The Game



The Game


"The Game" was a brain storm of a friend of mine. Basiclly the game had no rules or time limit. The objective of the game was to grab each other's package which led to wrestling or giving up. Everyone that went to our beer drinking parties was fair game. I expected to be racked so hard that I might end up laying in the fetal position or throwing up from pain. But when I was assulted less than fifteen minutes later I found the experience pleasent. Basically my genitals were grabbed through my fatigues by another man -- it was kind of a ruff rub and grab, while his buddy had my arms pulled back. We had all of our clothes on and at the time I considered it a "guy" thing no one there was openly gay. I will tell more later, and I would like to know if other people play simular games.


I have had no sex with men ever, I am "in the closet." What I described involved clothed military men who were believed to be str8. But I didn't ask and they didn't tell, we followed the rules like we were suppose to do. I expect that the creator of the game was game and I knew that I was gay despite not having sex with a man yet. I wanted to draft a better story when I had time. I would like to discuss what "closeted men" do to meet their desires while living up to their expectations in our society.


Bill Weintraub

Re: The Game


hey jim

thank you for this post -- it's very helpful to have your account

re what closeted men do to meet their desires

"closeted men" -- whether they're gay or straight-identified -- blow smoke

the point to the site, and particularly to the Man2Man Alliance, is that virtually all men have same-sex needs and desires

straight-identified men can easily conceal those desires because they have a genuine and passionate interest in women

it's harder for gay-identified men to conceal their desires, but they can do so -- as you know

but: whether "gay" or "straight," all men can connect cock2cock without surrendering their masculinity or humanity

and that's the goal

so: a mistake that most men make is to assume that all other men, particularly those men who are clearly into women, are truly "straight"

they're not -- as so many "straight" guys on this board, including Patrick, have said

closeted, gay, bi, straight, etc, are meaningless categories and labels

you can connect with other men, once you realize that they want that connection too

in other words, it's a process of opening yourself up to your own and their desires

and then letting the natural phallic bonding between you and another guy happen

not forcing it to happen, just letting you and your buddy's masculinity flow and take you where you both want to go


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