Part One




If you really want to know, I was thirteen when I first remember having a hard-on all day long. All I knew about sex in those days came from the street, listening to older boys. I heard them constantly talking about jacking off, and after a long time I figured out that it had something to do with the penis. But by then I already knew that touching my erect penis felt good. The first time I jacked off was accidental; I was squeezing and rolling my hard dick between my thighs, and suddenly it spurted semen. The sensation was out of this world. After that it didn't take much to figure out how to produce an orgasm at will, and I did it often.

Masturbation, though, wasn't enough. Raging hormones and a maturing body drives one unconsciously but relentlessly to seek a partner. One summer night on a sleep over at my friend's house I took that next big step. He was also fourteen and we did many things together. That night we had gone to bed but not to sleep. We lay in the dark talking about our favorite topics, sex and girls. Pretending like we were expert, experienced lovers, we were discussing the merits of the girls we knew. Who was the prettiest. Who we would most like to kiss. Who we would like to fuck. Younger boys listening to us might have mistaken us for great lovers, but older ones would have seen us for what we were, totally naive. As usual I had an tremendous hard-on and immense pressure to relieve it. It turns out he was in the same condition.

He said, "Do you know what masturbation is?"

"Sure." I replied. "Jerking off."

"Do you do it?"


"How often?" He asked further.

I was a little embarrassed to talk about it, but I finally answered. "Just about every day," And after a few minutes pause. "Sometimes two or three times a day."

"How long have you been doing it?" He pressed. He was always more bold than I was.

"I don't know. About a year I guess."

"How do you do it?

I made an up-and-down motion with my right hand. "You know. Like that. Is there any other way?"

"Have you ever tried pressing your penis against something hard when you have a hard-on?"

"No," I responded. "Does it feel good?"

"Yeah. Really good. And, if you roll it around with pressure on it you can get it off."

"What do you mean 'get it off'?" I asked.

"You know, ejaculate."

"I'll have to try it." I answered.

"You want to try it now?" he said.

"How?" I asked.

"We could put our penises together. Mine's certainly hard," he said.

His hand briefly brushed over my erect cock.

"I see you're in the same condition," he said.

I couldn't believe my ears. Just a few months ago I began to have this fantasy about how he and I would wrestle and then after a while we would take off all of our clothes and wrestle naked until we got hard-ons. We would roll around on the ground until our penises came together and then we would have some kind of sex fight where our dicks wrapped around each other and rubbed against each other. I had actually tried to act out the fantasy with him shortly after that. We had been playing tennis and afterwards went to the basement of my house to cool down. There was a large padded mat on the basement floor and we lay on it. After a while we began to fool around and started wrestling. I immediately got a hard-on and kept trying to pin him in a position with our groins together. I had a jock strap on so my erection wasn't too noticeable, and I don't know if he saw it. I think maybe he was stiff too, but it was hard to tell because the light was dim. We probably wrestled for half an hour but I ended up frustrated, my dream unfulfilled. Now, incredibly, all I had to do was say yes, and yet I hesitated.

"Do you think we should?" I finally asked.

"Why not?" He asked.

Oh yes! It was exactly what I wanted more than anything. So why did I hesitate, unnerved?

Finally I managed to get it out,"Ok."

But then, both of us were a little hesitant about actually doing it. How to make the first move? We were laying on our backs wearing only jockey undershorts because the evening was warm. Finally we rolled facing each other. Even though the light was dim, I could see the bulges in our shorts and it excited me. Eventually, he scooted toward me until we barely touched. For several minutes, I lay there afraid to move but relishing the thrill of the touch. Then we pressed harder and instantly I knew I was going to come. But with extreme effort I held it back. I guess he was having the same problem because he was also totally still. We stayed frozen like that for quite a while without saying anything.

"Shall we take our pants down?" he said.

Oh God, I really wanted to, but I hesitated again. Finally I said, "Yeah. Ok."

I slowly and deliberately slipped off my shorts and threw them on the bottom of the bed, When I lay back down he was way ahead of me, lying on his side with his penis thrusting out toward me, waiting. It was the first erect penis I had ever seen except my own, and I was fascinated. When our flesh came together, both of us gasped involuntarily. I had never felt anything like that, the hot, hard shaft of his penis pressed onto mine, and I was shocked at how sensual it felt. Cock-to-cock sex seemed like an entirely natural way to consummate this episode. This time I couldn't hold it back.

"Oh! I'm going to come," I gasped, trying to pull away.

But he held me to him and in a second we both spurted semen.

After a few minutes, he said. "God, that felt good."

"Yes it did." I agreed. "Better than anything."

"We should clean this up," he said, finally, and he went into the bathroom. I heard water running for a few minutes and he came back with a wash cloth to wipe the sheets. I took a turn in the bathroom washing myself, and when I came back, he was sitting on the bed still naked. His dick was wilted but not completely limp. I sat down on his desk chair.

"Ready for an encore?" he asked.

He got up as I walked toward the bed. We were both about the same size, so our cocks lined up perfectly.

"I challenge you to a sword fight," he said, thrusting at me.

We parried back and forth for a minute, slapping our stiffening cocks together, poking at each other, grappling, and finally awkwardly embracing. He pulled us backwards and we tumbled onto the bed.

"Get on top of me. It will make a lot more pressure," he suggested.

He rolled onto his back and I rolled on top, letting my weight down and smashing our engorged flesh together. It was delicious. This time I was able to actually savor how the feel of his hard, yet soft, hot flesh pressed against my own without blowing an immediate gusher.

We were completely naive about sex and had nothing but instinct for guidance. Penis intercourse seemed like a natural way of connecting the parts that felt good, but we didn't really know how to do it. Lacking any other inspiration, we just changed positions.

"My turn on top," he said after a while.

"Ok," I replied and rolled off and onto my back.

He raised up over me and aligned his cock on top of mine. We lay there unmoving for several more minutes until he said,

"Do you... um... want to try fucking?"

"I don't know. How do we do that?" I asked.

"I read in my parent's marriage manual," he said. "There's a position called the missionary position. When a man and woman do it, they slide his penis in and out of her vagina." Using his knees he spread my legs and lowered his hips until his swollen cock rested on mine.

He started thrusting back and forth rubbing his shaft the length of mine and it felt fabulous. Instinctively, I arched up to meet him. Our thrusting was awkward at first but, we soon got more or less coordinated.

By then it was feeling so good we couldn't hold back for anything and we fucked furiously, cock humping cock.

It didn't take long before he rasped. "Oh! Oh! Keep going. Harder!"

I was pushing as hard as I could, but then I wrapped my hands around him and pulled him against me even harder. Too soon I felt a swell coming from deep in my groin followed by a tremendous surge in my penis, and we both spurted semen again. Still we kept grinding, unwilling to end it. Finally we did stop and he let his weight rest on me squishing the semen pooled on my stomach between us.

Much later he said, "I guess we had better clean this up again."

I woke first in the morning. He was laying on his side facing toward me, his penis hanging limp. Mine was flaccid too but I knew that it wouldn't stay that way long. Suddenly, I wanted to know what it would feel like to rub our soft dicks on each other. Would it be different from how the two hard cocks had felt pressed together? Quickly, I scooted over and twisted our droopy organs around each other. I didn't have long to enjoy the sensation because my penis quickly stiffened into a full erection. His was also arousing even though he wasn't completely awake.

"What's going on here?" he asked, slowly coming to.

"I was just conducting an experiment," I said, grasping both our cocks with my hand.

I began to squeeze and massage one with the other, rubbing my glans on his corona. Slowly, I started to thrust back and forth keeping my hand around both hard shafts so they wouldn't slip away. Then we were both thrusting, sliding shaft on shaft. The pressing urgency of the previous night wasn't there yet, and we rubbed almost languorously for a moment, but that didn't last. We started lunging harder and harder.

"Are you about to come?" I asked.

"I'm real close," he rasped.

"So am I."

After we had cleaned up and dressed for breakfast, he asked, "Do you want to do this again sometime?"

"Do bears shit in the woods?" I asked. "Why don't we do a camp out this weekend."

"Ok, but that's a long time off. This is only Monday," he complained.

It turned out that we didn't last until the weekend. Later that week, Wednesday I think, I ran into him when I was walking home from my lawn-mowing job.

"Do you want to plan our camp out?" he asked.

"Yeah, I guess so," I responded.

I was thinking to myself it isn't going to take much planning for this outing, and I was pretty sure I knew what he had in his mind. The same thing that was in mine. When we got to his house no one was home. We went upstairs to his room and he locked the door. If I'd had any doubts, they vanished as he turned toward me with a serious bulge in the front of his gym shorts, just like the one in mine.

He said, "First things first. Shall we?"

He pushed me down on the bed and began pulling off my shorts. I was dressed just like he was: a pair of gym shorts and sneakers, no shirt. He pulled my shorts off and my sneakers too, and I started pulling down his shorts while he kicked off his shoes. He slid his shorts the rest of the way off and standing by the bed in the bright light of day I finally got a better look at his penis. I stood up facing him, both of us with full throbbing erections. I took his hard shaft in one hand and mine in the other and held them side by side. His attention was riveted on the two cocks as I compared them. Both of us were circumcised, his was a little longer, and the head of mine was a little bigger. Otherwise they were a close match.

"Let's get down to the business at hand," he said as he pushed me back down on the bed coming down on top of me.

"Hey. Do you want to see what it looks like when they're together?" he asked.

"Yeah. I guess. How can we do it?"

"I have a mirror," he said. "I'll get it."

In a second he was back with a small mirror and got back on me. He held the mirror out so we could see the two cocks mashed together. We immediately started rolling side to side watching as the two organs squished each other around as the pressure of his body flattened them together. We came in about 30 seconds.

"It was over too quick," I said. "But I liked seeing them squirt on each other."

"Yeah, and the good thing is we can always do it again...and again," he quipped.

But, his parents were due home any minute, squelching a second go around right then. So, we made plans for where and when to meet and what to take on our camp out and as I was leaving, I said,

"Ok, I'll see you at 6:30 on Friday. And, I challenge you not to masturbate until then. Save it up."

On Friday evening I arrived at his house promptly after supper and we walked a couple of blocks away to a large vacant lot overgrown with trees and shrubs, a perfect secluded spot for our needs. We set up our tent, blew up our air mattresses and unzipped our sleeping bags. We laid one bag out flat and set the other one aside in case we needed a cover if it got cool. It was a long ways from dark yet but we were impatient. He wanted to strip down right then and do it, but I was a little afraid of being seen by someone since it was still light. Houses were near this lot on three sides, and although it was unlikely that anyone would come here, I convinced him to leave on our undershorts until it was darker. He agreed but as soon as we stripped down he wanted to "warm up" by putting our aching dicks together with our shorts on. My reluctance vanished kindled of extreme horniness. We lay pressed together like that for what seemed like forever until finally it was nearly dark. By then our testosterone level was out of control, and although the air temperature was quite pleasant, we were hot to trot.

"Is it dark enough for you now?" he finally asked.

"See who can strip fastest," I said as I shucked off my shorts.

We lay back down simultaneously, our naked cocks slapping. At that time we didn't know the expression "blue balls" but we would have appreciated the meaning. Grinding our crotches together like fiends, our throbbing dicks caressing hard and fast, there was no holding back and we came again in about 30 seconds.

"Well, that takes the pressure off," he said after a minute to catch his breath.

I don't think our dicks were ever fully limp that whole night. In between times he told me more about the marriage manual his parents had. When I saw it a few days later, I was amazed that all that information was in a book. By today's standards it was pretty tame. There were no illustrations except one drawing of female genitalia and one of male genitalia with the parts labeled. The drawing of the male showed a flaccid penis. Did that give the message that intercourse was possible with a limp dick? The book, written in the 1940s, was intended to give young couples the information they needed to have a sex life and I suppose it accomplished that. But it was pretty clinical. It had descriptions of various positions for sexual intercourse, and without the benefit of pictures, we puzzled for hours trying to figure how two bodies fitted together in each position.

We still had not really touched the other's penis except to hold them together or line them up. But now he asked me.

"Can I touch yours?"

"Ok," I responded.

He reached over and gently ran his finger tips up and down my shaft and then circled it with his hand and started to stroke it slowly. I took his in my hand and fondled it. After a few minutes of this we both had humongous erections again.

"You go on top first," he said.

I climbed on him, our swollen cocks mated again. We just lay there like that for a few moments. Having relieved the pressure earlier, we could enjoy the feeling for a while. I'd been thinking about something else for a few days, wanting to try it but worried about how he would react to the suggestion. Finally, I got up the nerve and blurted out.

"Do you want to try kissing?"

"What?" he responded. "Boys don't kiss boys."

"Just for practice."

"No, no, no, no...." he murmured.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes...." I countered. "Don't you want to know how when you kiss a girl the first time?"

"Yes, but boys don't kiss boys."

"It's not like we're queers or homos or anything," I said. "It's just practice. Have you ever kissed anyone?"

"No," he answered.

"Well, don't you want to do it right when you kiss a girl the first time?

"Yeah, but..."

In the dark I tried to press my lips on him, but he turned away at the last moment.

"No, no, no, no...."

I was pretty sure that his protests were weak and I decided that he really wanted to try it. He turned away a few more times but each time less vigorously. Finally I got my lips on his, but it wasn't very good. He wasn't puckered up and we both had dry lips. I really didn't feel anything. In my mind kissing should feel really great, but that one didn't.

"Come on. Let's really try," I said.

"Oh, ok," he responded.

This time we both puckered up and pressed our lips together briefly, but it still wasn't very good.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "Kissing is supposed to feel great."

"Moisten your lips a little," he suggested.

We tried again. Definitely better. The feel of his soft puffy lips on mine was intriguing. We practiced quite a bit and by the end of that night we were much better at it. Before we went to sleep he said,

"I don't know about this. I mean, who ever heard of boys kissing boys? Does it mean were queer?"

"We're just doing it to learn how. It doesn't mean anything," I answered. "Besides, I'll bet that girls learn how to kiss on each other."

Just a few days later I found that I was right about that. Taking a shortcut down an alley that ran behind the house where Jane, a girl in my class, lived, I heard voices from her back yard. The yard was screened off from the alley by dense bushes and I peeked through a thin spot until I could see Jane and Mary, another girl in my class. They were sitting on a bench in a little bower of bushes that protected it from all directions except the side facing the alley. When I first looked they were sitting close together and Jane had her arm around Mary's neck. All of the sudden they kissed. Not a little peck, but passionately, lingeringly, wrapped up in each other's arms. I was about to leave, afraid I would get caught watching, when they broke apart and Mary said she had to go. They got up, embraced and kissed again while kind of rubbing their crotches together. Finally they walked toward the house. At that point I realized I had a hard-on that wouldn't quit. It was very arousing seeing those two making out, and I couldn't wait to tell someone about it.

But back to the camp out. Before we packed up we had planned on meeting at his house so I could see "the manual." You can bet I was there right on the appointed time. His mother was gone for the afternoon and the coast was clear. He got the manual and we retreated to his room behind locked doors. Before we started reading, I related my serendipitous observation of Jane and Mary. He listened with interest as I tried to describe the ardor with which the two girls had kissed.

"That's very interesting. I guess you were right about learning to kiss on each other," he said.

I started thumbing through the book with high expectations. The first chapter was about foreplay, a concept entirely new to me. I was reading to myself about kissing and he was fooling around with an old nylon stocking. I didn't pay much attention to what he was doing being absorbed in the book.

I called out. "Hey, listen to this. It says 'When kissing, make sure the lips are slightly moist but not too wet. The lips should not be limp nor too taught. Somewhere in between is best. Alter the muscular tension of your lips for variety and slide your lips over those of your lover in a circular manner to increase the stimulation. Kissing is a powerful stimulant to get one ready for sexual intercourse. Don't skimp on it or hurry right into intercourse, foreplay is important to raise passion.'"

I was just about to go on to a section called French kissing when he said "I guess I skipped over the foreplay chapter. I've just read the one on sexual positions. Read the part about kissing again?"

I did and he said, "I think I get it."

I was sitting at his desk and he came over and tilted my head back and captured my mouth with hungry urgency.

"Yeah, I think that's what it means," I said getting up.

We embraced and kissed hotly for several minutes without coming up for breath. I could feel his stiff cock throbbing through his pants as each kiss got hotter and hotter.

"Shall we lay down on the bed?" he asked, pulling me in that direction.

"Just a minute. I want to finish the part on kissing. I was just getting to French kissing. Do you know what that is?"

"I think it's tongue kissing," he answered.

"Tongue kissing. Gross!" I said.

"Yeah," he responded.

I picked up the book and we sat on the bed to read. Sure enough, it said that French kissing is open-mouth kissing where the tongue comes into play. It talked about tongue licking, tongue sucking, and caressing the inside of your partner's mouth with the tongue. Even though I started off being repulsed by the idea, disgust turned to intrigue as I read about it. The 1940s-era warning about how this kind of kissing can cause people to lose their self-control was especially interesting. I glanced at him out of the side of my eyes to see if I could judge his thinking. The expression on his face was neutral, but I could see by his eyes that he was absorbed in the words I had just read.

I lay the book down and said, "Anyway, where were we?"

He answered by sliding over and putting an arm around my neck. We kissed several times, with closed mouths. Then, and we both knew we were going to try it, I slid my tongue forward, slowly, timidly and barely opened my lips. Finally, I touched his upper lip with my tongue and quickly withdrew. We gulped air and locked lips again, this time pressing harder. I felt his tongue and opened my lips to receive it. The tips of our tongues flicked each other briefly, then longer. His was soft and wet on mine. Suddenly, he stuck it into my mouth and I wrapped my lips around it and sucked as it withdrew. Then he sucked mine. Soon we were going at it hot and hard, mouths wide open, tongues wrestling, probing, licking. Trying not to break the kiss, we struggled to unzip each other. Finally we stopped and stripped and fell naked into each other's arms on the bed. I put my mouth over his. At the same time I could feel him grab my cock and squeeze our two swollen members together. My tongue pinned his to the roof of my mouth and caressed its underside, slick with saliva. With his hand he continued to clench our dicks together rolling them from side to side over each other. With my free hand I clutched our balls together.

We lost it pretty quick. I felt his hot semen on me just before I came too. After a few more spasmodic strokes, we finally quit.

"So that's French kissing," he said, finally.

"Yeah, I guess."

"I like it."


We just lay there for several minutes savoring the memory until I remembered to ask.

"What were you doing with that nylon stocking?"

"I sometimes use it to masturbate with," he answered, "and I thought we might try it."

"What do you do with it?" I asked.

He got up and retrieved it and demonstrated how he tied it around his waist and used it to support his penis while he flicked it with his hand. I couldn't see the benefit but I didn't say so.

"How could we use it?" I asked instead.

"I don't know. I was trying to think of some way."

Later, while were laying side by side, kissing and trying to rub our cocks together without holding them, I had an inspiration.

"Hey, why don't we tie ourselves together with the nylon?"

"How do you mean, tie us together?"

"Like this," I said, holding our penises together and wrapping the nylon around them several times. "See, they won't slip off now."

They didn't slip but they didn't slide very well either, and I had another inspiration. "Do you have any vaseline?"

"Yeah, I think so. What for?" he asked.

"For lubrication," I answered. "I use it when I masturbate. It makes it nice and slick"

He brought back some vaseline and I spread a layer on both of our shafts and then tied them together again. I rolled on top of him and we began thrusting at each other. This time they slid back and forth, deliciously smooth as silk and the nylon kept them together just right.

"Hey! That feels really good," he said.

And it did. Really, really good. We rubbed hard and in just a few minutes our climax ended it.

A day or two later we were talking and he asked when I wanted to do the nylon thing again.

"I've been trying to think how we can hold them together with more pressure. The nylon was ok but it didn't put much pressure on. What if we put a rubber on both of us?"

"You mean both of our penises in one rubber? End to end?" he asked.

"No, face to face just like with the nylon."

"I bet that would be tight," he said.

"Have you ever put on a rubber?" I asked.

"Yeah, I stole one from my parents' supply and masturbated with it on," he said.

"Yeah. Me too."

"I don't know if you can stretch one rubber over two dicks," he said.

"If you cut off the ring on the end, I think you could."

Needless to say we were hot to try it and the very next day we had the chance in his room. His parents were gone and he raided their bedside table for a Sheik. He cut off the rubber ring on the open end and we spread some vaseline on the bottom of our shafts. He held both cocks while I stretched the rubber as wide as I could and slipped it over the tumescent organs. I pulled it clear down and let go. Wow! It was tight. We were lying side by side and we just lay there for a moment relishing the feeling. The two swollen cocks were mashed together so tightly that they looked like one very fat dick. Every movement was amplified unbelievably. Finally we began to thrust slowly. The vaseline provided enough lubricant that the shafts could slide back and forth for an inch or so, but with that pressure it didn't take much.

Several days later I saw him at the swimming pool.

"Do you want to go to my house after we get through swimming? No one's home."

"Yeah," he answered. "If fact, I think I'm through swimming already."

At my house we went to my bedroom, locked the door and got into bed.

"I have a new idea. I thought of this the other day when I was jacking off. Lay down on your back," I said, and I put two pillows under his head. "Just lie there and enjoy it. I'm going to do all the work."

I got my jar of vaseline off the head of the bed and greased up my hand and both of our cocks. Then I sat straddling his legs, letting my balls rest on top of his with the bases of our erect organs against each other. I clutched them together, shaft to shaft, and rolled them side to side for a while. Both of us could clearly see the swollen glans mashing against each other. Then I started pumping, pushing them toward him and then pulling them back toward me, sliding the slippery shafts up and down on each other.

"How do you like it?" I asked.

"I like it. I like it," he answered.

I could feel an orgasm coming and began stroking even faster. In no time I saw white fluid erupt from his cock, once, twice, and then from mine too. I kept stroking for another minute as the last sensations of my orgasm faded away.

"I like it," I said. "Next time we do it you get to do the work."

I think it was the next day, we went back to his house to read the rest of the marriage manual. The last chapter was titled oral sex. In the 1940s when the book was written this wasn't a subject given much coverage even in marriage manuals. In fact, as I remember, the chapter was only about one or two pages long. It said something about oral sex being the stimulation of the genitals using the mouth. In women it was called cunilingus and in men it was referred to as fellatio. The book hinted that it could be used as foreplay between a married couple leading up to intercourse.

"Cock sucking!" he shouted. "That's what it is I'll bet. You've heard of cock sucking haven't you?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said, but not revealing that I had no idea what it was.

"I think this means the women takes the man's penis in her mouth," he continued.

Our only experience with the term had been of hearing it used as an insult. Now, all of the sudden we were discovering that it really existed and was actually a acceptable part of love making. After all, it was in a marriage manual.

"I want to try it on you," he said feeling to see if I had an erection.

Of course I did and he started pulling down my pants. I didn't know yet how I felt about this, but we both got undressed and I lay down on my back. He crouched near my waist and took my cock in his hand. He leaned down and inspected the swollen organ for a few seconds and then, suddenly, put his lips over the head. He held it there briefly and then took more of my dick into his mouth. Then he began to slide his lips up and down the shaft. It felt great and I was beginning to relax and really enjoy it when he said,

"Try it on me."

So, we changed places and I cautiously took his penis into my mouth. It had a very interesting spongy texture against my lips and tongue. Its surface was smooth and slick and I began to enjoy it, sliding it back and forth in and out of my mouth and using my tongue to lick around the head and caress the frenulum.

I stopped for a moment and said,

"Hey it feels good both to suck and be sucked. We should have read this part of the manual sooner."

Just as I said that I had an inspiration.

"If we lay in opposite directions, we can suck each other at the same time."

"Hey, yeah," he responded.

We rearranged ourselves and swallowed each other's cocks again.

After a minute or so he stopped sucking me and said,

"If I'm not careful, I could cum doing this," he said. "I wonder what a mouthful of semen tastes like?"

"I don't know. Do you want to find out?" I answered.

"Yeah," he said and wrapped his lips around my dick again.

We both started sucking as fast as we could and pretty soon we each had a mouthful of semen. Later we were discussing this new technique and convinced ourselves that we had discovered simultaneous cock-sucking. It wasn't until later that we put two and two together and finally understood what "69" meant.

For about a year we carried on this way mostly in our bedrooms and on camping trips and taking a lot of care not to be caught. Homophobia was strong in those days especially in small towns. Even though we didn't consider ourselves to be homosexuals, we didn't want anyone to know what we were doing. We convinced each other that it was simply a way to learn and satisfy our sexual needs until we could move onto relationships with girls.

Then, we stopped doing that sort of thing. I began to see a lot of Mary, a girl in my class, and he dated several girls. One evening after taking her to a movie, I walked her home (I wasn't old enough to drive yet). We lingered on her front porch talking about this and that. Finally, it was getting awkward and I reluctantly said good night and quickly leaned over and kissed her. Her lips were full, almost pouty, and so soft. They felt wonderful against mine, but that was it.

"Good night," she said. "I had fun."

A few days later she called and asked me if I could come to her house. I could and I did.

"Do you want a coke?" she asked.

"Yes, please."

In a minute she was back with two cokes and we sat together on the sofa and drank them.

"I liked it when you kissed me the other night," she said.

"I did too."

"Well, aren't you going to do it again?" she asked.

I slid closer to her thinking that I was glad I knew something about kissing. We kissed softly, once, twice, and then who was counting. She was a pretty good kisser and she really wanted it. Soon we were going at it hot and heavy. Her breasts were practically bursting out of her tight sweater and finally I let my hand creep onto one of them. To my surprise she pushed her breast against my hand and moaned.

"Oh, I like that," she said.

I did too and emboldened now, I caressed her full breast. Bras were substantial in those days but I could still feel her hard nipple through hers. She was afraid her parents would catch us and that's all the farther we got that night. Later we did a lot more.

On a blanket under the stars we kissed hotly for a long time. Then I encountered the intricacies of the bra catch. It was impossible to unhook in the dark behind her back. She wanted it off, though, so suddenly I had both of her gorgeous boobs in my hands. Once I had them I realized that I didn't have any idea of what to do with them next, but she did. She pulled my head down on one stiff nipple, and I instinctively wrapped my lips around it. Her moan of delight encouraged me and I took as much breast into my mouth as I could. It was then that I felt her hand sliding into my pants and around my erection. The details are hazy but our clothes were soon off and we were in a naked clinch. Pretty soon I was on top and my penis was between her legs. Amazingly, we kept it out of her vagina. A strong fear of pregnancy was the reason, but we did come close. My cock found the smooth slick groove of her pussy and we rubbed together, my dick caressing her clit until I was about to come.

"If we keep this up, I can't hold back," I said.

"Can I do it for you with my hand?"

"You sure can," I replied.

Her fingers wrapped around my throbbing organ and began to fondle it awkwardly. At the same time my hand explored her wet, swollen pussy until one finger found the opening to her vagina and slowly penetrated the warm slick passage. I probed gently and then faster until I felt the muscles of the love canal suddenly tighten around my finger. She cried out and pushed hard against my hand. At the same time her grip tightened on my dick and she stroked it hard until I couldn't hold it.

Our make-out sessions were getting hotter and hotter and eventually I asked if she would go all the way if I wore a rubber. My timing was perfect, having waited until we had been kissing and feeling each other up for a half an hour or so. She was ready and so was I, a condom was in my wallet. She helped me slip it on and practically pulled me on top. We kissed hotly again, my tongue penetrating deep into her accommodating mouth. Slowly I slid into her pussy to the point where I had stopped at many times before-just outside her love hole. Then, still slowly, I pushed on, my cock entering new territory. Very gently, I pushed in as far as I could feeling her vagina tighten around my rigid shaft. My dick started sliding in and out slowly, then faster and she thrust her pelvis up to meet my every stroke. Suddenly, we were bucking hard, slamming at each other until her vagina convulsed and tightened even more around my swollen cock. I came hard and long and then we collapsed out of breath.

We definitely had the hots for each other, but we were not really in love. We fucked on a regular basis for quite a while but we both knew it wasn't going to go any farther than that. After a while she and I both started dating others on occasion and gradually our affair ended.

About that time my friend got his driver's license and came by to take me for a ride in his father's car. We made the usual cruise around town a few times and then he said he wanted to check out a parking spot out in the country. Finally, we made a last turn and glided down a tree-lined, dead-end lane and stopped on the side of the road. No one was in sight.

"So," I said, "Who are you going to bring here first and what are you going to do?"

"Whoever the lucky girl is," he answered, "when we get here, I'm going to slide out from behind the wheel and slip an arm around her shoulders like this."

He demonstrated by sidling up to me on the big couch-like front seat of the Pontiac. There were no cumbersome seat belts in those days.

"Then what?" I asked.

"I put my moves on her."

We glanced at each other out of the sides of our eyes and then, suddenly, we clinched in a ferocious kiss, heads gyrating mashing lips together. He stuck his tongue so far down my throat I couldn't breathe, but I tried to suck it in even farther. Eventually, we had to come up for breath and lay our heads on the seat gasping for air, surprised at what had just taken place. We hadn't done anything like that for almost a year.

In a minute he said "I've kissed several girls and some of them could really kiss, but nothing like that."

"I know what you mean. I've kissed three girls and you're better by far than all of them."

"Why is it?" he asked.

"I think girls aren't aggressive enough."

"Yeah, and they don't use their tongues enough. They're too passive."

We clinched again, our tongues twisted around each other and probed deeply into the other's mouth. I slipped my hand inside his shorts and around the distended dick that I hadn't touched for a year. It was still as familiar as my own, and I stroked it knowing exactly what he wanted. Then his hand found my waiting cock and we stroked each other slowly, sensually, our mouths locked together in one wet, deep kiss after another. We were really getting hot when he raised up and began to pull at his shorts. I helped and we got them off one leg. Then I wriggled out of mine too. Free of obstructions, he straddled my legs balancing on his knees. I could sense his cock seeking mine in the dark, and then I felt its hot heaviness press against mine. We wiggled around a little, arranging ourselves until his scrotum came to rest on top of my throbbing balls. Once positioned we gyrated together, for a moment entirely focused on the dick battle. Then he took my head in both hands, pushed it back on the top of the seat. We met open mouthed and our tongues united like two magnets. I sucked his deeply, my lips circling its very base. Compressed inside my mouth, the two tongues slid over each other, mine savoring the slick, smooth underside of his. Taking his turn, he sucked my tongue in deeply and the two smooth organs continued their passionate grappling in his mouth.

I felt my orgasm coming and there was no stopping it.

I didn't think he had come yet so I asked him.

"No," he answered.

"Here, I'll finish you," I said, taking both cocks in one hand.

Mine was slick with semen and still quite hard. Holding his steady, I humped mine against it. After about 10 or 12 hard strokes lubricated by my semen, I felt his cock swell even more and then pulsate once, twice, three times, feeling hot cum on my stomach with each pulse. After a few moments he said,

"That felt great but I've got to admit doing it in a car ain't the best way. I've got a hell of a cramp in my legs."

We got dressed hurriedly, worried now that we were done that we might get caught with our pants down. We drove back into town, cruised around a while and stopped for a coke at the drive in. When we got back into his car, he asked,

"Do you want to fool around some more?"

"I could do it again," I replied.

"My parents are out for the evening and my sister is staying at one of her friends over night. We could go there. It'd be more comfortable than a car seat."

"Ok. Let's do it," he responded.

In my bedroom we undressed and lay down facing each other. We embraced and kissed, starting slowly and softly pushing our hard cocks together, but in no time it disintegrated into something more like a fight. We kissed violently for minutes at a time, our tongues probing deeply fighting to pin the other. Crashing around the bed first one on top and then the other, we fought for domination. In a frenzy of lust that we hadn't known for a year, our cocks ground at each and our tongues wrestled.

Abruptly he broke off and said. "Do you still have a nylon around?"

"Yes," I answered.



"Get them, quick."

We hurriedly smeared on some vaseline and tied our cocks together like the old days.

"I want to be on top," he said.

We rolled over together so he could drop his knees between my spread legs and he began to thrust, sliding his iron-hard tumescence back and forth over mine. I wrapped my legs behind his and with knees locked together we humped out of control. His tongue wet with saliva assaulted my mouth, and our tongues began stroking each other imitating the rhythm that our dicks were performing to. For several minutes we pounded away, trading spit and humping. As always we spewed cum way too soon. After a few more strokes, we grew quiet, our mouths still pressed together. He lay on me totally relaxed, our slowly softening dicks pressed firmly together in a pool of semen.

Looking back it's hard to believe but despite the incredible way we had with each other, we did it only rarely over the last two years of high school. I suppose we must have feared that it could develop into more than a physical relationship. Still, on a few occasions we couldn't resist and would bang together like box cars, in wild, uncontrolled passion. But mostly, we dated and made love to girls.

At the end of the summer following our senior year, we went on a camp out just before we both went off to college. Laying in the tent on the warm summer evening, we reflected about the future and what college would be like.

It was dark when he said, "This is probably the last chance we'll have. Do you want to do it one more time?"

I looked at him lying on his back, the outline of his hard-on pushing up the front of his jockey shorts. Instead of answering I raised up over him and pulled off his shorts. He helped me out of mine but rather than dropping down on him, I put my mouth over the head of his cock and ran my tongue around it titillating his corona with short quick flicks of the tip of my tongue. Then I took his rigid organ deep in my mouth sucking it in and out vigorously. Leaving his dick wet with saliva, I trailed my tongue up his belly and chest and laid a full-mouthed wet kiss on his lips--mashing our mouths together for a minute or so. Then I let my penis slowly drop until its tip just touched his. He lunged up to meet me but I withdrew and tantalized him by lightly dragging my glans over his frenulum. Try as I might, we couldn't hold back long and he pulled my weight onto him. Our mouths locked in a serious tongue kiss as we ground our groins together...

Part 2 Recapitulation

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