervous, but he was a damn fine looking and acting man and had me relaxed pretty quick after chatting and smoking a cigarette (yep that right!) We started fooling around and getting physical, T shirts got to go, cocks straining in our jeans. He had a fucking great torso, much tauter muscles than I have, but he is 12 years younger, just lean manmeat. At 34 I'm still fighting fit, 30 waist, bubble butt and have an 8 inch shaft. I knew this man boasted the same size weapon, because we had spoken about it on the phone, difference being that his is uncut and I'm not. I've always been a sucker for a slab of uncut flesh, especially if it equals or betters mine in size. So I was waiting for the moment our cocks would burst from our levis, and soon we had them ripped off and got down to some hard grinding, body against body, muscles bulging as our arms locked and pinned each other, cocks thrusting and raging against each other, until we were both sweaty and tired after about half an hour.

So we took a smoke break right there, and I pulled out some of my army gear I had brought along. He had grown up on a military base and has a damn fine respect for fighting men. I had done active service, and had always enjoyed the camaraderie and bonding in the military. He chose my pair of brown combats and webbing, still from my days in the military, and I slipped on some Nato (Dutch) army camos I picked up at a second hand store, nice and worn in. My old browns looked fucking awesome on him, skin tight, and the thick webbing belt right on his navel. I've always reckoned the guys who design military gear really have an eye for accentuating the magnificent male form to perfection, a kinda worship of the beauty lying beneath, pants defining the muscled magnificence of hard, rounded ass and vests and T's designed to let the hardened nipples on ripped chests come poking through. Oh yeah! Give it to those boys, they know how to dress a man to make him a lust machine. But I digress.

So there we were, army pants on, bare chested and ready for a good fight. I gave him my dog tags to wear, 'cos that's a big turn on too. Straight off we were at each other, legs twined together, legs in scissor holds, legs and arms in a mighty battle as our hardened groins grew more engorged and intense as they momentarily found each other in the battle, pushing hard against each other, shoving and feeling the strength of our manhoods under the rough texture of uniforms. No zippers came down or flys unbuttoned - yet! We shoved those hard pieces of meat bulging against the fabric, into each others faces, making our opponent eat along the contour of our stiff dicks. We ground those hardons against the others muscled spread ass cheeks, looking so fucking beautiful and perfectly rounded and strong encased in those tight army pants. I unzipped my camos and rubbed my throbbing dick along the fabric covering his ass, unbucked his webbing belt and buttons and hauled out his big fat tool into my hand, squeezing and hurting it, while my other hand worked his nipples.

He hauled me around and our aching cocks found each other, bursting out the pant flies, and grinding together. We both put on cock rings to engorge our cocks even more, and he gave my tits a fucking real man workout. I like a good amount of pain on my hardened nipples, and this man could give it good as I shoved my cock into his hot mouth, clasping my legs around his head and driving it between his magnificent lips as I straddled him. I slapped my dick across his wet mouth and rubbed it along his day old stubble, shoving my balls in also for a suck. I reciprocated his cock worship by going down on his manhood and eating into that pulsing manmeat. In my lust I could take all his 8 inches to the hilt, something I hadn't been able to do before 'cos of choking. My hungry tongue fed on his foreskin and juices as his dick became more and more engorged. I ate his balls as he kept working on my dick, each of us gripping the others ass, slapping them and warming them up through the army pants. Oh fuck it was great!

Then our cocks found each other again, grinding hard and burning with desire, a man duel of note, as our throbbing dicks engaged and rubbed and wrestled. Our mouths and tongues fought their own duels, 2 men with stubbled chins against each other, licking, kissing, warm and wild, face to face in a beautiful meeting of kindred souls, of brotherhood and manhood. Of worship and desire, of loving and acknowledging, of innate and primal lusts and passions.

Our cocks erupted together, spasm after spasm of energy released, both of us victors, both of us wasted! I ground my dick against his and mixed our juices against our bellies, warm seed of men united in the climax of a holy tryst. I loved him right then for his power and strength, his beauty and raw energy, for the things which make us all men - the powerful, enigmatic brooding presence we all carry within us, the driving forces and lusts which draw us together in such beautiful combat.

I walked away from his apartment truly at peace, fulfilled and content. No guilt. Just a glowing. A great energy, contentment, released.

There are many men who desire this sort of bond - boyhood fantasies unfulfilled, suppressed desires. But we have found each other and our fraternity, in this great club of cock rub warriors. Thank you. We rule! Yeah!

Warrior Biggun

Posted 7/2/01

Reply from Warrior Stockpeck

Yeah! Excellent story! Tell me more! You would be a sensational story teller and cockfighter! Stockpecks

Reply from Warrior Roman Hero

Hi there Biggun !

That is a great story - and very well written too. Wish I had been a fly on the wall to see that battle !!!!!

If ever you get to London, I would be more than happy to take you on in a heavy hung cockfight, with plenty of grinding and humping. Just name the day and name the rules !!!!

All the best to you fellow cockfighter !


Roman Hero's Profile: 6'3" 210lbs ex marathon runner,48yo heavy hung (8.5 x 6 thick and uncut).Into naked big cock battles,power struggles, naked wrestling, oilwrestling and mudwrestling.Love frottage !

Reply from Warrior Cockster

Fuckin' ace story mate. Good to share your experience through the story. Soooo hot ! Excellent.


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No question about it, dudes, these four


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