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here are three posts by Warrior Stockpeck:


Slippery Frottage

True Story of an Anonymous Foreign Wrestler

Stockpeck is both outspoken and unapolegetic in his love for wrestling and frot.

See what he has to say


posted 4/12/01

Dear Bill,

Congratulations on your sensational work and web!

I remembered, I have been aroused by men when I was very young, I think around 3 or 4 years old, when my uncle carried me in his arms. He was around 40 at that time, quite handsome with smooth pecs and shirtless, of course.

Since my childhood, I am really in fond of frottage, especially when the guy has the same height, weight, age than myself. In my opinion, frottage is the most sensual libido we could invent on this world with deep and wet kisses with tongues exploring each other mouth, pecsfights, nipple-grinds, belly rassles, cockfights and legs entertwined. Every cm of of skin and flesh into each other. Especially when our arms feel each other back, butt, nape, face...

I enjoy muscular men of similar age, weight, height admiring each other, worshipping each other, feeling each other muscles, mutual massages between 2 handsome and muscular bodybuilders, jealous naked muscular male strippers down on each other, Nude muscular dancers on each other arms on Tango, Rumba, Bebop, Lambada... rhythms, Muscular swimmers fighting for supremacy, Fighting muscular fashion-models into rivalry, muscular masseurs into erotic massage, Naked bodybuilders in competition wrestling each other to win the 1st place, Muscular truck driver, construction men into long and sweaty cessions of erotic wrestling with plenty of bear-hugs, grapevines, frottage, heavy pecs slamming, voluminous thoracic cages squeezing each other, hard nipples grinding each other, cockfighting, belly rassling, male scent, armpit vs armpit rubbing, 69'ing rimming, sucking giving and receiving at the same time, doubling the pleasure and of course, lots of wet French kissing, cruising each other mouth, while moaning, shouting .. I enjoy very much Romanhero for his lusty stories and desire from everybody more, more and more romantic and sensual stories.

Thank you soooooooooooo much. Yum yum yum.

Lots of hugs, frottage and wet kisses.


Slippery Frottage

posted 12/22/00

20 years ago, in the super age of boys when I was only 20 years old, my muscled bod, smooth and brightly clean complexion attracted many young gym guys and swimmers.

One day, at the swimming pool for workers, I met with an older muscular worker with nicely rose complexion. He was watcher at a factory and invited me to meet him that night for some chit chat. As it was too late to go home, I slept overnite on his single bed. We had only our swimwear on. As the bed was too narrow for two, we lied on our side, face to face. We had to wrapped our arms round our hot bods, keep on talking, feeling the warm and smooth bods on each other, pecs on pecs, abs on abs and our bulging dicks thrusting each other, trying to feel more and more comfortable.

One thing lead to another, we liplocked and tasting our mouths, our tongues furiously cruising each other, he taught me how to be fully aroused when he nibbled my nipples and massaged my pecs... I returned his favor then both of us mutually licked our muscled bod. It was really so good when giving and receiving at the same time and lots of our salivas wetted every inch of our skin. Then both face to face, pecs to pecs, abs to abs, legs intertwined, we noisily slided on each other, feeling each other muscles till both come!

From that day on, during more than 10 years, we kept making love by lots of sweaty erotic wrestling and adding our salivas to frottage, dick fighting, mutual nipple plays and wet French kisses. During that time, we invented another fantasy: Face to face, inserting both our hard-on dicks in between our pairs of legs and "fucking" each other, bustling our balls and prostates. Nothing more arousing...

I have added one more fantasy to my sexual preferences now... reading stories about frottage, cock duelling, French kissing and Nipple plays. And cum...

I expect in a very near future, we will have great videos, VDVs about equally muscular and handsome porn stars into frottage, kissing, mutual nipple plays, cock fightings, mutual bod worship, armpits rubbing each other, lots of sentiments, lots of arousing erotic wrestlings... It would be sensational!

When would it be???????


From Jack Dickson

dude....great post about discovering frottage with your hot humpy co-worker... sliding around...grinding pec to

there is a hot video called LIP LOCK that has 3 frottage scenes.....and lots of mutual masturbation and kissing....its very hot.....directed by ChiChi Larue.....this hot porn star with a great hairy chest, Jake Taylor, grinds and humps his cock on two other hot

True Story of an Anonymous Foreign Wrestler

posted 5/8

During the wrestling times, I had 2 bodybuilders, both gym mates of mine. They did not know each other as they frequented two different gyms. Both were really gorgeous, very well defined v-shaped bod with thick pecs, wide shoulders, muscular arms and six-packed abs. All of us were around 28 years old and we seriously lifted weights for more than 10 years. Mark 's complexion was very fair, long hair, cocky attitude. He was hustler and lived with a woman, 5 years older than him. Dan is much darker, like red bronze, farmer-type face, long hair too, was going to get married. For long, I fantasized about both of them. I even hired professional photographers to take pics of us when posing with each of them, comparing our harmonious bods.

I had in my mind a "diabolic" plan to arrange them to know intimately each other on the mat. One day, I introduced Mark to Dan and to bring them to the wrestling hall where I practiced. The coach although hetero, was astonished and pleased to see two strong and seducing bodybuilders.

Immediately, he tried to convince them to join the team. Asking them to take off their clothes were not so difficult as both of them were so used to nudity at the gyms, and they were willing to boast each other with their natural gift from the Heaven.

During the next few weeks, I never miss their training hours they were on each other when they learned the holds. I was fully aroused when I saw the two well-built studs in their jocks, flexing their muscles, comparing their celestial beauty, trying to conquest each other by their seduction, their strength, their skills. They rushed onto each other, slamming shining pecs, bulling stone-like shoulders, grinding hard nipples against erected nipples, locking sweaty and muscular arms in contest of strength, rolling on the mat trying to pin the other, sliding on each other slippery and hot bod and thrusting their bulges into each other... I could not be enough of seeing those scenes.

But at the end, both of them recognized that they were not made for wrestling, as this sport could damage their attractive bods and faces. I mentioned that they did not get hard-on during those highly erotic matches. I think they controlled their erections as I did during my matches with my tough and well-built partners, too. I have to confess that controlling my swelling dick was much more difficult than to pin my slippery adversary on the mat, and I think I was not the only gay wrestler on this earth to say so.

I have learned two things after that: First, they became "very close friends", I saw them sometimes together, in cinema for gays, morning time, when the deserted room was in the dark. Secondly, I knew that I was very very very much in fond of voyeurism, especially the when the two performers are equal in muscles, in age and especially if they are both into all form of frottage and wet kissing.

After that, I kept on bringing together handsome bodybuilders into the wrestling mat. I enjoyed wrestling with them as well as seeing them into each other in hot, sweaty and slippery cessions of wrestling.

It was difficult for me to bring the two bodybuilders into wrestling matches. Now, it is easier thanks to Bill, who offered me this golden opportunity to use his forum to declare what I had in my mind and my heart. Hope that the video makers and my beloved writers will write numerous stories about this theme now, immediately.


Readers who enjoy Ben's words can find stories he's written in both the original French and English translation in Warrior Fiction.


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