A Man's Word & Bond


Robert Loring

A Man's Word & Bond


It used to be not so long ago that a man's word meant something. A man's word was his bond and a man's word reflected a man's honor. An honorable masculine man kept his word because he was a masculine man of honor. But, that doesn't seem to be how it is any longer. Instead many men are reflecting dishonor instead of honor because their word means nothing. It's sad to see so many men turning away from honor and towards dishonoring themselves today.

It is a sad fact of modern society that words seem to mean nothing. We throw words around as if they are cheap and meaningless. We speak words in an effort to deceive others, sadly. We make promises with words and then we renege on our promises and think nothing of it. Remember the last time a TV commercial promised you something or your best friend and they didn't deliver? It happens often and it happens because our modern society is becoming more abnormal and more distant from tradition and history. It happens because growing numbers of men today, and women also, are making the choice to be dishonorable human beings instead of honorable human beings. Today, it seems to no longer be about how a man can live honorably but, instead, it seems to be a thing of "what can I get?" or "how can I screw you and get what I want?". Problem is when we screw over someone else we dishonor ourselves even further!

Dishonor is not part of the way of the Warrior. Dishonor is not part of the Warrior Ethos! Dishonorable men were not accepted as Honorable Warriors in ancient times because such a dishonorable man was deemed "unworthy" to even become a Warrior. Many ancient Warriors held the view that such a man would jeopardize the Warrior bonds they had worked so hard to establish and maintain. Dishonorable men were viewed as being threats against the natural order and the Brotherhood that existed between Warriors. Even today among real and noble Warriors these views remain the same. Soldiers fighting in the battlefields of Iraq do not want a dishonorable man in their unit because such a man is a danger to the entire unit. Real Warriors of Honor know and understand this fact. Wanna-be's DON'T!!

Among the Brotherhood of Warriors it is a man's honor that is paramount. It is paramount because it tells others the measure of the man. It tells others if he is a man of his word and it tells us all whether that man's word is his bond or just empty meaningless words cheaply and liberally used in order to gain something only for himself. Modern Warriors know that a man of dishonor will screw the Brotherhood of Warriors and screw the natural Brotherhood of Men.

Honor is both a part of being a Warrior and being a masculine man. Masculine men and warriors do not seek to dishonor themselves or any one else! They have no need to betray their brethren in order to advance themselves. They have no need to lie, cheat, or steal. Such a man of honor has no desire to be two-faced or fake. An honorable Warrior and masculine man takes care of his brethren. Such a man does not betray his brethren! He is a man who holds the value that his word is his bond and you can count on his word because he always delivers and lives up to his word. Such a man looks out for both the weak and the strong. Such a man is a living example of masculine manhood and the Warrior Ethos.

It has been said that our modern society is the exception and not the norm, historically and traditionally. That's a fact! Sadly, it seems that instead of moving closer to the historic and traditional norms that our modern society is moving further away from them. That is a society lost and gone awry! Such is a society that insures only it's own demise! I don't want to think that society is headed towards demise but the facts seem to be speaking for themselves. Those who are true masculine Warriors must now cling to the traditions of the Warrior Way now more than ever before! We must continue to be living examples of real manhood and warriorship more today than ever before! If we do not then the darkness that is plaguing this world and our society will overcome us and there will be no future warriors, no future masculine men, and no future men of honor.

Sir Robert

Bill Weintraub

Re: A Man's Word & Bond


Thank you Robert.

Another very important, and in this instance, somber, post.

But again one which should be read and re-read.

Robert, you said in response to the Why aren't Frot Men part of the AIDS prevention picture message thread

Some of the TRUEST words ever spoken:

FROT is a completely NATURAL MASCULINE behavior.

It doesn't effeminize.

Rather, it exalts Masculinity and Manhood.

What MAN doesn't want that?

What MAN doesn't want his Masculinity heightened and his Manhood honored?

ALL MEN seek an increase in Masculinity.

ALL MEN desire an honoring of Manhood.

These are UNIVERSALS among MEN.

I feel we need to remain very clear about that.

And steadfast.

Rmoseley said in his Against the Odds post "The land of Halloween and Alice In Wonderland will not prevail!"

I agree with him.

The thinking of our opponents is muddy.

And dishonest.

And nonsensical.

At best.

Think of basing HIV prevention entirely on the condom.

That's what they did.

The condom has been the alpha and omega of AIDS prevention for them.

Literally all over the world.

But what MAN will use a condom day after day, week after week, year after year after year?

"ALL MEN desire an honoring of Manhood."

The condom dishonors.

It is what Museveni said it is: institutionalized mistrust.

How can you build a culture on mistrust and dishonesty?

Because that's what the condom assumes --

that one or both of the partners in the sex act is lying.

Abstinence is clear and clean.

The MAN says -- I will wait.

Because there -- is honor.

Fidelity is clear and clean.

The MAN says -- I will be true.

Because there -- is honor.

FROT is clear and clean.

The MAN says -- I will bond my MANHOOD to the MANHOOD of my BROTHER.

Because there -- is HONOR.

Men cannot live without honor.

A man's word will once again be his bond.

And we will again celebrate the sacred bonds between men.

Bill Weintraub

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