Love rubbing hard dick against another. why so many asian boys think only anal sex matters?


Bill Weintraub

Re: Why?


hi charles

one reason "so many asian boys think only anal sex matters" is that Asian gay male culture takes its cues from American gay male culture

and American gay male culture has exalted a form of "sex," anal penetration, which mimics str8 sex, even though anal is significantly less pleasurable and significantly more dangerous than Frot

so this is a cultural problem, and anal's position in what is now a global gay male culture is propped up by thousands of cultural messages generated every day which tell men "if it isn't anal, it isn't gay"

to understand more about how and why that process works, you can read my article Frot: The Next Sexual Revolution and my Interview with Jack Nichols

so in order to free ourselves from this dominant culture of anal penetration, we need to debunk anal, exposing it for the dirty, dangerous, and demeaning act it is

and we need to get the word out about frot aka dick2dick and cock2cock

by generating our own cultural messages

we can do that -- and if we all participate in the process, Asian boys, like American boys, will begin to think differently about sex, and everyone's life will improve



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