God's stubborn warrior



God's stubborn warrior


I just read a story from my "Bible study guide" about this guy called David born in Cuba and who was taken out of school at 16 to join the Cuban army. But when his commander found out he was a lad of faith he tried to brake that faith and did all to get David to give up his beliefs they put him in prison and gave him poor food even forcing him to go without food for 6 days at one time. This type of abuse went on for three years until he was no longer in the army.

David now lives in the USA but what I especially noticed about his story is that he kept his faith in -- WHAT?

Note the story says "he refused to renounce his Saviour" that is Jesus -- it does not say "the Church" or its teachings or pastor this or that or what he says.

David had faith in and I believe a relationship with Jesus as a Christian Man and nothing could break that. According to Paul all Men can develop a knowledge of Jesus through a study of the Bible (see 2 Tim 14--17).

So I sent you David's story because I found it inspiring and it reminded me of the original OT King David and that he knew how to keep a relationship. I thought other Christians might get some inspiration seeing it on the web and knowing that David had his faith in Jesus not some Church (for example, the SDA Church).



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