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No! No! No! Not that kind of bareback! That's not just UNsafe, it's crazy. I'm talking about riding a horse without a saddle, sometimes without a stitch of clothing on. You see, I run a dude ranch, called Nude Dudes. I run it alone. Used to run it with my partner, Dan; but he wanted out, so I bought his half. We were splitting up. Dan was tired of my cheating.

Most of our guests come as couples. Stay in individual cabins. Once in a while a single guy stays with us. Stays in a cabin all by himself. These single guys are usually looking for hookups. I was around them a lot, especially in the horse barn. Kept some blankets in the hayloft. I was often the nude dude they hooked up with; Dan did the cooking and cleaned the cabins; I took care of the horses, cleaned the barn, and saddled the horses if anyone wanted to ride. So, I was around them a lot. Usually, if we had a single guest, eventually I hooked up with him. Sometimes did with members of couples, too. You can't really hide that from your partner. Dan got tired of it and I bought him out. Hired someone to do the cooking and clean the cabins.

Our guests are always guys, gay guys, gay nudist guys. If a woman wanted to register, we would have to take her on. But the way we advertise, that isn't apt to happen.

This one day I was mucking out the barn. Naked, like our guests, except I was wearing rubber knee boots ... steeltoed rubber knee boots ... for protection ... of my feet ... the only protection I needed. I had a single guest that week. Brian was out riding on Nettie. He'd asked me not to saddle her, just put a bridle on her. He wanted the feel of riding naked and bareback. So he could feel his skin against the horse's hair. Nettie is a white horse, part Percheron, part Paint, so she is big, muscular, with a short body.

I looked out the barn door from my work. Brian was riding up the lane on Nettie. So I went out to help him off. He had no stirrups, since he was riding bareback. I'd let him lean on me, while he swung off. But when I saw him up close I had other ideas. It can be very sensual to ride nude and bareback. Brian came up to the barn with a raging hardon. And Nettie is just the right height, so his dick was mouth level for me.

I started to reach out for it. Never could resist a mouth level hard dick. But Brian pushed me away. Asked if I knew about Frot. Said he would teach me. Instead of me helping him off the horse -- he gave me his hands and pulled me up on the horse, facing him. He put his arms around me and began kissing me. Didn't take long before I was as hard as he had been when he rode in. Then he pulled me toward him. Our dicks were rubbing each other. Our legs were rubbing, we interlocked them, in order to stay on the horse. Our pecs were against each other. This was hot. Had sex with a lot of guys in the barn, but never on the back of a horse. This was going to be hot. Nettie was sweating from the ride; Brian was sweating from the ride; I began to sweat from being close to both of them. Brian began to thrust his dick against mine, to rub it around in little circles, so that the really sensitive spots, where the head and shaft meet, were being stimulated. We were both wet with pre-cum. Really wet. Really sensitive. This was as hot as any sex I had ever had. I began to thrust and circle too. It was easy to get the hang of this.

From talking to him earlier, I knew that Brian's partner had been killed in a motorcycle accident about a year before. The main reason Brian was here at Nude Dudes was to try to recover from the loss. I knew he had called himself a Frot Dude, but I paid no attention. That was stuff for teenage kids. Never tried it; never intended to. But maybe I was wrong. Brian was a good-looking dude: big, thick red hair and mustache, red pubic hair, thick wiry hair covering his muscular legs. I had been looking him over all week. And since everyone was nude all day, there was plenty of him to see.

Nettie seemed to be enjoying the back massage she got as Brian and I thrust and circled, while sitting on her bare back. The sweat on her back, made it easier to move smoothly against each other. After a while, Brian took his right arm from around my shoulders. We were still held together by our left arms. My right hand was on his ass, feeling his glutes. He put his right hand down between us, pulled back a little, and circled his big hand around our two cocks. He held them there for a little while, then began to pump it up and down, jacking both cocks together against each other. I thought we were both going to fall off the horse, I thought I was going to pass out. But I didn't. Something did pass out of my cock ... right through the piss slit ... in a big white fountain ... that fell on both of our bodies ... and onto the white hair of the horse. Brian came right after I started. We shuddered against each other, panting, gasping for breath, it was the most powerful orgasm I had had in a long time, maybe ever. It took us a long time to recover our breath. An even longer time to be willing to separate and get off the horse, first me, then Brian. He helped me rub down the horse and put her out in the pasture.

Then he helped me unsaddle the other horses when their riders came in. He helped me with the afternoon feeding. After we let the horses out into the pasture for the night, he started hugging me again; pushed me up against the side of a horse stall. Kissing me and rubbing his whole body against mine; rubbing his dick against mine again. It took a little longer this time. I pushed him so his back was against the other side of the horse stall. Thrusting my dick against his, rubbing my whole body against his. We went back and forth across that stall a dozen times. Each time we did, our passion increased. We created another fountain of white jizz, the mixed white jizz from two dicks exploding at the same time. This stall might smell like more than horses. It might smell like almond extract or chestnut trees in bloom.

Brian has extended his stay for another week. He's moved into my room in the main house. I'm one wiseass who seems to suddenly be learning a lot, especially about that form of sex for teenage boys, which is a lot more Man2Man than I thought. We're talking about Brian selling his business, buying half of Nude Dudes from me, helping me run it. May change the name of the place to Nude Frot Dudes. At least we will try to advertise to and appeal to other Frot couples. Will probably still have to hire someone to cook and clean the cabins. Neither of us like to clean, and neither of us can cook worth shit. We are talking about Brian and me being forever. We are talking about me not fucking with other guests. This is a guy I think I could be faithful to. This is THE guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. I'll end the story here; it's very hard to type while I'm crying so much. Tears of joy. Haven't cried since I was 12.

The End

Afterword from Bill Weintraub:

Did ya like that dude?

I sure did.

Be sure to ck out Warrior Want2Rub's other hot story, Cro-Magnon Frot, a super HOT tale of caveman lust and love in the caverns of primeval Europe.

Like Nude Dudes, Cro-Magnon Frot is hot and smart, communicating our Man2Man Alliance principles while keeping you happy.

You can't ask for more than that.

Plus, if you like his stories, drop Warrior Want2Rub a line at

And he has a post up in Frot Club Pennsylvania too.

Ck it out.

And remember Frot Warrior dude


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