Warrior Brian Hulme

The Gift

A Christmas Story

For Warrior Patrick

Author's note:

In Matthew 2 it is not mentioned that there are "three kings"; rather, no number is mentioned and the visitors are described as "wise men."

Most people assume three because of the three gifts mentioned -- gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Also note that they visit the baby Jesus in a house. It was shepherds who visited Him at the manger before the visit of the wise men (see Luke 2).

It was a warm night, so Arioch and Shadrach were enjoying an after-wrestle frot out of doors, when just as they came something happened that had never happened before. Now these moments were special and bonding but this was really new, for up in the stars there appeared a new star, one with a point on it, looking like a sword.

Arioch, pointing to the starry sign, asked Shadrach, "What do you think it means, especially it appearing just as we came -- I mean, was that just chance or some extra meaning, shall we go to Zadok and see what he thinks?"

Shadrach answered, "Well, I think it looks both kind of phallic and like a sword or spear so it's probably a sign for a man and a warrior, but Zadok is a priest and an astrologer and he should know better -- so let's go to him in the morning."

So that morning they went to consult with Zadok and told him all that had happened, but he insisted on waiting till night to see this "new star" for himself, and when he did the warriors took a few moments to find it in the sky then there it was -- but wait a moment, that's where it appeared last night -- now it was there -- it had moved!

Zadok nodded and scratched his nose knowingly. "Yes, this is one of those visiting stars known as a comet -- they might come once in a generation or only once, unlike those wandering stars the Greek astrologers call 'Planets' which come through the signs year round. Where did it first appear?" They both pointed and the priest continued, "Oh in the sign of the lion, or the Warrior King, and now your star has moved to the sign of The Pure or Virgin Woman, a Warrior King born of a Virgin, no, no, it can't be the ancient Hebrew prophecy coming to pass, He will have a humble start but will lead all men willing to listen to a good way of living -- come we must look at my scrolls at once."

So they went to Zadok's house and lit all his lamps to read the scrolls, and Zadok soon found the ones containing the prophecy and others about a line of Hebrew kings going back to one named David, and Zadok said, "David was a great warrior who became king and it is said this sacred leader will come from his line and be born in his town. Warriors you must follow His star for I believe that this is why you saw it first during your Holy Sacrament of Frotting together, you were chosen to go and represent all warriors to the newborn warrior king and welcome Him for us."

So they prepared to travel, as soon as they had permission of the Captain of the Guard to go; and they took with them trading goods for they didn't know how long the journey would take and had no way to keep food fresh and so would have to buy it as they went. But knowing that their gold especially in the form of coins might not be trusted -- after all they were foreigners to these people -- instead they would carry valuable goods, spices and so on that people knew were literally "worth their weight in gold," especially frankincense and myrrh. So finally they were ready and having said a brotherly goodbye to their fellow warriors they began their journey, not knowing where or when it would end but going forth in faith ever westward and just looking for "The City of David" and following the pointed star wherever it led hoping to be brought to The Sacred One, The Great Warrior, The Leader of Men, The Messiah, whatever title you wished to give Him they just had to find Him for it was their destiny then to pledge allegiance or worship Him or something.

After all they were Men and Warriors and proud of it and if He was from and of The Creator then they owed Him honour, their Manhood being a Divine Gift and only to be used in ways He would approve of.

Then at last the warrior couple came to a large city and consulting their map it seemed to be "SALAM or Jerusalem, main or capital city of the Hebrews." Then Shadrach asked, "Could this be David's City? After all he was the king and this is the capital so it makes sense, yes?"

So they went in to the city and finding the palace they asked for an audience with the king, but after this was granted and when the warriors saw King Herod they began to think they may have made a mistake. Could this "man" -- if he could be described as such -- really be the father of The Sacred One? Dressed in those bright, gaudy robes, masses of gold chains and jewelled rings, and was his face coated with white powder? Surely a true king would understand that close relationship to The Creator means that he should be masculine since so is He, and Masculinity is a Divine Principle.

Nevertheless, they went ahead with asking about The Sacred One as they thought they might still get some useful information. So speaking in Aramaic, a language common to them and him, they asked "In what place is born The Great One, born of the Jews?" In his head Herod translated this as "Where is born the New Prince of the Jews?" and was immediately concerned, had he now a rival for the rulership of the Jews? He knew that he only ruled while the Romans indulged it. Their purposes were served to allow a local to rule this bit of the empire and if he feels like he is in charge well so be it, as long as he collected the taxes on time and kept order he could get on with it his way, they didn't care but if this King of the Jews became the centre of an uprising then in would march the Romans to "restore order" and then the slaughter would begin! Herod would go, and be replaced by a governor and the Jews would be worse off than now.

A few days after rumours and fear began to spread throughout the city, Herod asked the priests and scribes to check the prophesies and they came up with the fact that He would be born in Bethlehem aka The City of David! and marked it on the map for the warriors showing it south west of Jerusalem.

Herod them took them to one side and said, "When you've found Him return and let me know where He is, so I can go to Him and give my own deference."

So they went and as they did they saw the star once again pointing the way, and on they went down the road. Then Arioch said to Shadrach, "Hold on -- if Herod wants to, as he said, pay deference to Him why not just come with us now? and find Him? Why ask us to go back to tell him where He is unless he has something else in mind?"

After entering Bethlehem the two warriors wondered how they were going to find the right place where He was, when just then the star changed, from a pointed one to a bright dot and it had stopped over a particular house, it seemed as though they had arrived!

They knocked on the door, which was answered by an elderly woman, who considering it was night and she was facing two big strapping foreign-looking men said with confidence, "Yes, what do you want?" "We seek the One who was recently born He is the Sacred One, The Great Warrior, The Leader of Men." Confused, she just said, "Well there was a boy born in the manger and as soon as I was able I took the family in as for the rest I..."

But just then from inside a young female voice said, "If they have come to see my Son, then they should come in for I feel that they have travelled from afar, let them in please." So the old woman stood back, and the two men entered the humble dwelling. Sitting there was a young lady, probably not yet twenty, cradling in her arms a baby boy and standing next to her a man several years older and looking very worried, yet there was a calmness and serenity about both mother and child. "Is this He who is born to be leader of Men, to lead them to a better Way?" asked Arioch. "I only know this," said the mother as she told them about how this Baby came about from the Spirit of God, and so they knew, He must be The One, so Warriors or not they knelt and gave deference to this baby.

Still there was one other thing, why was the young lady's husband so worried? They decided to see if they could help, so taking him to one side Shadrach asked, "Tell me brother, what troubles you?"

"I had a dream last night, I am sure it was a message from The Lord, in it an Angel came to me and told me Herod plans to kill the child and I must flee to Egypt taking the mother and child, till I hear that it's safe to return, but I have nothing to take just our clothes, I'm a carpenter and could earn a living there, but how do we get lodgings meanwhile? I have not enough and what about tools, we have a saying 'The Lord will provide' but my faith is truly being tested and we must go tonight."

"Then your saying has been proved, for He has provided" said Arioch smiling and winking at Shadrach, and off they went soon to return. "We have goods that we brought with us gold coins to buy food, but we thought people might not trust our gold so we have valuable things to swap like this frankincense and myrrh, so you can use these to get anything you need in Egypt," said Arioch and added -- "Also your warning is our warning. Now we know why Herod wanted us to go back to him and why we must not. We will return home by a different route and so delay his coming here and give you more time to get away."

So it was The Family left Bethlehem for Egypt, and the Warriors for home.

Twenty seven years later: The Baby is now a fully grown Man and calling others to "Follow Me" and live a New Better Way, He came from The Creator, of The Creator, to be one of us to help us live a better life, show a better way.

He was and is The Gift to us and The Warriors in return gave their gifts to Him to help Him on His way and keep His mission going.

The End

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