Hello all!

I am only a week-old newbie to this group but, already, feel at home. Thanks go out especially to Bill for being so kind as to reply to all of my e-mails and I also thank all of you for just being out there and part of this community.

I sent the following e-mail to Bill and he suggested I post it. I hope it is of interest...


This club is AWESOME! I honestly cannot believe that I have been perusing the internet for as many years as I have and am just now discovering this club. Quite honestly, I have always been repulsed by even the thought of anal sex and just assumed that I was going to be an ostracized or laughed at member of the gay community. It is good to know that this is not (necessarily) true. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks.


P.S. Thanks for the Matt and Judd rec. I am still looking for a good story or two about identical twin brothers dickfighting, rasslin', battlin', and rubbin'. [I tend to find incest unappealing...but in the case of twin brothers...I make a big exception - my most erotic fantasy, actually] Anyway, if you come across any such stories please let me know. Or, if there is a way I could post a message that might get me some results that would be cool too. Once again, thanks!

As an add-on, I wouldn't mind discussing this fantasy with anybody else out there. To me, all my fantasies have always been about two equals, two people who are very much the same, coming together, struggling, yet neither being able to dominate the other, and instead climaxing together and reaching a balance of equality. I mean, look at the scientific term itself - homo (same) sexuality!

So, for me, the natural extension and the epitome of this love and fantasy is two completely identical, equally powerful males, battling, fighting, cockfighting, and generally just going at it full bore...both knowing and understanding exactly what triggers and turns on the other, like they know themselves, and both fighting, rubbing and trying to dominate their equal (themselves?).

Anyway, unfortunately it isn't as erotic if I write the story for myself. But, I would love to read any stories that anybody else has or simply discuss this fantasy topic, too.

Thanks for listening, it's great being a part of this community.

reply from bill

this is a wonderful post, and i thank warrior legna for making it

first off, he talks about being repulsed by anal and being ostracized by other gay men, two core experiences for men in this club

but he also talks about his twins fantasy, which is rich in mythological associations

most of you in here have heard me and others speak about the ancient Sumerian myth Gilgamesh -- which though not about twins, has as its theme the physical struggle between equals to achieve love

in ancient Egypt there was a famous religious doctrine called The Secret of the Two Partners, and here's how it worked:

once in the reign of every Pharoah, a ceremony would be held, in which the Pharoah would go alone into a room to meet with his father the god Osiris, from whence he would emerge carrying a papyrus scroll called The Document

and on The Document was inscribed The Secret of the Two Partners -- who were Seth and Horus, brothers, gods and enemies locked in eternal strife

the Secret was that behind the strife lay perfect accord -- perfect agreement -- so that when he was in that room, Pharoah had, with the help of god-the-father and in the words of the mystics, "pierced the veil of duality" and been vouchsafed a vision beyond good and evil

the ancient Greeks too had a version of this story, immensely popular, called the Dioscuri, or the sons of god

they are the Spartan princes Castor and Polydeuces (or Pollux) who are fraternal twins, after a fashion

because their mother, Leda, is pregnant with them at the same time, but they have different fathers -- Castor is the son of a mortal, Tyndareus, a Spartan nobleman; Polydeuces (the best boxer in all of Greece) is the son of Zeus, who visits Leda in the form of a swan and impregnates her on the same night that she's lain with Tyndareus

these two brothers had a deep bond and shared many heroic adventures, riding, hunting, fighting, and questing -- and so were models of manly boyhood for the youth of Greece

in their last battle together, Castor is killed first, and Polydeuces lives just long to avenge his death -- after which Zeus wants to take him, since he is half-divine, to live as a god on Olympus

Polydeuces refuses unless Castor can be with him -- and since mortals can't dwell on Olympus, Zeus solves the problem by granting both brothers immortality in the stars, where we know them as the constellation called Gemini or the Twins

the idea of a warrior bond which extends beyond death -- which in the case of the Dioscuri, sounds erotic and would have been interpreted as such by the men of archaic and classical Greece, immersed as they were in homo-eroticism -- was intensely important to the Greeks

and that's why the Dioscuri were so popular

what's interesting to me is how common these mythic elements are among the men in this club, who've never met and had no way of knowing that we shared them till we started posting

that includes myself and my late lover, as well as warriors Andrew64, GentleWarrior, Rob, legna, nybox43, and many others

why do we share them?

there are two theories about that:

the first, by the psychoanalyst C.G. Jung, posits that all human beings share a collective unconscious -- this is not a mystical concept but biological and genetic -- consisting of models or archetypes, such as the heroic wrestling brothers/lovers

and that these archetypes force their way into consciousness to meet the needs of a psychic emergency

such as figuring out when you're a kid that you're homosexual and want to wrestle and rub with another boy and are completely alone

Jung's famous American disciple, Joseph Campbell, on the other hand, argues that such archetypes are spread through the process of cultural diffusion -- no biology involved -- just culture

doesn't matter who you think is right

the important thing to remember is that since the dawn of the human race

reply from dennis

My First Frottage

Let me tell you the weird and erotic story about my first dick to dick encounter.

I was 17. Me and my identical twin brother came back from the movies one night (if I remember right it was a gladiator movie). We were all pumped up from looking at all those half naked warriors. When we got home we rushed to our room and my twin asked me if I wanted to sword cocks with him. After a short thinking it over I agreed so we lowered our pants and jocks and began swinging our cocks together. The contact of the two dick heads was frantic and fun and then suddenly our two identical cocks became as hard as rocks and we kept banging them together. They were red hot.

We got naked after all this exciting play, our two hard smooth teen bodies facing each other like looking through a mirror. We were the same height same weight same torso same face and same dick.

My twin enlaced me and I did the same our two bods making full contact pecs to pecs abs to abs hard cock to hard cock dick head to dick head balls to balls and toes to toes. We started rubbing dick on dick very hard for about 15 minutes, the two dicks in full contact being identicals. The frot was great! -- our shafts were totally boned and we had some precum juice mixing so our dick heads were sliding on one another.

Then I frenetically took both our swollen cocks with my hand my big vein pressed hard aginst my twin's big vein and the dick heads squeezed together. I started to pump the big rods very smoothly and the sensation of both our dicks throbbing was fantastic. We looked in the eyes of each other it was like masturbating two of me.

Suddenly we felt the sperm coming thru our rods and we moaned and ejaculated exactly at the same time our cum meeting in the air and wetting our dicks. We stood there pantin and holding each other. Our two cocks were all gooey, so we started to rotate dick heads around dick heads. It was shivering and ticklish at the same time.

We got hard again. We each started masturbating our dicks my dick head in front of his, piss hole to piss hole this time. I cum first and while doing that my twin opened his sperm hole and I shot some juice in it and we ended rubbing inside of slit against inside of slit -- that was paradise.

We ended the night falling asleep him on top of me belly to belly like if we were glued together by our white hot twin bro sperm ...


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