The spiritual meaning of manhood



The spiritual meaning of manhood


Your site and the identification of true masculine values (not merely male genital sex) is heartwarming and exactly what I have been seeking.

I am a 49 year old bisexual, married with 4 kids. My life hasn't always been easy, not having consciously identified as bisexual until about 6 years ago.

I love my wife and want to remain married. And even though I've never had a genital experience with a man, frot is to me the perfect expression of manliness and masculinity shared with a special male companion.

This site has helped me view my own dissatisfaction and distaste for the frenzied, promiscuous, shallow stereotype of gay (and bisexual life) in a new way. It always seemed empty, even lonely despite the sexual abandon.

And many of the gay men I know were not necessarily promiscuous, but feel almost an embarrassment about the predominant gay culture and lack of acceptance in it. It is certainly what I have felt and seen as I explored my self identification as bisexual and talked to gay and bisexual men.

So I thank you for celebrating the masculine, the physical, the genital and spiritual meaning of manhood!



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