Warrior JoePC

Posted 7/10/01


I just finished reading the letters you posted about the anal sex debate in Gay Today, and i must say that I agree with your stance. I have noticed that some guys who come to this site accuse you of being dictatorial, but I think you have the right to be outspoken on the subject of anal sex. Like you, I am also left cold by the idea that only anal sex is true sex between men. In fact, the fear of it (in my case it was and is fear), kept me in the closet for many, many years. Now I know that there are kindred souls out there, and I don't have to do something that I don't want to do.

To me there is nothing more intimate or loving between two men than frottage. I love the equality of it: neither partner has to dominate the other.

Thank you for being outspoken, if you keep it up you'll get the message out.

Best Regards,

Warrior JoePC

reply from bill

Hey warrior joepc dude

Thank you for your words of support - I'll continue to be outspoken about the anal tyranny and the many beauties of frottage and of guys like you.

Regarding being "dictatorial": the reality is that I'm in no position to dictate to the analists or anyone else. It's the buttfuck boyz who are doin the dictating, telling guys into frot and JO that they're not really gay unless they get fucked. The buttfuck boyz control the culture - the press, porn, mass entertainment like "Queer as Folk," sites like and PlanetOut, even, as Warrior Delaware Brother says, the safer sex establishment. That's why I talk about a Buttfuck Dictatorship - cause that's what we're living under.

Similarly, one guy complained that I was "waging war." The Nazis used to say that about the Jews - that the Jews were waging war against the German people. That was a very Big Lie - the reality was that the Jews didn't have a nation or an army or weapons.

But the Germans did, and they used them to murder Jews.

So I'm not in a position to wage war. But I can fight back, and that's what I'm doing.

And I encourage other guys to do the same - little things that are easy to do - like emailing and saying I want to see a page on frottage on your site - you have a page on anal and one on oral - why none on frottage?

I guarantee that any man in this club who does that will feel better about himself, stronger, and sexier too.

Guarantee it. Cause that's what happens when you stand up for yourself.

So I'll keep fightin till there's no more Buttfuck Dictatorship, and we have what we were promised by Gay Lib - a world in which guys like us are free to be ourselves sexually - not what some dopey analist thinks we should be.

That's what this club is about - not dictatorship, but freedom and equality. The freedom and equality that are at the very heart of frottage.

Like Joe says: there's nothing more intimate or loving between two men than frottage.

Nothing as free either.


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