Growing up in Ohio when I was young mom always had me and my brother just dressed in underpants especially during summer. Even when I was in school there were many times when mom would get behind on laundry or what few clothes I had would get rained on out on the clothes line and I had no choice but to wear briefs. We were poor and lived in a poorer neighborhood and none of my friends had money to spend on clothes. No one ever seemed to say anything about the fact that I would be around the house or street in my neighborhood in underpants and in fact I was quite comfortable especially in the summer.

I loved to rassle around from as young as I can remember with my buddy Randy who lived just up the street. His family was never around much and was dirt poor so he would come over just after school and usually stay over night. We would use any excuse to get naked and many times Randy would have to wash out his jeans and tee-shirt for school the next day so it was a perfect excuse to stay around the house almost naked. I loved to wrastle around upstairs in my bedroom especially in the summer when it was hot. Sometimes a couple of our other buddies joined in; we had little to do but kill time so we found ways to make the most of it.

Somehow I think growing up poor, running around barefoot wearing only briefs, made me more aware of other guys at an early age and seein my buddy's cock rock hard through his underpants was a turn on. Even today as an adult guy I still like to just wear briefs out around the house and long for the days when I was younger wrestling around with my buddies...

Growing up in Ohio as a teen was especially tough during August through September. The hot humid weather really got to some of us guys and sexual tensions always seemed to be at a climax as there was little for any of us to do around the neighborhood except wrestle around or get in trouble. One would tend to believe that a guy's sexual desires would diminish towards the end of summer, but the anticipation of the new school year seemed to create an atmosphere of anxiety and uncertainty.

I think the thought of seeing other guys after the summer break had a lot to do with my anxieties and the thought of screwing around with a couple of my buds in gym class and after school was always in the back of my consciousness.

I lived in a poor white neighborhood and none of the guys I hung around with had money for school or anything. Most of us including me and my brother always wore old handed-down jeans. Mom would go out and buy each of us a package of undershirts to wear as school shirts for the school year. Many times I would get huge boners in school because me and a couple of my close buds had no choice but to wear jeans that were too short. Somehow seeing my buddy wearing old thin tee-shirts and jeans that were too short for him was a big turn-on for me. Somedays in class and on the bus early in the mornings was almost too much. I couldn't wait until after school to get home and wrestle around with him. My cock would be so hot from looking at him and being around him at school all day, it wouldn't be no time until we would shoot our cum all over each other wrestling around in my room after school.

Some of us poor guys were given old gym shorts to wear for the school year if our parents couldn't provide for us and since the gym classes were segregated if you forgot your shorts our teacher would make us play in our underpants. This happened a couple of times to me and one of my buddies. The thing was I really didn't mind, mom always dressed me and my brother in underpants when we were younger and I actually enjoyed it. I believe wearing only briefs in gym class was a turn-on for other guys even though they some didn't like to admit it and actually seeing other guys who had to wear old faded Converse tennis shoes with holes ripped in them and old ragged jeans like I did was a turn-on...


i really like the story you posted on the site.

you might want to look at mine...A "STR8" MAN'S EPIPHANY. i almost envy you your childhood times. no shirt and shorts were common for me too...i just never had an opportunity to go to the next step.

i hope all goes well with you. all my best wishes.



Hey thanks for responding

I like to hear from guys and am interested in their responses, I am going to read your post directly this evening.

I still like to remember and write about my childhood. I am glad really I grew up the way I did even though alot of guys probley wouldn't have. I liked running around especially in the summer me and my brother in just underpants riding bikes around the street and walking through the neighborhood when we were smaller maybe not all that small however I think in gradeschool at times I knew we pushed it but there were times I had no choice but sit around in underpants cause we only had one or two pairs of jeans that would fit us so going over to my bud's home with a long tee shirt and underpants didn't seem like such a big deal to him also because he was poor. If you get a chance I'd like to know more about your childhood.

Thanks a bunch and take care


i did a lot of no-shirt type wrestling around when i was a kid...but i couldn't sleep with my no REAL same-sex things ever happened for me..., but i do remember (after i started to become sexually aware) the feeling i had when i was near one of my buddies and we both had our shirts off. it was a strange feeling...part sexy and part i wanted to kick his butt wrestling around with him bare chest to bare chest with only the thin cotton of 2 pair of briefs seperating our cocks. i think you may know what i mean...

it's a weird feeling and it sort of made my chest and cock burn...too bad i never got to shoot my load with him under me and trying to avoid me pinning his shoulders down and beating him.

please feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime you want.



I really liked your story and I am glad you finally fulfilled not only your fantasy but your self as a whole. Did you have these feelings in like school and how did you handle them and urges and such? Did you feel restricted growing up that you needed freedom you didn't receive?


yeah. i didn't have much personal freedom as a kid. i had very good, but VERY strict parents.

i took my feelings out on the high school wrestling mat...i wasn't really on the team...i just had a reputation as being good on the mat...i had a lot of matches and rarely ever lost...the guys on the team would challenge me just to see how they could do with me...the price to wrestle me was always the same...

no shirts...bare chests only...i wouldn't have worn singlet tights like the guys on the team did even if i had owned a pair and i wouldn't wrestle a guy if he wore when a dude approached me and peeled off his shirt i knew we were gettin' it on.

aside from this and whipping my pals in my back yard i didn't really get any relief.

best wishes and good luck.



Thanks for the reply i really appreciate it. I was wondering what part of Kentucky you grew up in . We both were probley socialized similer or in the same area southern ohio and kentucky. I know the feeling you are talking about from some of the fights I had wrestling around the school yard and bus on the way home. It's an uncontrollable masculine feeling when you're wrestling together of control and ass kicking.

I had that alot in junior high with a guy a little older than me . At first I didn't know what was going on or why I had this uncontrollable desire to wrestle around with him. Actually he was in junior high I was still in grade school. I am glad i know someone like you I can understand and I think understands me.


i grew up in louisville ky and i still live there.

did you always wrestle without a shirt??

i wouldn't do it any other nickname for years was "shirtless"...and it is still as true as ever and i still get that feeling around bare-chested guys even if i don't know them...know what i mean?? i guess that's why i love summer so much.



Yeah I still like to go shirtless and like to wear athletic t's all I can during summer and fall. Even in fall weather when it's a little cool I wear A tees when most other guys wouldn't.

Sure I liked to wrestle guys bare-chested and around home me and a few buds always stripped down to our briefs. We or at least I always used the excuse that I couldn't ruin my clothes so if we were wrestling around in the neighborhood we would be a sweaty pile of legs and cocks only briefs. Some times when my bud Randy and I would wrestle and a few others we would give it all we had until we would shoot ours all over each other.

In school I almost always wore only undershirts all year partly because that was all I basically had and because I liked the way I felt in a tee shirt. In a way my mom was strict but I also got away with alot, I really like you never liked to label myself and still don't like to.

I always wrestled around bare chested at school it was the only way I would wrestle also. I hate to see summer go and all the barechested guys in shorts go with it. I always felt anxious this time of year towards the end of August and September and I still am not sure why all together, especially when I was in school. Did you wear boxers when you were in high school or did you go to school when all the guys wore standard Hanes briefs? The style has changed so much in the last decade or so.


i have been thinking about my teen years since our e-mails last night...i remember 1 time when i was 13 or 14 years old. i had just clobbered my best chidhood buddy wrestling around with him in our briefs... he was built very much like me...same height and weight...and even a redhead like me...anyway i had just pinned him down tight to the floor so that he couldn't move... it was a "front pin" and so our dicks were jammed together...i counted to 3 in his ear as he struggled to get 1 shoulder up. i could almost feel his heart beat through his dick as my cock rested on top of his...i let him up and he stood there a minute with a funny look on his face.

he asked me if i had ever jacked-off...i said i had and he pulled his dick out and said "i think we should race jacking off...the first guy to shoot wins". i wanted to try, but i was afraid my mom or dad would walk in and catch us...i never did do it with him and he never asked again.

i have often thought about that time and i have always wished i had done it. he had said he was tired of loosing all the time wrestling me and wanted to try to beat me in a jack off race because he knew he would win.

i think this is why my dick 2 dick fantasy is usually about me trying to cum before my buddy and shoot it all over the head of his dick just a second or so before he did the same to me.

i spoke with him the other day for the 1st time in 8 or 10 years. i thought he had long since forgotten about that day. just before we hung up the phone he said "you still owe me a jack-off contest you know". i couldn't believe he still remembered that hot, july summer day so many years ago, but he did.

his name is tom and he was always my best friend when we were growing up.

when you find your buddy jeff, trust him a little with your fantasies...he probably wants you to do the same for him. i wouldn't want you to go as long as i have remembering a buddy and what he wanted to share with you...we don't have many friends like that in 1 life.



There is a buddy I still wish I could find, i'm not sure where he lives exactly. He made me so hot, his parents were poor and he always wore old outgrown undershirts and jeans that were too short for him as I had to some of the time. He had the cutest bod and a cute face. I know he is married but don't know a whole lot else and I always wonder if he is allright. I am glad for the times I have been able to have with some of my friends when I was younger. He was the one I would have liked to know better. I think I am going to try and find him again. I am glad you shared that story with me. I hope we can stay in touch, we have something in common. If you had a chance to do some things over when you were younger would you have maybe taken some more chances or created more opportunities?


yeah...i used to wear those "fruit of the loom" briefs and the "haines" brand too...even though i long ago switched to "boxer" type underwear, i still think about all of the wrestling around with Tom and the my other buddies wearing nothing but those briefs...we started the wrestling thing very much in innocence as kids often do...and i guess we kept doing it after we became sexually aware because it was so much fun.

i am amazed to this day that i never did manage to shoot a load ... especially with Tom ... since we turned each other on so much...but i didn't. you may not believe me, Jeff, but the truth is my VERY 1st bare dick 2 bare dick experience was only a few weeks was exactly the 1st time i ever did it bare and it was the 1st time i ever got to cum and brother, it was good!

i do have a girlfriend and we have an intense sex life and she is a very good lover, but the funny thing is that being with her really doesn't change my desire to be with my buddy...i can be with her all night and i still want to see him the next day and i'll still be in bed with her the following night and hitting it with her; the 2 sexual desires have very little effect on each i think that there's something other than my tendency to always be horny at work here ... they're just so basically different that one has little or nothing to do with the other.

i know what you mean about looking for your can bet he still thinks of you from time to time too. if you want to find him, try to think of people you both knew that are still in your life and start asking may take some time, but it can happen.

remember when i told you about Tom? i looked for him for a long time...i eventually found his brother and got Tom's phone don't give up... he's out there somewhere.

yeah...i do wish i had taken more chances as a kid...i made many opportunities, but i never took that last bare dicks and no cum... i should have done it...just made it buddy Tom was sure willing to do it...i just never could get past the worry my parents would walk in.

well Jeff, my woman will be her in a minute...i better go...i do want to tell you about the time i wrestled a dude from Spain in a ring that was at my kick boxing school, but i'll save it for tomorrow. i type very slow and it would take too long to tell you tonight.


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