Teen pregnancies plummet

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Teen pregnancies plummet


"Pregnancies among unmarried teens have plummeted" reports this excellent article from Knight Ridder:

The decline, to the lowest teen birth rates since national tallies began in 1940, is a remarkable personal health reform, sharper than U.S. declines in smoking or increases in seat-belt use. [emphasis mine]

"Sharper than declines in smoking"

Why does this matter?

And what does it have to do with us?

It matters because the findings indicate that both abstinence / fidelity programs and fear of STDs can persuade teenagers to change their sexual behavior.

For more than twenty years, the AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) and the safer-sex boyz have claimed that it is impossible to change sexual behavior, and that the best you can do is get people to use condoms some of the time.

That's a lie.

It's false.

The data from Uganda disprove it.

And now the data from America disprove it.

But in the name of that lie, the ASOs and the safer-sex boyz have spent millions upon millions of taxpayer and donor dollars supporting promiscuity and anal penetration.

The very two behaviors which have made your lives miserable.


It's a *direct* result of ASO condom campaigns and the exhortation to "Use a condom, every time, every time."

Do you understand that?

One major reason that you can't find sexual partners, that you're lonely, that your gay male "friends" laugh at you -- is the condom campaigns, which are PREDICATED UPON A FALSE PREMISE.

Gay men, after all, are men -- they're adults.

If teenaged girls in America, many of them from among the most impoverished Americans, can change their sexual behavior -- so can gay men.

Were the ASOs to start pushing Fidelity and Frot instead of condoms -- there would be a change.

And your lives would get a lot better.

Would you like to see that happen?


Or resign yourself to a marginal existence within an already marginalized minority.

For the rest of your life.


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