A Call to all true WARRIORS!!


Robert Loring

A Call to all true WARRIORS!!


Many of us stumbled across this site by accident and when we did we suddenly discovered that we were NOT alone. Quickly, we came to discover that we have many brethren and that there are many just like us out there in the big world. And so, we found belongingness and brotherhood among like-minded men. Men who are equals. Men who are WARRIORS!

Yet, even in our newly found brotherhood and belongingness there are some among us who do not quite understand the concepts here. They don't understand that being a WARRIOR is MORE than just talking or posting about it. They don't understand that being a WARRIOR is LIVING it. Ideas and concepts are nice BUT they go nowhere unless they are LIVED OUT in our daily lives. Living out the concepts found here require ACTION and PARTICIPATION. Ideas and concepts without action are DEAD IDEAS AND CONCEPTS! Dead ideas and concepts really go nowhere outside the realms of thought. Only ACTION brings such ideas and concepts into the real world and makes them REAL.

Tradition holds that a Warrior must have COURAGE. Courage to speak out and defend what he believes in and holds dear to his heart. Courage to confront the enemy whomever that enemy might be. Courage to take a stand and HOLD that stand in the world and in his own life.

Any Warrior within any kind of BROTHERHOOD has the obligation to that brotherhood to support it in any way he can and within his own means. If the brotherhood is not supported by it's members then that brotherhood is destined to die and fade off into oblivion no matter how great it is. No matter how RIGHT it is! Many a good and noble brotherhood has died because members supported it minimally or not at all. Men involved in any brotherhood have some automatic OBLIGATIONS to others in that brotherhood. Supporting the brotherhood is paramount.

Warriors tend to come together to form an ARMY and that army always has a cause. It always has many battles to fight and it always keeps its eyes focused upon VICTORY. We may not completely destroy the BFD BUT we can certainly make it known that there IS another option and way than that that the buttboyz advocate. We can become just as POWERFUL as the BFD but ONLY if we support ourselves and put our ideas, concepts, and words into ACTION and support of this site!!

The enemy we face in the BFD is a powerful enemy. We must never underestimate ANY foe! The dictates that they uphold and advocate are not simply dangerous but they are DEADLY. The path of the BFD is littered with the dead. And, even after all the death from HIV, suicide, etc. the agenda of the BFD is still promoted because the BFD is a DEATH CULT! Who can count the numbers of dead beautiful and noble men who have become victims of the BFD and it's deadly tenets and promoted lifestyle? The dead are COUNTLESS!

Many of you have never seen a friend or lover die of HIV/AIDS. You have never gone through the experience of having to deal with a friends loss or suicide caused by the insane dictates of the BFD. I would NOT wish that any of you would have to go through these things as these are HORRIBLE THINGS! One of the greatest horrors of these things is the feeling that YOU are POWERLESS to do anything! Suddenly, regret sets its ugly head in and you begin to regret that you did not do something for your friend or loved one while they were still alive. But, by then it is too late for your friend or lover is already dead and now there is nothing you can do for him. So, the alternative is to do something for those who are STILL LIVING! And that is one reason why this site is so important. Because it and it's members ARE trying to do something for those who are STILL LIVING and still LOST in the darkness and muck of the BFD realms. That is why YOU need to SUPPORT this site! As part of this brotherhood you not only have obligations to your brothers here BUT to all other MEN in the world. For, whether you like it or not, whether you accept it or not, mankind was and still is intended to be a BROTHERHOOD OF MAN. But, that natural brotherhood of Man cannot continue nor exist without your help and support.

There are many ways by which you can support this site and this brotherhood. You can form regional groups and lead them. You can contribute money that is so needed right now so Bill can get his message out to the rest of the world. You can contribute your talents to this brotherhood. There are many ways for YOU to HELP! You just have to make the choice to DO SO!!

When you help this site, this brotherhood of Warriors, within your means you are helping to SAVE A HUMAN LIFE! There is NO greater cause and no more of a NOBLE cause than that! So many of our brothers are lost in the muck of the BFD. So many are deceived into believing that they must shun their manhood and masculinity and become men-women, creatures never meant to be, creatures lost unto their ownselves. MEN enchained and enslaved by one of the most ruthless of Masters, the BFD. MEN who literally play roullete with death...their OWN deaths!!

It is important that we all realize and help other MEN to realize that the present modern world we now live in is NOT the NORM. Rather, it is the EXCEPTION historically and traditionally. One day the world will change for change is really the only thing we can count on on this earth. And when that change occurs then the world will return to what has historically and traditionally been the NORM. Men will be masculine MEN again instead of the feminized wannabe "men" we have today. The ethos of the WARRIOR will once again be esteemed, supported, and taught to young males who will follow in our footsteps and become WARRIORS themselves. But, in order for that change to happen ALL Warriors must take ACTION. Without action, there will be no change and the change that does come along will not, most likely, be a returning to the traditional and historical NORM of truly MASCULINE MANHOOD. In short, the WEAK who now rule will continue to rule! Personally, I find that DISGUSTING and UNACCEPTABLE as I'm SICK of the rule of the weak and feminized males because their rule has brought the entire world to the very brink of DISASTER and their rule has resulted in untold and countless numbers of deaths among many GOOD MEN.

Men MUST begin to stand together! We must begin to stand together in BROTHERHOOD as EQUALS and as TRULY MASCULINE MEN! We must begin to speak out and FIGHT BACK because masculine manhood today IS under ATTACK!! If you don't begin to stand together and fight back then get ready to watch your buddies, sons, and lovers die! That's the next plate coming along to mankind I fear.

NOW is the time for all good, courageous, and noble WARRIORS to take up this cause and FIGHT BACK!! Tomorrow is too late!! You can begin to fight back and take your stand as a REAL WARRIOR by supporting this site. That WILL bring your warriorhood out of the realms of thought and into the realms of ACTION. And, the only REAL WARRIOR is the warrior who puts things into ACTION!! Only wannabe warriors (armchair generals) play on the battlefields of the abstract. REAL Warriors fight REAL battles and our battle against the BFD is VERY REAL!

The buttfuck feminists and BFD have an agenda. That agenda is to DESTROY masculine manhood. That agenda is to DESTROY YOU, your buddies, your sons, your loved ones. It IS an agenda that does attack YOU whether you believe it or not. For, the only way you can be immune from their attacks is if you lived on this planet absolutely alone. BUT, you don't live on this planet alone! Think about it! EVERYTHING the BFD and the fems do and advoate EFFECT YOU in some way and to some degree. Everytime they achieve a victory YOU LOSE! We ALL lose!! We have come to a time when masculine manhood MUST be defended. We have a message of LIBERATION for those of our brothers enslaved under the boot of the BFD. That message will only get out if YOU support the cause, the battle. Otherwise, the message will die and our brothers living under the ruthless and murdering boot of the BFD will continue in their enslavement.





Bill Weintraub

Re: A Call to all true WARRIORS!!


Thank you Robert.

Robert, over the last few years and particularly over the last few days, has contributed a lot of wisdom to our nascent warrior brotherhood.

I hope that guys will reread his post and all the posts in the message thread titled RAPE CULTURE.

Again, there's a lot of wisdom there and I feel very fortunate to know men like Jedi and Robert and Greg and Bill G.

And again, Robert, I'm very sorry for your loss.

As too many of us know, such losses can be terrible to bear.

One of the things we're trying to do is prevent more losses.

But what Robert understands, and he's right, is that unless we act there will many more.

It's inevitable.

I've documented, including giving as references the scientific articles themselves, the level of STD in the gay male community.

And I've explained why those diseases are transmitted anally -- how the anatomy and physiology of the anus and rectum facilitate the transmission of deadly diseases.

Clearly, it will not stop with HIV or HPV or hepatitis or LGV.

So long as men abuse their anuses by pretending they're vaginas, the number and severity of anally-vectored STD will keep going and growing.

And then there's the question, which Robert and Jedi and Greg and others have so well-illuminated, of the psychospiritual damage done by anal penetration and by the feminization of men.

And again, I encourage you to reread their posts -- they're excellent, and you won't see anything like them anywhere else.

Truth is, there's a lot wrong with the gay male community.

The suicide rate is higher for gay men than for the general population.

Alcoholism and other substance abuse rates are higher.

Even the rate of smoking is higher.

And of course the level of STD is beyond belief.

It's many times higher than that of the poorest people on earth.

The gay establishment would have you believe that that's all due to homophobia.

And that once homophobia has been licked, all will be for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

I don't agree.

I'm a Gay Liberationist, and I understand that homophobia is a problem.

But it's not the only problem.

I lived for more than a decade in San Francisco.

There's no homophobia in San Francisco.

Gay people rule in San Francisco.

They have since the White Night riots of 1979.

So it should be paradise -- right?

It's not.

Substance abuse, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, promiscuity, effeminacy, failed relationships -- these things are everywhere.

And of course disease.

Why is that?

Because of anal.

Anal's the source of the disease, anal's the source of the degradation, anal's the source of the debasement.

Because the community, for all its political progress, is still imitating straight people in bed.

And because the community, for all its cutural progress, still endorses the lie that men who have sex with men aren't really men.

That's the problem.

And it's a huge problem.

You cannot rob men of their manhood, and expect them to be healthy.

Guys -- here's what you can do:


Donations have been extremely low this month.

That's not unusual in November and December, but it's still a major problem, and this year has been particularly bad.

As a consequence, we don't have enough money to pay for the sites on December 1.

And whether you donate via snail mail or amazon, there's a lag -- it takes time for the money to reach us.

So please DONATE right away.

And please DONATE in a way that's commensurate with your means.

If all you can do is $5, send $5.

If, on the other hand, you're making in the six figures, DONATE accordingly.

In other words, be fair.

Also, if you're paying gay dot com or some other such sickening site to oppress you -- stop.

DONATE to us instead.

Because we'll use that money for your liberation.

I have a standard pitch:

"The site was there for you today because some other guy contributed last week or last month or last year.

Please return the favor"

And that's right.

Someone did it for you -- someone you'll never know -- some anonymous warrior -- and now you'll do it for someone else.

And in so doing create a chain of fellowship.

When you donate, you're helping not just yourself but a fellow warrior, and you strengthen that chain.

When you don't donate, when you withhold your help, you weaken the chain -- perhaps fatally.

We're committed to changing the culture of men who have sex with men.

Moving it away from anal, promiscuity and effeminacy; and toward

Frot, Fidelity, and Masculinity.

Again, I want the guys who use the site to be committed to that goal.

So I want you to donate.

The amount is up to you.

But please do something that shows you care about the other guys out there.

Guys like Sam.

Caring is part of being a warrior.

So is participation.

No joke.

A warrior participates in the life of his time by bearing witness to his own brave truths.

There's no other way to be a warrior.

That's how it's done -- anything else is just phony male posturing.


We need them.

Go to that page and see what's involved.

It's not that much work.

It just requires a committment on your part to Frot, Fidelity, and Masculinity -- that's what we support in the Alliance -- and making an effort to find like-minded Frot men in your area.

And if someone else is doing something in your area, help him out by participating.

Beagle Jones has been working very hard in Portland to put together a Chapter.

He's come up with great and fun ideas.

No one will participate.


This is a no-brainer.

Beagle's a great guy, and these are fun events that he's been offering.

You'll feel so much better when you've got some real-life real-time peers who are there for you.

Not for sex -- though you may meet someone.

But to be supportive of you as you deal on a daily basis with the BFD.

Otherwise, chances are you'll succumb to the analists.

As I keep saying, not because you're a bad person.

But because that sort of pressure is very difficult to withstand unless you have some support.

3. Everywhere you can on the web -- in blogs, on message boards, and anywhere else appropriate -- put up our address:

And particularly if you have online profiles on gay dating sites -- make sure your profile says Frot and

Get the word out everywhere and anywhere you can.

If you just have a yahoo profile -- make sure there's a link:

to the site.

If just a hundred of you started donating, getting involved locally, and posting everywhere -- you'd have a big impact.

A hundred is nothing.

That's 0.1% of our average monthly visitors.

You want to know how many guys donate in an average month?


That's awful.

That's why we can't do anything.

Imagine what we could do if we had 1% participation.

Every effort feeds on the other.

There's a synergistic effect.

Plus you'll feel better about yourself because you've done something.

It's win-win.


Get involved.


Robert Loring

Re: A Call to all true WARRIORS!!


Brotherhood & Warriors

The natural Brotherhood of Man is something innate in every male. We are all born with a sense of brotherhood towards each other. But, as we grow older this innate sense of brotherhood with other men and ourselves sometimes begins to dissipate. One of the things helping along this destruction of natural brotherhood is the attacks in our society that come from the BFD and the feminists both of which hold an obvious disdain and even hatred for male masculinity.

Recently I lost a friend to death thanks to the BFD and their cruelty. Also, recently, I heard the "results" of a "new study" that is quite questionable. This study was done by two feminists professors at an American university. The study pertained to males who hunt animals. These two professors concluded that "ALL" males who hunt are subconsciously viewing the animal as a woman, so they are really hunting and killing women, so the study concludes. That is completely ignorant I'm afraid and I don't agree with the results of this obviously anti-masculine male study. BUT, that was not enough because the two professors had to thrown in their two cents worth in the conclusions of the study. Their two cents? They stated that ALL men are predators and ALL men hate women! What a farce of a conclusion!! ALL males are NOT predators and ALL males DO NOT hate women! This "study" is yet more anti-Male propaganda designed to further destroy the natural brotherhood of man and designed to make ALL males feel guilty for even being born male with a cock between their legs!

If you happen to be a male then you are in the minority now. That minority is the category of the marginalized. The feminists and BFD are doing everything they can to marginalize the masculine male and to destroy the NATURAL sense of brotherhood that exists between masculine men. They are doing everything they can to make masculine men feel ashamed of being born MALE. Shame and guilt are the primary weapons these people are using to destroy NATURAL MANHOOD!

I think all males must begin to stand up and fight back against these people who desire to destroy manhood and masculinity along with our natural sense of brotherhood. I think males need to be PROUD of being masculine males and NOT ashamed of being born as God created us!

Increasingly, the message of society is that we as males should be ashamed of our sense of natural male brotherhood, ashamed of our masculinity, ashamed of our naked bodies, ashamed of our shlongs, and ashamed of everthing else having to do with maleness. The message of society is WRONG! As males we should NOT be ashamed of ANYTHING naturally MALE! We should NOT be ashamed of our masculinity, or of our naked bodies, sense of brotherhood, or penises! In fact, we should be PROUD of these things. As brothers we should be supportive of each other and help our fellow males fight against the tide of anti-masculine garbage coming down from the BFD and the feminists in our society.

Brothers DON'T abandon each other in times of need or battle, contrary to what some of you might think. Brothers support each other, lift each other up, inspire each other, and fight along side each other against the common enemy! Truly masculine brothers don't abandon each other on the field of battle leaving their fellow masculine brothers to die or to be hung out for the pleasure of the enemy to do with as they wish. Truly MASCULINE BROTHERS stand up for each other and they DEFEND each other NOT just sometimes BUT ALWAYS!

Truly masculine brothers have loyalty and bonds to each other. They can count on each other because they know, depend, and trust each other. Truly masculine brothers hold a truly MASCULINE LOVE for each other. The concept of the brotherhood of man is a nice concept but for most it is ONLY a concept because they don't LIVE it in their daily lives. Those who hold the concept alone and don't live it out are wanna-be brothers. They stand on the edge of brotherhood and masculinity only looking in but never jumping into the midst of brotherhood. On such people one cannot count!

The tentacles of the BFD and the feminists are long and lethal to ALL masculine men who are brothers and warriors. With each passing day their attacks against YOU grow in intensity and insanity! Truly Masculine Men who are WARRIORS must begin to fight back against these attacks and we must do so with not just a sense of brotherhood BUT with a real support and brotherhood for each other. If we don't fight back then the brotherhood of man and ALL males are going to be wiped out and replaced by the "male" who is feminine and weak. Is that really what you want to be? A spineless neutered male ashamed of himself, ashamed of his brothers, ashamed of his masculinity, ashamed to be a masculine man, ashamed of his own cock and nude body? That is what is in the future of manhood if those who truly are the WARRIORS don't stand up and fight back. But, in order to fight back we must stand up among our brothers and truly become a BROTHERHOOD OF MAN! That starts right here on this site and that is yet another reason why this site is important and NEEDS to be supported NOW by ALL of you! If you can't support your brothers and fellow Warriors in any way then you are not even worthy of the title "Warrior" or "Brother"!!






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