Workin Out



Workin Out


I remember when I first came out to my mother she was real concerned about anal sex. She said that it wasn't natural and I remember dudes at school saying dick belonged with pussy - not arsehole. I always thought they were being pretty closed minded but now I wish I knew what I have learned on this site so I could put some of my mum's fears to rest.

I remember also going to the gym at uni and seeing these blokes eyeing each other off with hope and need in their eyes. They were afraid that others would think they were perverts but really they just wanted what any guy would - connection with another. It is a shame that there is so much shame associated with blokes spotting other blokes and wrestling with them and also enjoying it in more ways than one. I think that if guys could connect more freely at the gym, or go jogging together with their shirts off, or wrestle - then more people would want to go to the gym - and seek out a heroic buddy - or go with their buddy. Less people would just want to sit at home watchin porn - and instead would take care of their bodies and become fit.

Bill Weintraub

Re: Workin Out


That's right Pete.

I just got this email, which I'm posting with his permission, from naked wrestler, a former collegiate and gay games wrestler who's now training in UFC-style submission fighting:

I've been doing some naked submission grappling w/ a "straight" dude for the last few weeks. He found me on craigslist. Said he wanted to do some serious submission grappling at his apartment. I said sure. I emailed w/ him for a while before getting together to get to know him. I told him that I like to grapple naked if that was cool w/ him. He said sure. So we go to his place about every other week. We get buck naked and grapple for submissions. As usual and expected we get hard and just keep grappling. He's a good grappler and we tap each other out about 50/50.

It's a great afternoon when we do that.

I've tried to argue this--especially after watching how the gay games has become a gigantic flaunting event--that the male bonding that results from fighting and eventually naked grappling can and will do more to bring males together than the gay movement ever will hope to do.

Also one thing I learned to do before tying up with my buddy to fight is we put a little olive oil on our ball sacks and cocks. We stroke each other man to man a little to get the man sex energy up that makes us want to fight and bond in the first place. It's also a way of reassuring each other that we're going to fight while still respecting each other's man balls and cocks. One of those unwritten man to man rules that guys are just born knowing -- or they should know.

Once we start to fight and sweat, the oil keeps your package from getting hurt and it feels better when your cock rubs the other dude in the fight. The best position is of course cock to cock, manballs to manballs as you try to choke the dude out, face to face.

After an hour and a half or so of back and forth submissions, we stroke each other's cocks and shoot man milk, like a peace offering between men who respect each other's genitals but have the built-in need, given to us by nature itself, to fight and bond.

It all makes you a very happy man.

naked wrestler.

Sure does.

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