the best male relationship and the best sex i have had



the best male relationship and the best sex i have had


about 2 years ago i met this great australian guy - finally a real guy - we met at the beach one day and i asked him to come over to my place that night to hang out and have some beers - he did - we hung out talked and really connected - gladly this led to sex - but not the usual - he did not ask me if i was a top or a bottom or try to force me into either - we just were completely into each others bodies - rubbing, touching wrestling - this went on for hours and neither of us would allow ourselves to reach orgasm. we both wanted it to last - we got together several more times doing the same - he would sleep over my house every time and we would enjoy these amazing sessions - i had never enjoyed sex this much before. finally after the 4th or 5th night like this we both allowed ourselves to have orgasm - it was incredible. we basically started living together - on our days off we would bike ride, go for hikes swim at the beach - guy stuff. we always slept naked, hung out at home naked showered together. we spent the next six months together - the best male relationship i have had and the best sex without ever having penetration. it made me realize how much i want to be with a real guy - and how much i hated typical gay sex.

unfortunately he had to go back to australia because his visa ran out and although we talk all the time he has a life there and mine is here. its been more than a year since he went home and since it took me until i was 38 to find him i worry about finding someone like this again - maybe through this site i can find someone like him again.

thanks for taking the time to read this.


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