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That Universal Male Signal



I finally had a chance to read through some of the stories on the personal stories site. I love it. You've categorized those stories perfectly. The dude from Canada, I think Terry was his name in Why Warriors?, sounds hot. I'd love to wrestle around with him some day and give each other hand jobs. I'm also into mountain biking like he is.

Mountain biking is a great male bonding experience too by the way. Two fit males can bike through the woods getting all sweaty for hours with out anyone around. Sometimes you both get to a spot where you're both just in need of a breather. The sound of silence in the woods on a hot afternoon with a few birds chirping is the perfect setting to get off you bikes, pull down the front of your biking shorts and piss together. As you finish, you notice each other's meat, turn to each other to show it to one another. And that universal male signal for, "lets get it on cock to cock -- the thickening penis," takes over. I've had quick and wonderful jack-off sessions with dudes that way in the woods. Those are some sweet memories.

Then when you get back to the truck and have to take the shorts off, to not get mud and dirt in on the car seat, you can compare cocks again. I've actually had some great Greco wrestling (which is just attempting body throws) wearing nothing but biking shoes after mountain biking. And when you do that your cocks also face off, hard as a rock. Sweet!

Another thing: Mountain biking is one of those straight activities where "straight" dudes love to challenge each other to cock duels out in the woods.

"But just remember I'm straight." Heard it all before.

It's all male bonding and it's all hot.

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